Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome September and a Sweet Parade!

I have been absent (I am using this term because of school starting)hehe!
As I'm sure you have noticed. I haven't answered email's or done anything
on the computer for a week... until yesterday when I knew the show must go on!
I have been super sick with Bronchitis and it really kicked my *@!*#@!
I can't believe how good it feels to be back in blogland!

A few of you said that this month's Honeycomb quilt had been a bit of a struggle for you...
but then there were others that really enjoyed it! A couple of you did your own versions of the hexagons, which is great too! I love seeing what you all made from the pattern and I hope you enjoy
 the Le Petite parade!
But before we start...
Let me show you what you could be doing for your next Le Petite project!
You are going to love me... and A Quilting Life's Sherri both...
As you know, there are an endless array of Schnibble patterns to chose from.
And to add to that, Carrie Nelson, Ms. Schnibbles herself,
just released 6 more patterns! Iye yie yie!
So since the choice was just too difficult for us to make...
We are letting you chose your pattern this month!
That's right! 
Free Choice!!!

Corrie from Quilt Taffy helped me out with this months Le Petite
 and she chose Summer Day as her project.

Isn't it a sweet quilt? I am loving this one... but
Corrie is doing something even better... she has made up kits for this
quilt out of the Sophie fabrics AND also kits out of the
pattern cover fabric line as well! (Strawberry Fields).
Easie peasie! She has more pictures of her quilt over on her blog, so go check it out!
Now, lets get started on our parade of Honeycomb!

Allison from Cardygirl blog admits that she did not find Honeycomb very sweet... but it still came together beautifully don't you think?

From Carol's creative Creations is this table topper made by carol and Buster is sitting so sweetly in his place... READY FOR THE PARADE.
I have to tell you, I have been so sick for the past week... and when I was this picture of Buster...
it was the first thing to make me not only smile but laugh out loud! Thank you Buster... laughter is the best medicine for sure!

 Diana over at Quiltecke made her cute little version of Honeycomb in rich colors!

Even though Gretchen at Stella Bella blog was dealing with Irene...
she had Flurry's in the forecast too.
Flurry is just a happy line of fabric I think! Love it.

Joyce at And Sew On made a lovely little table topper.
I love the colors and will dress up the table nicely!

Here is a Honeycomb from Carol C.
As sweet as can be- I believe this was made with Plume?

Kay made up her beautiful version of Honeycomb made out of her little stash of Bliss that she was saving for the right project... I think this pattern shows off the fabrics nicely!

So that is my parade... please go over to Sherri's and see what everyone did there...
and see the new patterns from Carrie too... and you can see them at Miss Rosie's  Quilt Co.
(Sandie at crazy Bout Quilt's rocked this one... and made herself a Honeycomb tote!)
I am so jealous!
See you tomorrow when we announce the winners!

12 friends stopped by to chat:

Anne Heidi said...

Oh I hope you get better soon! Lovely parade of honeycomb quilts :-)

Kris said...

Welcome back. Glad you are feeling so much better!!!

Thelma said...

LOL, nothing like a good "swet" parade. You crack me up. I've been sick too, and feeling guilty for not keeping up with my blogging friends, I'm sorry you've been down but now I don't feel as bad for ignoring you, you were ignoring me too!

How great that this month is Free Choice. Finally I have no excuse for not making my first Schnibble, true Schnibble. Oh I've started out making Schnibbles but have always managed to turn them into Themibbles. I bought a new bedroom outfit for the guest room and did not buy a mirror to go over the chest, I thought that would be a great place to hang Schnibbles. This month for sure!!

Take care Sinta and thanks for another wonderful parade!

Linda said...

Those are all lovely quilts! Great design!
Hope you feel much better soon!!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a fun parade! Thank you! Feel better soon!!

Aunt 'Reen said...

What a GREAT parade of quilts!

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful Scnibbles as always. Wow, I love Carrie's new patterns!!!

Linda said...

Gosh, I totally understand not feeling well. I hope you start feeling much better!!

Honeycomb looks beautiful in every fabric line!! It's the perfect little pattern!

Jules said...

Thanks for posting the parade. Yes, the one you asked about is Plume as that is the fabric I used as well. Love it!! :)

Kay said...

Sorry you have been sick!,
Hope you are feeling better. Love all the quilts. Sending hugs.

May Kristin said...

Thanks for the parade!
Hope you are on the mend! Take care!

Gabriella said...

I'd like join you in this project ...

how can I do?