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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Standing Room Only! Talk About a Full House!

I have to tell you that I was so excited when Sherri and I decided to go ahead and
do Another Year of Schnibbles... after all, I am addicted!
But I am beyond excited now... all of the fantastic Full House projects that have been coming
in to my mailbox , well, they are all just amazing!
There are a lot of quilts in this parade so let's get started...

oh, oh, wait,
but of course you are waiting to see the project for next month??? Right???
Well, here you go...

Cute setting and Star blocks! 
Here is what you need to pull together to get started:
2  charm packs
3/8 yard star background
1/2 yard setting triangles

... remind me to tell you what I think those initials stand for....
but for now, lets have a parade of Full House!

This adorable pillow Sandy F made for her bed... she just did a makeover so the red black and a touch of grey was used for her palate.

Dorothy at Paws for Stitching blog created her lovely neighborhood
in happy "30's" colors.

Debbie at Tis the Season to be Quilting made her
winter wonderland of houses with frost on the rooftops!

Here is a creation of pretty little houses by Aster.
Her blog is Aster Cody Quilts. She made her town
out of Fig Tree fabrics... Breakfast at Tiffany's.

This is one from Kathy. Her DH thought there should be a McDonald's
right in the middle of it! Too funny! Isn't this a sweet vignette!

This little pillow top town in gorgeous blues and greens was made by Alison
also known as Cardygirl! They are her Australian Beach Huts!

This one was made by Karen and she has a great story to go with this
quilt, so hop over to her blog (Quilting, Losing and Tea) when you get a chance and read about it.

This is a cute little town made by Carol C.

Sweet in pink! This was made by Hildy in Germany... she calls her town of Full House
Girls Houses! I love the touch of grey too!

Here is another little town in bright happy polka dots!
This was made by Andee in Az from the blog A Modern Diary! Love the blue skies!

I love the town square here! This was made by
Wish I would have thought of this!

Here we have a cute little town table topper by Brenda from the blog
Quilting Along Life's Way. It's made from a fabric line called Blessings...
how appropriate!

Using her Kansas Troubles stash Carmen created her
cute town... I'm moving into the one with the blue roof!
Carmen's blog is Downstairs, Quilting.

Kay, this is so adorable...
she used Hometown by Sweetwater! I love your little town!

This is from Wendy, her blog is here.
I think pink houses is perfect for a girl from Pensicola!
Don't you love the strips in these houses?

We have another Kay who created this "Hideaway" village...
You can visit Kay's blog at Quilt Studio Happenings.

This one is from Gretchen at Stella Bella Quilts blog.
She used Petite Ecole from French General.
It's a beautiful neighborhood!

The construction is finished and nearly move in ready!
This fun quilt topper was made by Carol at Brown Quilts.
(glad you found some sewing time Carol)

This one reminds me of a colorful town in Africa but she's calling it Carolville!
 It's so happy! She obviously has no fear... love this!
It was made by Carol C at the Polka Dot Chicken blog!

Full House

Here is a town with the Chinese New Year's influence!
It is the year of the dragon! Lots of fun here... it was created by

Here is a wonderful Full House made by Abby at Life on Latimer Lane.
She used an assortment of Minick and Simpson fabrics for a patriotic town!

Here is a cute little runner out of Countdown to Christmas by
Sweetwater. It was made by Denise from the blog My Life in Quilts.
She did a little change up with the doors... I like it Denise:)

Here is a perfectly perfect Tiny Town by Kathy
her blog is Troublesome Creek.

Here is a fun large version of Tiny Town by Di at
Quilting is Blissful. Great center fabric!

Ok, Debi's quilt just does not want to cooperate with me here.
That's ok because as you can see this town has attitude!
I love her fun color selections... they are Kaffee fabrics;
it's like a box of crayons. You can visit Debi at

Mmmm, blueberry crumb cake! That's the fabric line that Carol used
for her Full House quilt. Gorgeous! Yes, and so are you Buster!
And so is Mary's quilting!!! (Mary at Quilt Hallow)
See lots of fun things at her blog Carol's Crafty Creations.

This one is just adorable! It was made by JoAnne
at the blog The Patriotic Quilter. She lives in Hawaii
so she gave it an Island flair! I love the Palm trees and the
waves in the border too!

Here is a beautiful pillow completed by Bea in France!
Love the rich colors!

Here we are traveling again... this
 is a sweet topper of Tiny Town made by Diana at Quiltecke blog.

Here I go again, but this time the Full House quilt
is made by Eileen at Little Red Hen blog. These cute little towns are
just sprouting up where ever they want to!!!
I love this little town out of Kansas Troubles fabrics: Sandhill Plum!

I love this pillow... but it reminds me that I need to finish mine
out of the same group of fabric, Countdown to Christmas. But
even better is the quilting and the red binding... ok, I just love it all.
It was made by Cheryl... Polka Dots and Ric Rac!

I love this little version of Tiny Town with the pink background!
This mini town was made by Kigwit at Kigwits Thoughtful Spot blog.

And lookie here... we have not one but two pillow tops from Darlene at Quilting Daze blog!
Of course she did one in Christmas colors... she is the queen of Christmas presents!
Check out her blog to learn about her Christmas Through the Year quilt along.

Let me know if this inspired you to build your own town
or if you have already made one... do you want to make another???

If you are not part of AYOS yet but would like to participate in next months parade...
just make the next project and send me a picture. Easie peasie.

And if you haven't seen the other half of the parade yet, get ready for some more fun
 Sherri and I are just amazed at all the wonderful
quilts that were made using Carrie's Schnibbles pattern!
Thank you so much for being a part of the parade!
I hope you have enjoyed it much as I did!
You will want to come back tomorrow to see the prize winners...
see you then!

25 friends stopped by to chat:

Andee said...

WOW! That is a lot of Full Houses! What a creative bunch of people. So fun to see these made in different colors and to see what people did with the town square and corners--not that Carrie's patterns can be improved lol!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I guess my e-mail of project didn't get to you. The isth stands for (insert snappy title here)- I am so happy this is the next Schnibbles as I am in the mood for some stars!

Simone de Klerk said...

I definitely want to make another version of Full House. I'm already working on one, but might start another!
So inspiring, the two Full House posts!

~Marica~ said...

Wonderful parade! All the girls had made a great work..

Carol said...

What a truly amazing many wonderful quilts all so fun and different. This sure is fun! Thanks girls!

Dee said...

It's great to see so many participating. I love seeing all the different fabric combinations and little pattern changes. What a beautiful parade!

Michele said...

Housing starts were definitely up this month! These houses were amazing :-) I loved the parade!

Anonymous said...

They are wonderful but mine isnt here! I sent it a few weeks ago

Cath said...

You girls did a wonderful job with those little houses!

Cheryl said...

Loved the parade. It is fun to see the same pattern done in such a variety of fabrics!

Darlene said...

Wow, a beautiful parade of Full House quilts and such! So many creative versions.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Everyone did a wonderful job. I love quilts with houses in them. I guess because I am a homebody . . .
Thanks for sharing.

sunny said...

Wow - they're all wonderful! I love some of the unique variations. I started mine, but didn't quite make it to the finish line.

Sinta Renee said...

If you don't see your quilt here please let me know... but Sherri has half of the parade on her blog post... so please check there for your Full House if it's not here.

May Kristin said...

Wow! Lots of beautiful quilts and such! Thanks for the parade!

Mary said...

I sent my photo and link to you but don't see the picture. Did you not get it?

Kay said...

Love seeing all of the quilts. I can't believe how many there are this time. I can't wait to get started on I.S.T.H. I thought maybe it stood for I See The Heavens. Just to let you know, I don't have a blog. Quilting Studio belongs to someone else.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! I loved both parades! Thank you for putting them together!

Satu said...

I love your version of I.S.T.H! And then The Full House parade is absolutely fabulous! So many different variations of the same pattern. Love them all;o)

carol fun said...

Oh I love the parade at the end of the of the month! Looking at all the different versions makes me want to sew this one up again in another fabric collection. Thanks for hosting this - it is a LOT of fun!

Cheryl said...

OMW....they are all so amazing. It's so much fun to see the pattern made up in different fabrics. So much fun, and so motivating!! I can't wait for next month. Thanks for the great parade!!

Carrie said...

I know what I think the initials stand for... but I suspect that you might think they ought to stand for something else. So consider your-rockin'-self reminded. What does it mean? :)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I too will be making Full House. Just need to find the time. :)

Loris said...

Charming and beautiful parade!
These quilters really brought their creativity to the party!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Darlene and Cheryl need to get their projects together because they look pretty close to each other. Just soooooo cute! All of them, too. This pattern makes me think of that TV series Full House.

sending hugs,