Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I'm Ready for Sherbet and Air Conditioning

I thought I would just pop by and say hello!
My summer has been crazy busy... 
I think my summer will start to quiet down now.

I have managed to sew a little bit here and there
but as of last weekend... I had to declare my sewing
room "uninhabitable"!

I love my sewing room... but it truly is a sun room
just off the house... which
means that I get no air conditioning during the summer
and no heat in the winter.
I actually enjoy the winter months... the cold
doesn't bother me whatsoever.
 I live in a mountain area 
so the lows can be in the 20's
 and the highs in the 40's at times.
Ah, what I would give for those
 temperatures right now!

Recently I decided to recover my outdoor furniture, 
and being the slave driver I am...I didn't stop
until I thought I would pass out!

(I have now made 4 accent pillows and
 covered buttons for the back cushion.. 
the loveseat is left to tackle).

So last weekend
when the temps were well into the triple digits
 I moved my featherweight on to a card table
in a spare bedroom... with blissful
 air conditioning blowing in my direction!

I set aside the outdoor furniture project to finish 
later... and started a much more fun summer time quilt!
I had been wanting to make all the quilts in the 

Image result for sherbet and Creams quilt pink pincushion

There are 6 patterns in the booklet.

Image result for sherbet and Creams quilt book

This one  is one of the fun patterns!
The patterns all focus on using solids with
scrappy low volume background fabrics.
Image result for first blush quilt pink pincushion

This one was my version.
I actually used my collection of vintage sheets for the
background fabrics and my solids bundle I purchased 

I used a bunch of leftovers for my backgrounds
and the fun solids for my Popsicles! 
I am excited to get the rows and sashing made!

I think I will continue with another project from the book
in August. It might be the Watermelon quilt... but I 
also really love the Jello Squares quilt! 

See you soon! 
Stay cool!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturdays: the letter Z

I am back on the school bus
again this week for the next 
(and last) letter
in the alphabet!

Today is the letter

The letters in the book can either be made 
in 6" or 12" six size. 
I have been making the 12" letter blocks.

They also are in uppercase and lowercase
like on the cover of the book.

Spelling Bee

I have only been working on the uppercase 
letters... but I will go back and make
the lowercase ones along with the fun
little blocks...
like the globe!

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for hosting
this quilt along!
I have enjoyed this Spelling Bee book 
by Lori Holt so much!
Each time I make a new letter...
I am amazed at how easy they are to make, 
of course, 
thanks to Lori's cleverness with creating
these blocks!

This book is jam-packed with 
projects that are so cute
and fun! 
If you don't have a copy of this in your
you should get one!
Inspirational Home Quilt Happy Spelling Bee Saturday everyone! If you are sewing along with us... We are on row three of the Alphabet Sampler! If y...

Aside from the projects in the book... you can make up
your own fun word quilt!

Goin' on a Spelling Bee trip!  I'm all packed for a vintage vacation:) This is my "Vintage Life" quilt from the book:) รข¤#vintagelifequilt #spellingbeebook #globeblock

Travel. Vacation. Adventure. Summer. Explore.

I like having a project to chip away at...
a little bit here
 and there... 
but don't worry...

There are several more weeks in the quilt along!
It does not stop with "Z"!

I hope you continue to follow along
Here is a list of who will be sharing in
the weeks to come:

Hope you have a good holiday weekend!

Remember those who have served and sacrificed.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Spelling Bee Quilt Along: Uppercase "Y"

Good morning sweet people!

I always feel like jumping out of bed on
Saturday's during the 
Fat Quarter Shop
Spelling Bee Sew Along!

It's been so much fun seeing these alphabet blocks
being made, along with the extra blocks
you see in the quilt!
I seriously love the little camper and
the vintage camera! 
I think I need to make those next and
add the letters V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
and make it up into a cute pillow!

  Today the letter is

There are 100 letters, numbers, punctuation
 and picture blocks in this book...

and you have 2 size options for your blocks!
 Plus, there
 are 18 quilt projects in the book as well!

The uppercase blocks have been so easy to piece!
This one was no exception.

I am using a collection of Lori Holt fabrics for my blocks
along with some First Blush fabrics I had in my stash.
The fabrics play nice together.

Y is for yellow!
Y is for YOU!

 can get a copy of this book here, if you don't already own it.
Also, just so you know, I happen to see the gift set collection of
Lori Holt books on sale at Fat Quarter Shop this week.

The Spelling Bee Quilt Along started back in
October and will continue through August!
So now is a great time to start if you haven't already
joined in.
I find good inspiration on Instagram...

If you are on Instagram be
sure to look for the 

I hope you will take a look back and see what the bloggers
have made up with their letter of the alphabet!
As an added bonus
I have enjoyed seeing some new-to-me bloggers 
along the way! 

Here is a list of the people in the quilt along:

Saturday, 10/7........ Melanie (A Bit of Scrap Stuff) and Amanda (Jedi Craft Girl)
Saturday, 10/14 ..... Kristie (crosshatchquilts on Instagram)
Saturday, 10/21 .....  Melissa C. (Happy Quilting Melissa)
Saturday, 10/28 .....  Sharon (Lilabelle Lane) and Joanna (cottonjo on Instagram)
Saturday, 11/4 .......  Holly (holly_draney on Instagram) and Debbie (Happy Little Cottage)
Saturday, 11/11 ..... Jennie P. (Clover & Violet) and Megan (Quilt Story)
Saturday, 11/18...... Heidi G. (Buttons and Butterflies) and Pam (Pam Kitty Morning)
Saturday, 11/25 ..... Anorina (Samelia’s Mum) and Heidi G. (Buttons and Butterflies)
Saturday, 12/2 ....... Taunja (Carried Away Quilting) and Cynthia (dreamquiltcreate on Instagram)
Saturday, 12/9 ....... Taunja (Carried Away Quilting) and Cynthia (dreamquiltcreate on Instagram)
Saturday, 12/16 ..... Cynthia (dreamquiltcreate on Instagram) and Charise (Charise Creates)
Saturday, 12/23 ..... Melanie (A Bit of Scrap Stuff) and Jennie P. (Clover & Violet)
Saturday, 12/30 ..... Heidi G. (Buttons and Butterflies) and Jennie T. (Porch Swing Quilts)
Saturday, 1/6 ......... Kerry (Very Kerry Berry) and Kristyne (Pretty by Hand)
Saturday, 1/20........ Jodi (Pleasant Home) and Kristi (crosshatchquilts on Instagram)
Saturday, 1/13 ....... Kim (Persimon Dreams) and Joanna (cottonjo on Instagram)
Saturday, 1/27 ....... Melanie (A Bit of Scrap Stuff) and Melissa C. (Happy Quilting Melissa)
Saturday, 2/3 ......... Jodi (Pleasant Home) and Pam (Pam Kitty Morning)
Saturday, 2/10 ....... Megan (Quilt Story) and Jina (Jina Barney Designz)
Saturday, 2/17 ....... Kerry (Very Kerry Berry) and Taunja (Carried Away Quilting)
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Saturday, 4/21 ....... Sharon (Lilabelle Lane) and Jina (Jina Barney Designz)
Saturday, 4/28 ....... Christopher (The Tattooed Quilter) and Jennie T. (Porch Swing Quilts)
Saturday, 5/5 ......... Sinta (Pink Pincushion) and Jina (Jina Barney Designz)
Saturday, 5/12 ....... Pat (Pat Sloan’s Blog) and Heidi S. (Fabric Mutt)
Saturday, 5/19 ....... Sinta (Pink Pincushion) and Pat (Pat Sloan’s Blog)
Saturday, 5/26 ....... Sinta (Pink Pincushion) and Amy (Diary of a Quilter)
Saturday, 6/2 ......... Keera (Live Love Sew)
Saturday, 6/9 ......... Connie (Freemotion by the River) and Heidi S. (Fabric Mutt)
Saturday, 6/16 ....... Andy (A Bright Corner)
Saturday, 6/23 ....... Sondra (Out of the Blue Quilts) and Jennie T. (Porch Swing Quilts)
Saturday, 6/30 ....... Pat (Pat Sloan’s Blog) and Holly (holly_draney on Instagram)
Saturday, 7/7 ......... Greg (Greg Dogwood Studio) and Joannat (cottonjo on Instagram)
Saturday, 7/14 ....... Kristyne (Pretty by Hand) and Debbie (Happy Little Cottage)
Saturday, 7/21 ....... Anorina (Samelia’s Mum) and Sherri (A Quilting Life)
Saturday, 7/28 ....... Elizabeth (In the Boon Docks) and Greg (Greg Dogwood Studio)
Saturday, 8/4 ......... Nadra (Ellis & Higgs) and Amy (Diary of a Quilter)

I will be back next Saturday with the letter "Z"!

But don't worry...
that doesn't mean it's the end!
There are several weeks of fun ahead!

Have a great weekend friends!