Monday, August 13, 2018

Fig Tree Summer Projects

First of all, 
I had a little makeover here on the blog.
It was way overdue for a change... 
but it was proving to be a little over my patience level...
so I enlisted some help.
It's a bit of an
 improvement... right?

I was able to make this kit up over the past week.
I had purchased it from Fig Tree and Company
at Pacific International Quilt Show last year... 
and felt the urge to get it made!
I bought another kit from FT there also...
a Christmas quilt, so I think that one will be working it's way 
onto the agenda soon.

I have to tell you that I struggled with those two scissor blocks.
OMG I was challenged!
 But they were so worth the effort.
I want to make one more... and make it into a little supply bag.

This little one here was a complete impulse
project, which I saw on Instagram.
It was so cute... and I just happen to be working with
1 1/2" strips, so I diverted my attention
to get a little version made, but I 
totally intend on whipping up 
another larger mini of these fabric stacks!

This is my latest 
Sherbets and Creams Summer project.
I finished Popsicles and now it's 
Jello Squares! 
I had scraps left over from the quilt in
the first photo... and a honey bun of
Corey Yoder fabrics already in my stash.

I think I will be able
to squeeze in the Watermelon Quilt next before
summer ends! 

And the thought of summer being over 
makes me very happy!
I am over the heat and the smoke...
summer use to be fun...
being at the lake, having BBQ's...

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Spelling Bee Finale!

I have had such an amazing week...
but what I really want to share with you