Monday, August 13, 2018

Fig Tree Summer Projects

First of all, 
I had a little makeover here on the blog.
It was way overdue for a change... 
but it was proving to be a little over my patience level...
so I enlisted some help.
It's a bit of an
 improvement... right?

I was able to make this kit up over the past week.
I had purchased it from Fig Tree and Company
at Pacific International Quilt Show last year... 
and felt the urge to get it made!
I bought another kit from FT there also...
a Christmas quilt, so I think that one will be working it's way 
onto the agenda soon.

I have to tell you that I struggled with those two scissor blocks.
OMG I was challenged!
 But they were so worth the effort.
I want to make one more... and make it into a little supply bag.

This little one here was a complete impulse
project, which I saw on Instagram.
It was so cute... and I just happen to be working with
1 1/2" strips, so I diverted my attention
to get a little version made, but I 
totally intend on whipping up 
another larger mini of these fabric stacks!

This is my latest 
Sherbets and Creams Summer project.
I finished Popsicles and now it's 
Jello Squares! 
I had scraps left over from the quilt in
the first photo... and a honey bun of
Corey Yoder fabrics already in my stash.

I think I will be able
to squeeze in the Watermelon Quilt next before
summer ends! 

And the thought of summer being over 
makes me very happy!
I am over the heat and the smoke...
summer use to be fun...
being at the lake, having BBQ's...

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Spelling Bee Finale!

I have had such an amazing week...
but what I really want to share with you 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I'm Ready for Sherbet and Air Conditioning

I thought I would just pop by and say hello!
My summer has been crazy busy... 
I think my summer will start to quiet down now.

I have managed to sew a little bit here and there
but as of last weekend... I had to declare my sewing
room "uninhabitable"!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturdays: the letter Z

I am back on the school bus
again this week for the next 
(and last) letter
in the alphabet!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Spelling Bee Quilt Along: Uppercase "Y"

Good morning sweet people!

I always feel like jumping out of bed on
Saturday's during the 
Fat Quarter Shop
Spelling Bee Sew Along!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spelling Bee Sew Along: the letter X

Good morning!
Today is my stop on the
I hope you have been following along!
If you haven't,
 it's not too late to start! 
Today is week 31 and my letter is Capitol X...
like Xylophone! 
Or X marks the spot!!

Monday, April 30, 2018


Yes, it's so true... scrap happens!

I have been up to my ears in a messy sewing room...
I was left no choice but to stop and do some deep cleaning!

In order to organize... or re-organize, I had to really 
pull everything out of the "swing closet" and 
decide what must go and what could stay.

Which, on the bright side, led to some fun discoveries.
On the not so bright side... was that those discoveries often
were unfinished projects! Ug!

Luckily this book came out in the neck of time!
Do you have a copy yet?

I love love love the cover quilt!

I was inspired to take some 
"saved scraps" of half-square-triangles
from my Lella Boutique Open Heart Quilt
and turned those quickly into a mini!

It didn't take long at all!

Here is the Open Heart quilt

These sweet little basket blocks were another "find".
I had some sashing fabrics handy and whipped 
this into a cute mini... 
it made me feel better that I didn't just toss them out.

Okay, excuse the non edited photo... 
but this is a mixture of not 1 not 2, but 3
unfinished (in various stages) projects!

Coincidentally I used Lori Holt fabric in all three projects.
It was actually a happy coincidence...
because when I put them all together and started to 
arrange them... they played well together!
I am adding a border around the smaller blocks now, then
I just need to sew the rows
 together and I have one finish! 

I hope to get back to this one soon...
I took a class from the sweetest 
blogger/Instagram friend...

This is her pattern: My Swedish X.

This is a great introduction into using solid fabrics.
And it's great to pull scraps from your stash~
I am having fun with it! I have about 68 blocks to go...
but it will come together in its own time.

Anyway... back to Lissa's book...

There are lots of super cute projects in it and I can't wait
to make them!

These will be #1 and #2!

(photos by Brent Kane)

(adorable little one here)
You can find the book at Martingale Publishers here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I'm Thinking Cake!

I don't think I have shared this quilt yet.

I think I made it in January.

I just sent it to my LAQ  along with  
another quilt...

Both of these quilts were made using the 
tablet of specially marked papers
by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

this book by It's So Emma.

I really enjoyed making my quilt for the
 quilt along using those batik fabrics!

I'm kind of in a lull right now, deciding what 
to make next...
and I did purchase a couple of new Layer Cakes...
so I thought...
There isn't a pattern in this book that I don't like...
I'm sure you have seen 
the sweetest quilt along by Fat Quarter Shop
where a dozen or more bloggers have shared their quilts...

Here are a few of my favorites!

This is one of the tablets you can choose from
to make these quilts...

You can see more of the quilts at Jolly Jabber
You can find all the links at this post of mine.

If you click on the link above
you can find the fabulous blogs 
where you will see these quilts...

I couldn't even begin to put these in order of

Do you love these as much as me?

Anyway, I was about to order another 
tablet or two and thought I would share
today's obsession with you!

Let me know if you have made one of these quilts from 
the Cake Mix Book or tell me which one you like, 
to help me decide!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Love is in the Air

I started this quilt if February... 
but somehow I set it aside and neglected to put the blocks 
together... even though they were all finished!
Something else had been put on top of the blocks...
so I forgot all about them!

It happens, right?

So, anyway, 
here we are at the end of March...
which has really lived up to the title
"March Madness"!

(we have no less than 8 birthdays in our family
between children and grand littles in March). 

Fortunately, a new arrival scheduled for March 9th
arrived happy and healthy on February 26th!
A sweet little girl.
Kennadi Ray

who went from this...

to this in one month!

Such a sweet... and possibly surprised, baby!

I have a new little project in the works...

I used my 2 !/2" strip bundle of Cluck Cluck Sew fabric...
which I have been hording. 
But I think it is going to turn out cute...
much cuter than looking at that bundle sitting
on my shelf anyway! ha

I have been making  a bunch of little houses too...

and now I am ready to fussy cut some doors
for the last bunch!

So looking at these photos, I need to ask the question...

I can't seem to find a photo editor I like...
do you have one you recommend? 
Is it better to use one you pay for opposed to the free options?

Thanks so much for your comments!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Path of Least Resistance

Toward the end of last month
 my little sister came for a visit.

It was going to be her
 birthday so I quickly
 made a couple of 

pillows for her, along with a 
couple more for her
sofa using
 Tula Pink Octopus fabric. (not shown)
We grew up at the beach, 
so she decided
to decorate her new home 
with a beachy feel. 
 I also put this quilt on the bed 
in the guest room         
for her... and let her take it 
home with her
she left.

I love this quilt and especially the quilting on it.

Fortunately, I have more of the Going Coastal fabric
that I stashed away... so I am able to make 
another Round and Round Quilt for myself to keep.
But the pattern I used for the pillows
 has been on my to-do list
for quite a while! 

I jumped on the band wagon for the 
Sewing a Village quilt along 
on Instagram.
It is a great way to use your left over fabrics!
I only have one roof made...
but it's coming together!

This was my original pick for the fabrics
to put in my Village.
I guess
that I am going for a Spring colored quilt!
It seems that I happen to have a lot of
choices to pull from for that theme!

And just because I find it hard to resist...

I joined another Instagram sew along.

It's a Jelly Roll rug sew along. The
ones I have seen are all turning out so
cute! But let me tell you.. it was so hard to 
open up this jelly roll!
It's by Cluck Cluck Sew... and the fabrics are adorable, 
so of course I have been hoarding it.
It's time for it to be used... that's what I keep telling myself!

I can't wait to see the rug come together.
Last weekend was interrupted by the
Super Bowl, but I think I will find time this weekend.

I also couldn't resist a couple of layer cakes...

Mamas Cottage is by April Rosenthal
and  Flower Mill by Corriander Quilts.
I really needed Flower Mill... because I know
I am going to want Corey's next line of fabric coming out soon.

I seem to have big plans for a short month!

How about you?

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Bundle of Fabric... and the Next Thing You Know...

I just loved opening this little bundle of 
mixed fat quarters!

I was on a mission to 
make a baby quilt for 
my soon-to-arrive
grand daughter.

I had these photos
ready to go last week...

So I could share my progress...

The binding is on and it has now been gifted...
but the final photo is on my Instagram page.

I will have to share it next time!

                                      In the meantime, the kit for Eldon arrived.
                       This will be the Opportunity Raffle Quilt for my guild. The 
                             next step will be making kits for each of the
                                   blocks and handing them out to   
                                         wonderful helpers... who agreed to this even after 
                                         I warned them that those are 1 inch strips...
                                                          and there is Y seams! 
Friday, January 12, 2018

Starting the New Year Running

Happily I have recovered from that nasty cold/flu
thing that had been getting people!

I found my way back into my sewing room after
putting away holiday decorations...
which also led to cleaning out the garage!

I belong to the Bees Knees Quilting Bee...
and right at Christmas I got my last block 
returned to me for me project!
So, of course I was anxious to put the quilt top 

Now it's my first finish for 2018!!!

And while I was at it...

this was another Bees Knees project from the year before.

It needed a whole extra row added... so I decided to 
get this one done too!

It was a quilt that I saw on Red Pepper Quilts
and used her pattern for my "group quilt".

I love seeing what she makes... it's always some
scrappy goodness! 

There is a funny story related to this project.
I had been working on around the holidays.

I was part of the Cake Mix Sew Along with Fat Quarter Shop.
(this is a great book by the way).
I got my paper tablet for my project and the fabrics...
and started in on my mission.
But much later I realized that 
they had never sent me the book...
and THEN I realized that
they sent me the wrong tablet of "cake mix" papers for the
project I was working on! 

These things happen!

So I quickly bought another Cake Mix tablet... and some batik 
fabrics and started over.
But with my deadline approaching...
I was getting nervous.
There were a couple more snafooz...

But all is well that ends well, right?! This was ready to go 
mid November.
Now I am back to making my original plan 
for the Cake Mix Book!

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Making Up for Lost Time/Goodbye 2017

This year wasn't a big blogging year for me
but I usually can be found on Instagram.

I have missed blogging here and will be making it
a priority this year!

I have a #@$%@ load of photos to share...
so if you have a few minutes grab a cup of coffee
and enjoy!

This quilt is one of my favorites for the year.
I was a part of the Stitched by Art Gallery Fabrics
This pattern was Filigree... and I put my own little spin on it.
I really love AGF fabrics. They have such a nice feel to them.

I made a couple of quilts for the Fat Quarter Shop Classics and Vintage
quilt along.

This Jaccobs Ladder was a fun pattern... and it's a free one

This is another of the FQS fun quilt along patterns!
I used my never ending supply of Pam Kitty Morning fabrics!

This is another free pattern by FQS.
I finally got to use me bicycle fabric
as a border!

This one was my least favorite. I liked all the fabrics individually
but I think that the beigey-pink fabric just washes it all out! 
I might re approach this one. 

I also went into a Lella Boutique binge...
the top one is Chandelier from the Charm School book
and the one below is Kith and Kin from
Lella Boutique using her fabrics!

This one was another Lella Boutique quilt.
Her patterns are so fun to make!

I was a part of the Table Runner book blog hop with

Sheri Falls. I made up a couple of 
cute table runners from the book!

It is a great book! This one above
 would be so cute in Valentine's Day fabrics too!

I asked a few friends to help me make this cute little 
Dachshund quilt as a gift for a sick friend. It was quilted and bound
for her by the time she returned home from the hospital. 

The sad part of the story is that her own Dachshund  
actually passed away before she got home. .. how heartbreaking is that?

I finally made a couple of little projects from Temecula Quilt Co.
in time for Independence Day decor!

I had these tops done (top and bottom photos) last
year but I got them quilted and bound this year!
I love them both so much! 

The quilt pictured above is Hyde Park and it's a sample
that I got to make for the FQS... using 
A Quilting Live fabrics! The kit is available now on the FQS
website. These blocks are.. I think... 16", so they make up 
fast... and large!

I made a Norway quilt from the Me and My Sister Christmas fabric line.
I know it's going to be amazing once my quilter gets done with it!

This was a fun little sewing project... inspired by
Thelma at Cupcakes n Daisies.
And I'm not sure which came first... but we both
worked on a Fallville
quilt using the Thimble Blossoms
pattern, Summerville.

Now I need a Spring and Christmas version of the pattern too!

This was a fun batik quilt... I used the 
Cake Mix Recipe Book #1 and the Cake Mix recipe sheets
 by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. 
 The book includes several options like this one

This is a little Christmas pillow... minus the pillow form
that I made... along with a couple other pillows and I even made a 
sling purse this year!

But my very most favorite is this quilt...

 Remember the AP&Q Sew Along... well, I never did it but
a couple years later...last summer there was a sew along... so I 
jumped in on it!

okay, and this one!

This was another sew along... by Sew Lux (if I remember right)

So, to sum it up... I had a busy year of quilt making, even if 
I wasn't good about blogging. 
I get a little overwhelmed with life and found that it was a little bit
hard to blog. My friend that was in the hospital... I helped out
with the business end of things
in her quilt shop
 for 5 months along with my 
full time job...
so you see what I mean. 

This year...

I hope to work on some projects
 that I keep 
putting off 
but mostly I 
will focus on sewing my stash!