Friday, June 19, 2009

Eye Candy (In No Particular Order)

Well, how could I go on vacation, show you a few photos and neglect to give you the good stuff... do they refer to it as the "money shots"... hmmm, I wonder why!
So here you have it. In no particular order: the irresistible Patisserie group and a couple of new patterns by Miss Fig Tree. The one with the little dress form is a small wall hanging that I am making up to advertise the Fig Tree Club. (I think it will look good in my sewing room also). Carolyn, the owner of Cottage Quilts, is also making a real life version of it to go on a wire mannequin in the store! That is going to be so cute!!!

Here is a couple more fabric "samples" to go with my Sultry stash. In the corner of the photo is the pattern that I recently won at Pigtails and Snails from Lizzie Anne Designs! Who doesn't love a purse pattern! I am getting behind on making purses... summer bags are so much fun. What I need is my (almost) daughter in law to come over for a sewing day. We seem to get a lot accomplished when we do that.

This is my little souvenir group, Arcadia, from the Pine Needle Quilt Shop in Lake Oswego, OR.
Did I mention that I was born there? Of course it was a little town then. I am so sorry that I didn't take any photos of the shop... I cracked under pressure I guess. I had a car full with me when we stopped here and I was the only one that had any interest in quilting. Yikes! I tried to be fast... but I doubt anybody thought I was fast enough... ya know what I mean? I also found some sweet Michael Miller. See, I expand a little... I had written permission from Moda...
okay, I'm just kidding about that part.

Don't you just love this little bird?
That ends Friday's Feast of Fabrics. Have a good weekend!


Sherri said...

I have the dress form wall hanging pattern too! Can't wait to make it...I just need to get to a copy shop to enlarge the pattern pieces! Mine will go in my sewing room too!

Stina said...

Lovely lovely purchases..:o)
I did some shopping too.. and I hope to receive my pattern for Sweet Dreams and some fabrics soon.. sooo thanks!! :o)))

jaybird said...

we have very similar fabric tastes... i went to an adorable shop yesterday and stocked up on some fig tree and sultry...

i've ordered the madeline pattern but it hasn't come in yet... and i think i love just about everything else you got!!!

Gran said...