Monday, June 29, 2009

The Highlights of a Sample Quilt Drop Off

Mission accomplished! I got the binding on the Fig Tree Turnover quilt and went in to Cottage Quilts on Saturday to drop it off. There was a local quilt show in Madera... I was hoping that they might be able to use the quilt in the display for the show. While I was at the store with the hubs I snapped a few pictures for you!

Opps, what is this... must be the Fig Tree isle! And next a little "Bunny Love".
This is a quilt made by Sarah, one of the sweet employees of Cottage Quilts.
I just love the red with the black and white.

Oh lookie here... they have the new wools in! (I wish I was that far along with my block of the month).

I think this whole display would look good in my sewing room.

And at the back of the store... there are always treats! Carolyn knows all of our week spots!

Then... it was back to finishing up a little this and that. No, I didn't remember to make the sewing basket out of a Moda tin, darn! But I finished up this and need to get the binding on it so that I can give it to Jill. Todd and Jill will come tomorrow for a visit. She has warned me that she is bringing her entire sewing room with her... sounds like maybe this will be a long visit?!?


Jennifer said...

Drool! What a fabulous shop! I am so jealous!

jaybird said...

cute shop!! i like your color selection on the charm and flower quilt... so different then the pattern cover!

Sherri said...

I love everything in the shop! What great quilts!

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohh when it cools off we need toget down there again!