Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Pile To That Pile

I have some quilts starting to come back from the LAQ right now.

I am happy to see my pile of unfinished tops moving to a pile of
bindings to do!
This quilt was so fun to make in the bloggy group headed up by Kelly
at Charming Chatter. The pattern is her design.
 I would make it again... but maybe not right away, those
were a whole lot of  triangles!

I have also been trying to organize what quilts will be in the quilt show.
I will be devoting April to putting sleeves and labels on those quilts...
and finish up  bindings.
And then I have to figure out which of the quilts are missing 
their ribbons. 
It would be an easier task if:
1. I would have kept the ribbon on the quilt to start with.
2. I would have put the name of the quilt
on the back of the ribbon.
3. Had a better memory.
Since I have struck out with the 3 options above, I am going to have to 
back through photos for help.
I wish I had been more organized and at least had a blog post or tab to keep 
my quilts listed in an orderly way.

I have another little pile of blocks on my sewing table right now...

waiting to get made into something.

And then this little project that I am making for my
grand daughter. 
Evie's first birthday is just around the corner
 I was gifted this pattern by a wonderful person...
I just love her and I'm so tickled to be 
trying to make a doll. 

I also have the pattern for all of her clothing.
It is a whole new arena for me! She has a lot of imperfections...
but my guess is that by the time Evie is old enough to notice, I will
have gotten better... because I intend to make some friends for
the doll and more clothes too.

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16 friends stopped by to chat:

Betty Lou said...

Your Charming Chatter quilt is lovely, beautiful colors for spring and summer. We're quilters, we can't be expected to keep records, we are too busy counting how much fabric we need for the next project. Hugs

Carol said...

Your quilt is wonderful...just love it. Evie's doll is so darn cute...that is so much fun! She's going to love it. Can't believe she's almost a year old...where has the time gone?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

You sure have been busy!

Needled Mom said...

Awww...your doll is so sweet. The Charming Chatter is beautiful too. Good luck with that ribbon matching!


Oh how fun to win ribbons on your quilts--I haven't won a ribbon since I was in 4-H--ahh--how many years ago was that????
love your work--keep a stitching--
and doll making--I love it--at least I still collect patterns and books to "someday" make some!!!
hugs di and miss gracie

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your Charming Chatter quilt is gorgeous Sinta! Wow!
And I love the dolly being created...she will love it!

Donna~~ said...

So many ribbons! Lovely quilt--but so many triangles is right! What pattern is the little dolly from? It's very cute.

Cheryl said...

Love your Charming Chatter quilt...which makes me wonder, where is mine, or more accurately, where are the pieces?? Love that sweet doll you are making. A year already...doesn't seem possible!

Vickie said...

I like your fabric choices in your Charming Chatter quilt. I just pulled mine out today, I think it will go on a wall in my new family room for inspiration.

Strlady said...

I think i missed your CC quilt when you first posted about it, or maybe I didn't remember it so today it was new again! It's so lovely.
I love your little doll. I think those are the best dolls for little hands. Perfect to cuddle with. I'm sure that your grand daughter will not find any of those 'imperfections' you seem to have pin pointed. I think she will only find the love in the doll.
BTW: Love your glasses! :)

Karen said...

The colors in yor CC are gorgeous - is it one line or scraps? Have fun with the doll :). These are such special days with little ones. Are all those ribbons yours?

Shelley said...

Lucky you Sinta...quilts to bind :) I wish my LAQ would get some of my quilts done so I could get them bound....oh wait, that's me lol!

Cathy said...

Your quilt is beautiful. And so many ribbons..I have won a few and usually keep them pinned on the back or stick them in the sleeve. Your granddaughter will adore the doll. A new favorite. Hugs

Darlene said...

So much eye candy in your post. Lots and lots of lovelies!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, though late, on all those ribbons! I love the little doll - I've never made this one but I've made dozens and dozens of dolls. I guess I never grew up!