Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day & Our First Vintage Schnibbles Parade!

Here we are!
The first parade of AYOS Vintage Schnibbles...
and it's May Day too!
May Day is a holiday that seems to be nearly extinct... so I am extra glad
that we can have a Hat Trick parade of quilts
to celebrate!
But before the parade begins...
I'll bet you would like to know what the next Vintage Schnibbles quilt will be...
It's a Schnibbles pattern called Gentle Art.
I made mine out of scrap fabrics... the Mama Said Sew
group from Sweetwater. 

You can go here to see what you need to get started.

 This was from my photo shoot yesterday...

remember my curious friends?

Sherri and I have a lot of quilts to show you, so I hope you have 
a some time to sit back and enjoy the parade of Hat Trick.
I am amazed at all of you that are participating in AYOS this year!
It's going to be so much fun!
Hat Trick was the first Schnibbles pattern/kit I ever bought.
I am glad that we are starting this year with 
this fun pattern.
I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment... and don't forget to hop over 
to see the other half of the parade at A Quilting Life.

Okay, let's begin...

Edited May 5: I have a lost Hat Trick to share...
this little Schnibbles went into hidding and I missed putting it in the parade!

Paulette (no blog) had sent her little Hat Trick to me weeks ago.
She had reached into her bag of scraps and whipped 
her Schnibbles  parade entry up in one MORNING!
It is so cute... I would love to see what else she can whip up out of 
her bag of scraps!

 Bea from France emailed me her Hat Trick just days
after we announced it as the Vintage Schnibbles project!
I think she is liking these sweet
 nine-patch blocks... I see more on her blog!

 Lesley from the blog: Cuddle Quilter
is showing us her version with a little twist!
She had some orphan blocks and mixed them in!
I love the look of this one!

 Lisa from the blog Stashmaster made a stunning
version here in rich colors from the Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts) 
fabric collection and a bit of Jo Morton for backgrounds!

This is a pretty little Hat Trick made by Mary
at Quilt Hollow! I love the border 
and the quilting in those squares too!

Mary C in Michigan... a AYOS newbie! She made her 
Hat Trick out of Audra's Iris Garden and went a tad bit bigger using
2.5".. .hmmm, now why didn't I think of that?

This one is from Mary On Lake Pulaski. She went with 
beautiful bright fabrics called It's A Hoot by MoMo. 

 Nancy (no blog) made a beautiful version of Hat Trick here. Nancy is
new to AYOS this year... I am so glad that she is playing along!
She used French General Rural Jardin fabrics from her stash!

Nancy is new to AYOS this year but has been wanting to play along...
this year was the year! Yeah!
She liked her Hat Trick table topper so much that
she thought she should have a runner too! 
I love how the blocks looks as a runner!

Nicole from Sister's Choice made a happy table topper from Sweetwater 
fabric.... and grew flowers to match!

 Patti from Quilting is My Passion used Chelsea Boutique by Blackbird Designs.
You can never go wrong with Blackbird fabrics! Welcome to the group!

 Here is a sweet Hat Trick from Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch. She used Honey Honey collection by Kate Spain. Fun colors and a surprise fabric on the back... so it can be used reversable!
 Sandie at Crazy Bout Quilts made a slightly smaller version of Hat Trick...
it's 13.5 x 18.5 and better yet it's made from hand me down scraps!
It's just perfect for a side table!

 Sandy F (no blog) made this Hat Trick
and it's doing double duty, going as a donation for a high school rodeo fundraiser.

 Satu from Quilt Tails blog made a gorgeous version of HT with attention to color placement!
I love the cornerstones!

 Shannon from Nunus Quilt World blog made her version in
beautiful, bright and bold colors! Love that inner border fabric too!

 Thelma from Cupcakes n Daisies blog made a 
festive version of Hat Trick... that says Spring!

 Marti from Aunt Marti blog
 made up a fun variation of Hat Trick here!
She used her 1930's repro scraps! Very sweet!

Patty at A Stitch in Time blog made a pretty version in
Red, Black and Grey... the Mama Said Sew fabric group...
so of course she named her quilt: Sew Fun!
Love it!

Here is a sweet version called Top Hat that was made by Pati!
What a great idea for the holiday's coming up! She used Flag Day Farm and 
some other Minick and Simpson fabric groups.

Here we have a hat Trick from Michele at Island Life Quilts...
this one started out with the intention of being a "low volume" quilt.
It had a mind of it's own and a voice to be heard!

Here is a happy little Hat Trick made by Sue at Just Sew Sue blog...
quilted and all!

This is from Lily Patch blog... from Kim.
You just have to keep looking at it for a minute and
you see different patterns develop... at least I do.
I love this one!

from Krisp Quilts blog we have Hat Trick made by
May Kristin in bright and  happy colors!
She has lots of fun photos of this quilt on her blog today.

This is a pretty one made by Nancy! What a great border...
and fun to see Hat Trick made up in two tones too!
Looks like she had fun making her Vintage Schnibbles!

Ramona at Westchester's Belle blog made 
this pretty version of Hat Trick... 
beautifully rich and elegant! She decided to make
 her version using Carrie's 
"extra" directions that are on her website/cooking school.
You should go read about it on Ramon's blog.

This beauty was made by Sandy R.. Gorgeous colors...
and a low volume style makes for a very sweet Hat Trick.

Susan  has made up her version of the pattern by making it
into a table runner and using only 1 charm pack of April Cornell
fabrics. I really like the table runner idea!

Tana made her lovely version of HT out of Audra's Iris Garden.
I love the colors, especially the purples!

Vickie from A Creative Notion blog made her version of 
Hat Trick using Double Chocolat by 3 Sisters. She has it
auditioning for her dining room table, 
where it will live after it's quilted!

Tami from Sea Me Sparkle blog made a very sweet version of
this Vintage Schnibbles Hat Trick pattern.
I love all the photos on her blog of the quilt in "progress".

Tilda at Hawthorne Berries blog made a 
gorgeous version of the pattern... using Warmth by Moda.
She manage to fit the AYOS group into her busy schedule...
and we are glad she did!

Sherry from Blessings from Our Nest blog made her
Hat Trick version out of my most favorite fabric...
California Girl. She got this done weeks ago..
in just a weekend! Easie peasie!

One more to go...
this is from  Cindy at Sew Cindy blog.
lovely fabrics and such a gorgeous Hat Trick.

There are so many new bloggers in our AYOS group this time...
I am excited to have them all playing along!
Thank you all... and come by tomorrow to see the 
randomly picked parade winners!
We have a few prizes to give away!

So, what did you think of the parade?

*** I still have a few more blog names to add on my sidebar for our AYOS group***
hope to have it done soon. xxoo

42 friends stopped by to chat:

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks Sinta Renee for the great parade. Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to why my and other photos turned out so blurry? I'd be happy to take any suggestions so this doesn't happen next month. Happy May Day!

Kim said...

Wow, what a lot of entries this time! I'm glad to see so many playing along. Oh, and I've ordered the pattern for next month, so I'll get started on it soon. Love, love, LOVE your use of rick rack!

Judy said...

Wow, what an awesome job everyone did. Love the pattern you picked for next month. I think I might have that one!

Mary Caldwell said...

What a beautiful parade~! Thank you Sinta!

JoAnne said...

I see that Kim already complimented the "Ric rac" on your version of Gentle Art! I love it, too. What an excellent parade and it is great to see more participants. I knew there would be variety with this pattern and I wasn't disappointed. It makes me want to make other versions.

Patty D from NC said...

Love the parade - so amazing to see how the same pattern could turn out so many different quilts!

Satu said...

Lovely photos of your fabulous 'Gentle Art'! And what a fantastic, breathtaking parade! Wow, I must take an extra breath now!!! And I think that you read my mind, because I hoped that 'Gentle Art' would be the next vintage Schnibble ;o)

Ramona said...

Who would think with one pattern - they could all look so different! Thanks for including me! It has been fun and love next months pattern too!

Kim said...

Love the parade. Everyone's quilts are beautiful!

Tilda H said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Everybody did an exceptional job! Loved all the versions and the table runners are great! Parade was terrific! Just ordered next months pattern and looking through my fabric stash of charm packs to decide which one I will use! I saw this pattern done up and thought that it would be on my quilt bucket list! Now it will be one to cross off. Thanks! Loved them all!

Anonymous said...

I loved the parade. I have so many favorites. It is so cool to see everyone's fabric choices and also a few design changes. So glad I joined the group and looking forward to making the next one.

Cindy said...

I hope Sherri got mine - hopefully she did, although I "thought" I emailed you.

Oh well. I know it's done and that's a good thing.

These are so pretty!!! Great job everyone!!

Sandra Rowe said...

Great parade! Great job everyone!

Hildy said...

Wow, I love the parade this month, I think it's the best ever!
And I love your Gentle Art quilt can't wait for next month!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great turnouts. Wish I had been more creative, but my personality just wasn't going to let me the first time out on AYOS. Maybe next month (which I have already ordered my PDF from Miss Rosie). Perhaps you forwarded my picture to Sherri for her parade? I didn't see it in the post. Thanks again - lots of blogs to visit now!

Debbie M said...

What a fun post! So glad I stopped by.

Debbie M said...

What a fun post! So glad I stopped by.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! What a wonderful parade! Thank you!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful parade to start off another year! I better hop on next month's as I didn't get around to making Hat Trick...

Dee said...

Thanks Sinta for your commentary on all the quilts. I loved the parade and I loved the little changes people made to personalize the quilt for themselves. We're so fortunate to have so many fabrics to choose from! And it was nice to see so many new people join in this time too.

Anita said...

Love all the different versions people came up with! Looks like another great year :)

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh! So much gorgeous eye candy. As I told Sherri, each and every one of them is so gorgeous. I have so many ideas rolling through my head, I think I'll go into my sewing room and and start looking through my stash...I really need to join in this fun. Great job everyone and thanks so much for sharing it all with us Sinta, Hugs...

trish said...

Hi Sinta. :0) I love the schnibble parades!! They are so much fun! Trish

Dorothy said...

Great parade! I want to make another Hat trick and I have so many color choices spinning in my head for the great parade!
Thanks for hosting again!
Dorothy in IL

K said...

Thanks for doing this year of schnibbles... I missed hat trick but just downloaded gentle art. Looking forward to it..

Tana said...

I love, love, love Schnibbles parades. The different fabric choices are so inspiring! Maybe someday, I will get brave enough to make creative adjustments, but until then, I will completely appreciate the talents of others!

Sherri said...

Your quilt is so gorgeous...and all of the quilts on the parade are wonderful. I've added more to mine now...just missing a couple! :)

Connie said...

What beautiful quilts and it was so much fun to take part in this! Thanks!

Messy Karen said...

what a turnout. makes me happy.

Nancy E said...

Love seeing all the beautiful quilts! Already thinking what fabric to use for Gentle Art!

Anonymous said...

Everyone made such pretty versions! I had mine finished three weeks ago and totally forgot to photograph it. BAD me!!!

Cindy said...

A personal thank-you to you, Sinta. You are a special blessing. Hugs. Thanks to both you and Sherri for hosting beautiful parades.

Patricia Lessell said...

Such awesomeness!!! Love the new one and wish I could get that fabric here in the U.K. Love the red and black look but blue and cream works as well for me I guess. I will just need more cream fabric is all - I have lots of navy. But your red and black is just wonderful.

Lesley said...

Wonderful to see all these hat tricks! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to you and Sherri for hosting!

Anonymous said...

wow lots of gorgeous items there.xx

Carrie said...

I love your Gentle Art quilt! So so cute! Or should that be Sew Sew Cute? :)

I got to everyone's blog on Sherri's parade tonight - tomorrow night, everybody on your parade. The quilts are terrific. :)

Linda in Calif. said...

Wow! That's a lot of quilts. And each one is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

So many great looks for this pattern!

raiman daivs said...

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Sarah said...

Beautiful parade. I love seeing how the pattern looks different in all the lovely fabrics. It must be hard to pick a favourite!

city said...

thanks for share..

Sue said...

Hi Sinta Great quilts !!

I would like to join your parade for the month of May. I just posted my Gentle art quilt that I am going to make and would like to join your parade if it is not too late