Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mix Assortment

I've been jumping from one project to the next today.

I have been working away for Scrap Basket Sunday...
the quilt above is one my cousin made. I had her send it to me
so I could finish it for her... she is an excellent seamstress and has
made baby quilts, purses etc... but this one got a little out of hand.
I had to take off the borders and put them on again to get it to lye flat.
I made the backing and gave it to the quilter earlier this week...
and got it back on Friday so I could add the binding. I will finish the handwork
in the evening and the binding on another little quilt as well.

But this is the one I was anxious to put together...

It's from Simply Retro and something I am working on in a sew along group.
I have the blocks all completed and now I just need to sew the rows!!!
I will have it done this week for sure... and then be on to my next quilt in
Camille's book!

I did get my Fat Quarter Shop block of the month "Deck-ade" cut out
but haven't sewn it together yet... but it's a good start... I will set it next to my machine and steal
a few minutes here and there and have it done in no time!
So that's how I am ending the month of June...
What have you been up to?

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7 friends stopped by to chat:

Kim said...

Love the projects you've been working on! I'd like to see more of the one your cousin started too--it looks really pretty! Will you show it after you get the binding finished?

AshleySaxon said...

Your scrap basket Sundays have inspired me to do at least a little bit of work on unfinished projects or scrap projects EVERY Sunday. I started today and even though I was tired, I made time to finish up a few blocks and even convinced myself to leave everything nice and tidy for the week to come! Thanks for the inspiration. ~~Ashley at Quilted Affair

loulee said...

Love your sisters quilt, such vibrant colours.
I spent my Sunday cross stitching.

Hildy said...

Love your projects everythings so beautiful!
I've finished my first Swell block and already started Adorn (crazy, right? BTW I'm making mine charm pack friendly:-)

Izzy said...

Your quilt from the quilt along looks great Sinta! Can't wait to see it done. :-)

Sandy said...

ooh... taking apart and fixing someone elses quilt? You are a saint. Or.. a very good friend! LOL!

I met a woman named Sinta at the Oakhurst show - she was the featured artist. Is that you?

Patricia Lessell said...

I really love your cousin's quilt and your Simply Retro quilt is stunning too. Just thought I would let you know is all.