Friday, March 28, 2014


I mentioned in my post this past week that I am super busy with
family things... and the fun is continuing through this weekend 
Which means that I have had little to no time to sew!
But what I have been doing in my spare time... stealing a minute here and there...
is watching the Craftsy Simple Fresh Quilts class from Fig Tree.

(little miss shabby photo from Pinterest)

I am really enjoying it!

This week I had a little bit of chit chat e-mails with Nicole...
and we said how much were are "re-falling" in love again 
with all things Fig Tree.
We both have done sewing for Joanna in the past and 
it was a wonderful opportunity!

Although I stray and enjoy other quilts, styles and
fabric combinations...
I have been a FT Fan since I started quilting!
The colors are dreamy and her patterns are 

 Every time I see someone blogging about a
quilt they have made with FT patterns or even just
FT fabrics... I melt!

Here are a few of my more recent FT projects...

At the beginning of this year I put Sail Away on 
my to do list.
Actually I think it was on my "first quarter of 2014" list.

 Although I have the quilt kit...
I haven't gotten to it yet.
Maybe as we get more into spring weather it will find it's 
way to the top of my cutting table.

But now I also have 4 new FT Quilts to add to the list from the
Craftsy class. Watching the video's with Joanna is
so much fun... 
like fireworks on the 4th of July...
and when I got to the end of the series
there was a big surprise!
I equate it to the grand finale on the 4th.
I watched her method of binding...
boy howdy, that was worth the price of admission alone!
I love learning new things!


Karen said...

I ADORE Fig Tree. I am a groupie. I've Joanna' s blog. I love her aesthetic. Like I said, groupie :)

Karen said...
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Lesley said...

You have such lovely FT projects. I love her designs and fabrics too...there seems to be a gentle old-fashioned look to her patterns but with a fresh approach and those gorgeous fabrics!

Nicole said...

Sinta, wait til you see what I rediscovered in a project box! A vintage Fig Tree applique project, more than half done! I will share next week. I am so excited! I also ordered the Mirabelle Pear kit from FT. That is going to be darling.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

The year my hubby was deployed, I joined the FT club for a little treat for me. Oh how I loved getting that pkg in the mail!! I love FT too! <3 Have a happy weekend!

Susan said...

You could have written "dear Susan" and I know this would have been for me!! We are soooo on the same page with Fig Tree, just so mellow and soft and there truly aren't enough wonderful words while you play in the colors!!!

Kris said...

I am a big fan of Fig Tree too!!! I must look into Craftsy. I keep hearing about it!
I have scrolled back to see what I have missed since I have been away. I adored the photo of you and your son when he was a baby! So cute!!! That dress you had on...I swear I had one just like it! My oldest is also 32. Almost 33.
Happy times for you guys! Lots of celebrations!
XO Kris

gailss said...

I to love all FT patterns and fabrics and think I could go the rest of my life and not finish them all or get tired of them. Glad your class is working out....I just signed up for a quilting class and not to far into it but love it!!!

Jeanna said...

I love Joanna and all things Fig Tree! What surprised me was that Nicole is also a fan. Although, she is getting to her Happy Place lately :)

You have some super FT pieces...would love to see them up close!

Craftsy does offer great product...and I'm so thrilled that some of my favorites have joined that train :)

Anonymous said...

I have started Joanna's Craftsy class, but I haven't made it to the end yet. Can't wait to see now! I have an ambitious desire to make the Farmer's Wife Quilt in all Fig Tree fabric collections. Maybe I'll start this summer...