Friday, June 24, 2016

Midweek Mosaic (a wee bit late)

Summer is officially here!

The heat is here too!

I think that this would be a good time to 
work on small projects.
Or even embroidery.

I hope your weekend is fun and refreshing!
(I used PicMonkey for this photo)

... and you dream in sherbet!

(I purchased one of these bundles from Fig Tree & Co.
I will be thinking of ways to use it... along with the possibilities in
the little downloadable booklet that FT and Co just published).

Here is a little Flashback Friday for you!
This was Strawberry Fields I.

Have a good weekend!


Kris said...

What beautiful and refreshing colors! I am missing sewing. I have gotten so into knitting lately, that seems to b be all I am devoting my time to.
Will you be boating on this hot weekend???
xo Kris

Hildy said...

Love your colors and all I can say is 'Yummy'! Hope you have a great weekend too, but ice cream and beautiful fabrics you sure have:-)

peggy hendrick said...

What is the name of the quilt at the end of your post? And where can I find the pattern...thanks, lovely fabric...enjoy keeping up wih you!