Monday, May 11, 2009

Aprons & Quilts

Boy did I ever get lost last week! I came down with a mega migraine! It can really spoil a day (or two). Fortunately by Saturday I had re-cooped. It was Mr. B's birthday! Woohoo! Guess who can retire now!!! Uh, no, it's not me. Guess again:)
We met up with some of our kids and a few who might as well be our kids (they acted as stand-ins for the boys who couldn't be home) and had lunch at Bass Lake. Some of those boys had been fishing since early morning, thus "the look".

Notice the hat is traveling! It's nice to share the Mother's Day weekend with my DH! We took turns getting spoiled.
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Last year we celebrated in Hawaii with my mom, who goes there every year. That was really special. It was my first time in Maui. Certainly not the first time for my DH. So I got to be the tourist with lots of Maui savvy people around me.
The downfall was that we were not with our kids!
Today is National Wear Your Apron Day, so I thought I would share a few photos of aprons with you. I love the little vintage fabric on this one and the ric rac on it.

See the little panels on the side? They have built in little pockets!

I wanted to show you another quilt that is hanging at Cottage Quilts for an upcoming class. This is Sweet Dreams by Heather Mulder Peterson. I like the way this one turned out. Very nostalgic, it reminds me of grandma's hankies.

I have returned to this quilt. I am tempted to be lazy and just put on the borders but I thought I would show it to you and how it is suppose to look. See the adorable border? I have all the pieces ready to fuse on but I am dreading stitching around the edges of all those leaves and flowers. What do you think? I am open to suggestions.


PunkiePie said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sinta. What a nice way to spend the day. Those aprons are great. I think I need to make one. At least make one for my grandma. She would like that.

Sherri said...

I love the aprons...and love your quilt! I know exactly how you feel...I had a Kim Diehl quilt that I just couldn't make myself add the applique' in the borders to. Now that it's quilted and done...I'm sure I love it just as much as if it had the applique'! (But of course, the applique' would look gorgeous)! That probably didn't help much!

Stina said...

Loved the Sweet Dreams quilt..ahhh.. that was something to dream about!!!

Gran said...

Fishing and aprons - thanks for the treat!
I am glad you are feeling better!