Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cord that Got Away

I was running around this morning taking photos of the things that I did over the weekend... and by the way, it was a very productive weekend... anywho... I left my camera cord behind. I am unable to up/download my photos! So, here is a scenic picture of Bass Lake which was anything but scenic over the weekend. The first weekend in May is the big fishing derby and things were a hopin' around here! I make plans of staying far away from the lake during the derby... however, you can find a few my boys there. Unfortunately it was a wet weekend. Poor fishermen/women!

As for me, I really did have a very productive weekend... which is now starting to sound like a fish tale since I have no photos to back myself up! But I promise: the proof will be here tomorow.
I finished my secret assignment for Fig Tree's Joanna. I planted flowers in pots around the front of the house. I sewed a sleeve onto one of the quilt show enteries. I tackled a sewing project for my sister: she needed a lap robe to wear during a horse carriage compitition, I think they call it Dressage. Other than quilting, I have done little other sewing especially with fabric outside of cotton. Oh lordy! Why me? I don't even like to sew on buttons! After that I even cleaned the house! Hummm, it's even starting to sound like a fish tale to me now!LOL

As for the lake... I will be having a famous "Forks Burger" there latter this week during my lunch hour with a friend of mine. The crowd should be gone by then.


PamKittyMorning said...

When I was in college we used to come sun ourselves like lizards on big rocks around Bass Lake. I'm lucky my skin isn't like leather the way we'd slather on baby oil and lay there with the water reflecting on us. Crazy.

PunkiePie said...

Sounds like you were mighty busy. Can't wait to see the proof! ;)