Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Quilt Show & Lunch Today

First place winner! Don't you think this is a stunning quilt? I have had this on my "I would like to do someday" list for a long time. I did ask Barbara if she would bequeath it to me... after all, I am her grandson's godmother... that is almost like family, right?

I think I had a better shot of this one but I hope you can still see all the embroidery here.

I do have a fondness for baskets. The quilt below was entered by my friend Dianne. It was a row quilt that each of us, in our group, made a row for her quilt; she requested a basket theme. I think it all went together pretty well.

The quilt here, with the black background was titled "the Quilt from Hell". Sounds like she won't be doing that pattern again. Below it is one with dogwood trees (which are beautiful and in bloom right now around here).

You can tell that I was having a hard time getting the picture straight. I didn't have enough space... well, that's my story anyway.

During my lunch today I had to run to the bank and make a deposit for work. While I was there I thought I would snap a picture of the quilt they have hanging. It was made by Jean Ray Laury; she is a great quilter with a unique style.

Then I had to run and buy a pair of these... well, because you can never have enough flip flops and also because I was going...

here next. To get a mini pedicure. I'm going to stretch this out as much as I can. One of the reasons I love to go there is because they have these chairs that massage while they are working on your poor pitiful feet. Time very well spent!

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Sherri said...

More great quilts! Ahhh...a pedicure would be's so hot here already...104 today when I was driving home from Las Vegas!