Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blue Ribbon Quilts and Movie

I ran over to a quilting friends house yesterday during my lunch time. It was a
"Material Girl's" meeting, so I thought I would pop in!
My camera battery was dead (hate that)
so Leisa took some photos of Dianne's show and tell. Labor Day weekend is the local County Fair and Dianne had a few things entered into the fair that she got ribbons on!
Here are a few I thought I would show you:

This one from a quilt class that I was suppose to teach... that was last year when the hubs went into the hospital. Fortunately, Donna, the owner of Bear Paw Quilts stepped in to teach the class. It's not like Dianne needed a class because she does beautiful work.
Look at this one! I just love it!!! The scalloped edge is sooo cute!

This purse is great. Dianne made it out of Kaffe Fassett fabric. It's a Quilts Illustrated pattern. She better keep an eye on it, because "someone" could just accidentally" walk away with it! LOL
(Tidbit about Dianne: she was a child star... remember the baby at the end of the pier in the classic Captain Courageous movie? That was her...and her twin sister.) I know there is one more picture but I can't find it... maybe next post I will have it.

I also ran into a friend at the post office (it's a small town) and she had just gotten this tatted necklace in the mail. I had to take a picture to show to my "tatting friend" Peggy. So, Peggy if you are reading this... my birthday is just days after yours! (and that is a button in the middle)

Now, for a blue ribbon movie:

I cannot tell you the last time we went to the movies. Seriously, the local theater is always freezing cold, you need a sweater anytime of year; a cushion for your chair and 2 Aleve- you are going to leave in pain anyway because the cushion is not going to help.
But this movie was absolutely wonderful! Just a feel good movie about nice people who cared about each other... and others. I already want to see it again.

... and I am seriously contemplating wearing my pearls everyday now also as a tribute to Julia.


Sherri said...

Fun quilts...I love the scalloped border too! I do want to see that movie as well!

Rita said...

I absolutely loved this movie, too, and I'm not a big "go to the movies" kind of gal. I like your idea of breaking out the pearls.....I use to wear them quite a bit.

Marianne said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I love going to the movies and can't wait to see this one!

Jayne said...

I, too, loved Julie and Julia. I was planning a second trip to see it as I was leaving the theatre! And, I agree that your friend needs to keep that kaffe bag close...I am a fanatic for his stuff!

Christy said...

Loved the movie, too! Don't you feel like you'd make instant friends with both Julie and Julia? And, yes, I've donned my pearls also! I was even almost inspired enough to try a few recipes...let's not get to carried away, though. I have to keep in touch with the reality that tonight we had take 'n bake pizza for dinner! Bon Appetit!

Cora said...

That necklace is beautiful. What a nice gift to receive.

Pamela said...

I am dying to see Julie and Julia. I just can't seem to sneak in a little time. So Sorry, but the theatre by my house is awesome.

PunkiePie said...

I want to see that movie! But I will wait until it comes out on DVD and I'll probably even purchase it! I hate the movie theaters!