Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho... (Insert Whisling Here)

I haven't been very productive... but I have been attempting to be.

I was working on my son's quilt that I wanted to make bigger than what the pattern called for. So with my "leftover" blocks I was able to do some "reverse" stitching so that I can change the color of the strip and still make use of the block. I decided it was going to be the faster way to handle it, but not necessarily the most pleasant way to do it. Who likes ripping seams?

Then, I have been doing a little work on my special project... the one I can't show you until the first of next month! I had started it once and I had one of the colors in it managing to take over the whole quilt... don't ya hate it when that happens? So, I just set it aside (no seam ripping here) and started fresh... so much better now!

Yesterday I got a nice little Fresh Vintage in the mail along with a really cute FT Threads pattern. Those bowls will make nice little gifts for the holidays with the addition of some home baked breads. You can see my new little travel iron in the corner. I haven't given it a test run yet but it was so cute in red and white and on mark down for just 6 buckaroos! Who could pass it up?

I have some other new bedtime reading material also. The kind that gives you sweet dreams. The kind of dreams where you can actually get everything done that you would like to get done!LOL
See those cute little pumpkins? I got those at In Between Stitches, when I was in Livermore last weekend. They smell like apple spice! I haven't decided what to display them in yet... I guess I need a whole Fall display now in my entry. I don't think that will get done this week!
I am feeling so overloaded at the moment. I have my retreat coming up next month. I have been on the phone today with the Banquet department of the resort we will be at. Menus to decide. Rooms to release. Banquet room set-up requirements for us yada, yada, yada.
At the same time I am getting all of the folders together for the retreat attendees. Projects organized etc.
Then I have been working on the Fig Tree Club class. Planning things. I am going to make Fig Newton cookies and Chai Tea. (get it: Fig= Fig Tree, Newton... well, that's my maiden name)!
I am not only teaching the special project but I will be demonstrating the Madeline pattern. We will also have kits made up for the new little pumpkin pincushion pattern... really adorable.
I am also planning on having raffle tickets to win for various things... I hope to make it fun for everyone there!
And, of course I haven't forgotten about our Schnibbles: White Winter! I am seeing some of the completed projects out there! They look great in every fabric group I've seen! That goes to show you that you don't have to follow the picture on the pattern:)
I have my secret Schnibbles on it's way! I can't wait to show you it! But most of all...
I can't wait for the Parade of Schnibbles and the prizes that we will be giving away.
October 1st folks!
* Edited (You know October 1st is Miss Rosie's Birthday- not the Miss Rosie but the human she owns: Carrie Nelson and it will be my birthday too!)
Which reminds me... shouldn't I be doning a special give-away to celebrate my birthday???
urg! I just remembered that the freidnship bags need to be in the mail by the 1st also! Yikes! I gotta get busy!


Cara said...

Oh things are exciting. I got my top done yesterday.
I'm so looking forward to seeing everyones quilts.
Giveaways seem to abound lately.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Woo-hoo it's YOUR birthday??? Happy, happy day :-)

Jewel said...
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Jewel said...

Happy Birthday Sinta! I hope it is the best one ever!

Allyson said...

Happy Birthday! You sure sound like you're having a busy week. Don't forget to stop long enough to eat cake.

Stina said...

Oh are busy!!!! :o))
Just remember to take it easy in between... like reading those lovely books and mag you just bought...looks like I need them too..;o))
Still waiting for my pattern.. pheew... but sure hope to at least get a start before I go to Norway!!! I sure dont want to miss out on all the fun!!! :o))

PunkiePie said...

Busy busy busy! Gotta love those Libras and the balance we have! Maybe that's why I like to mulitask!

Sherri said...

You are busy!!!! I just ordered the Lori Smith book...should be here tomorrow...I'm always amazed that we both tend to buy the same patterns and fabrics! Good luck getting everything accomplished!

Denise :) said...

Yay! October birthdays are the *best* -- mine's on the 10th!!! And now I'll be whistling that tune for the rest of the day!

Happy weekend! :)

Jodie LeJeune said...

What a coincidence...truly meant to be. You stopped by today and left a message on my blog (which I thank you VERY much) and in return, I came to visit you. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I wanted to tell you that MY BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 1ST TOO! yay! What's the chances of that??? :) Glad to meet you my new friend...Happy Pre-Birthday!!!!
everything vintage


You are sooo busy--just becareful so you don;t met yourself coming and going at the same time--it might hurt!!!! I just got my Schnibbles pattern for Sept all stitched and spent today basting it for hand quilting it--hope I can make the deadline????? I did use a different charm set--but really like how it came out---thanks for your time on this new club---hugs, just, Di

Mandy said...

psst... my blog on the sidebar... the like it doesn't work... thanks