Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Earlier in the week my SIL and her husband came into town for a quick visit.
They are doing some home shopping (for a 2nd home) and maybe this time they got lucky. We all went out to dinner with the realtor and his wife. Really nice people, who we have spent a lot of time with over this past year.
Lots of looking going on!
Then the next morning we said goodbye to them and took a little drive.
I made this past weekend a 3-day holiday. The hubs and I went to see the kids at their place.
First thing, was to go to the pool and hit the spa!
The next morning,
we decided to hop on over to the City (San Francisco) and ride the cable car,

see some sights and have lunch at Scoma's, which is a wonderful restaurant in the harbour.

There happened to be a chocolate festival going on in front of Ghirardelli Square. I
only thought I have had chocolate before! Oh my gosh, it was so rich!
A storm had came in during the night and really cooled down everything so the weather was perfect for hot chocolate!
Then the highlight of the trip was when Jill and I went to In Between Stitches in Livermore.
It is just beautiful and relaxing in there! There is a lot of wonderful displays and inspiration going on in the shop but it's not cluttered... you know what I mean?

See Jill hiding in the Halloween display? Scary!

Once you enter the front of the quilt shop... you don't take another step
for what seems to be 10 minutes, at least,
while you absorb all of the goodies!
I came home with a token purchase and my head filled with ideas... and that sweet little fabric bundle was on my doorstep waiting for me when I returned home... lucky me!


Sherri said...

What a wonderful weekend! I'm sooo waiting for the weather to cool a little here! What a fantastic quilt shop as well!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

What a Great weekend! Love all the pictures! ooxx`jodi

PunkiePie said...

what a great weekend you had! one of these days I will make it over to the west coast.

ranette said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend. Is that you on that cable car with your lovely daughter? You look like a model!

Don't you just love the French General fabric????? I received some in the mail today and it's my new favorite forever fabric :o)

Lori Holt said...

That quilt shop is gorgeous! What a great time...I've never been on a cable car...lucky you!

Stina said...

That shop looks heavenly!!!! :o) I know I just had to be pushed out of

Nicole said...

Hey, what do you know! One of those bundles showed up on my doorstep too! lol
Isn't In Between Stitches the best? I get over there every chance I get.