Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Year of Schnibbles Parade #2

This is our last (or latest) entry into the parade by Quilter Going Bananas... aka Katherine.
It's another one with great placement of colors! I really like the way this one flows!

Edited 11/2 Oh Lord help me! I am so sorry ladies... I have 3 more quilts here to add to the Parade of Schnibbles! I have been out of town and trying to do this all between 5 computers... and it obviously has gotten the best of me!

This Cindy Lou Who was done by Quilt or Dye. She did a wonderfully bright version... I am wondering if she used any of her fabulous dyed fabrics??? Can you see?

I needed to add Marianne's quilt to the Parade! I lost hers between computers and it is so adorable... that I had to put it up... front and center! Marianne's blog is D is for Dovey.

She calls her CLW Roo Who! See whole story on her blog.

This one is by Cynthia of hyachinthquiltdesigns! Done in the fabulous Sweetwater fabrics!

Hi Blogettes! Here we are again and Sherri at A Quilting Life and I are sharing the entries to the Parade of Schnibbles! So make sure that you visit both of us and see all the quilts! We had a great turnout of quilts again this month! You guys are good!

I thought I would share with you the definition of a Schnibble as found on Carrie's website.

Schnibble: noun A scrap of fabric; a leftover bit of cloth; a small piece. The word has a German origin and is found primarily in German settlements in the Midwest. From the Dictionary of American Regional English published by the Harvard University Press.

So now let me show you my newest example:

This is Picnic. And this will be our Schnibble for November!!!

... and wouldn't it be nice to have a little picnic before we say goodbye to Autumn altogether?

I love basket blocks and I'm glad that I met this challenge. I used the Panache group that I acquired at Cottage Quilts. The pattern gives you options on 5 different basket blocks... so you can make it more of a sampler, which is like the picture on the cover of the pattern.

I thought I would keep it simple for myself... and kept them all the same...

I wonder what you will do?

2 charm packs, 7/8yd of background and you're good to go!

I hope you have fun with this one... I just love it.

So now, let's get this parade started!

First up is an entry by Lanette from Tattaville, I have to mention

that I love the music on her blog... she made her special Cindy Lou Who classic style!

I love the red white and blue with the lighter blue thrown in.

This is Trisha's Cindy Lou Who and can be seen on her blog: TLC Stitches

Allyson's entry has a warm holiday look... her blog is Fat Cat Quilts where you can see her cat's approval going on!

This is beautiful and made by Sandy Feigner! I don't think she has a blog...

if I'm wrong please let me know :)

Here is one by Megan from Crooked Seams blog done in April Cornel fabrics. So sweet... I love the romantic look it gives.

KJ Quilts (aka the Quiet Quilter), did this one in wonderful fall fabrics!

Karen K .... made this C.L.W. I like the way

the stars stand out in the corners and in the middle!

Judi Smokey from the Netherlands decided that this one was done...

as far done as the cat would allow!

Pam Walker (no blog) sent in this little Cindy Lou Who

done in the lighter colors and with a nice twist to the border.

This one is adorable! She made little pumpkins in the stars!

It's by Jewel, of the Jewel's Arm Candy blog.

Annette's blog is called Sunshine Yellow and this quilt looks happy doesn't it?

Alicia has the blog: "Where Do I Go From Here". My answer is don't go anywhere...

for goodness sakes... you are in Maui. Can it get any better? I like this fabric group with this pattern. It looks so fun!

Judith did a beautiful job on her Cindy Lou Who.

My favorite Holiday fabric group from Minick and Simpson.
Above is Cindy Lou Who made by Lisa D. from Stashmaster ... love it!

This one has wonderful contrast... by Lisa Burns from the Candlelite Quilting blog.

Lynda G made this Cindy Lou Who... her blog is From My Farmhouse Window. She has a sweet story about this quilt and where she is going to hang it on her blog.

Sandie of Crazy 'Bout Quilts did her version ~wonderfully festive!!!

Heather of Quilt or Stitch did a patriotic version... very fun!

I know that this is Winter White... and it did not make it into the September Parade of Schnibbles but I thought that you would want to see it just the same... it's by Quilt or Dye.

Sweetest Cindy Lou Who yet! Do you see the hearts in the quilting?

Dona of Stitch By Stitch...did not only one Cindy Lou Who, but two of them!

the second one by Dona

Thelma, Cupcakes and Daisies did a larger version in red, white and blue and fussy cut the stars in the center of the stars! How smart is that! Love it!

Here is Cara's Cindy Lou Who, the border stripe is great! Check out her blog: Cara Quilts.

Rita designed a nice crisp looking CLW quilt. Sorry, no blog.

Those nine-patches around the center star pop out so nice!

Julie, Stitches of Love did another patriotic version... it looks so good in those colors!

Here is a Cindy Lou from Julie at Red Key Quilting, that red just pops out nicely!

From RSIS Landcrafts is this fun CLW by Robin.

An Encourager says that this quilt taught her patience... actually it was PATIENCE.

Her story about it on her blog made me laugh! I'll bet she wasn't alone!

Well, thanks for stopping in and viewing our Parade of Schnibbles!

Watch to see the prizes awarded from our generous Featured Quilt Shops. The links to those shops are on my sidebar if you're in the mood for a little bit more browsing around!

The prizes will be announced on Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life.

I am up in Chico for the weekend to watch my oldest son run a 10K.

So have fun... and I can't wait to see our winners!

*** I am coming up on my 100th post very soon, so keep watching- a giveaway will be coming!!!


Andee said...

One is better than the next...I love comparing them and seeing which fabrics come out the best (in my eyes, of course) so that I can apply that to my own picking of fabric! I LOVE the stripes or darker borders but I didn't know that until the parade. Hopefully mine will get posted...I thought I sent it but I didn't so my Schnibble is running late to the parade. Smile!

Trisha said...

Thanks for the parade! So fun to see all the quilts with the different color combos and the creative way some tweaked the pattern. Love the bold colors you did your Picnic quilt it!

Sherri said...

Love the polka dot binding on your quilt!!! Is that part of the same line as the quilt top...have fun today!

Cindy said...

I think it's amazing how different fabrics and a little tweaking can make all the difference in "seeing" a quilt.

You're ALL a talented group of quilters!!

What a wonderful way to start off a month - with a parade.

Sherri has just permitted me to join in the fun so I'm two behind so will be playing "catch-up".

Heather said...

I love looking through all of the quilts, they look so different. Thanks for posting them all! I can't wait to get started on the Picnic quilt, it's too cute.

Strlady said...

I posted mine a few days ago...

Looking forward to my Picnic in November!

Rita said...

It's so much fun to see the same quilt in so many different fabrics!

Quilt or Dye said...

Thank your for posting my September Schnibble but I did not see my October, Cindy Lou Who. Did you get it?

Anne D said...

wow once again a great parade. I love to see how different the same pattern can look.Thanks for organising this

Marianne said...

Waaah!!! Sherri nor you have my Schnibbles in the Parade!

Ariane said...

Such a wonderful parade of quilts. I just love seeing all the different versions of this quilt pattern.

CJ said...

I love to see all the different versions on Schnibbles! So many pretty quilts from one pattern.
The new PICNIC quilt in Panache is really cute!

Christy said...

great job ladies! can't wait to see the november quilts!

Béa said...

Wonderful parade and the november schnibble will be one of my favorites !

Simone de Klerk said...

Once again I am so impressed! They all have their special look! Lovely.

Jeanne S said...

Is it too late to join a Year of Schnibbles?

Cindy said...

Great to see all the finished quilts! I've been out of town all month with a new grand-baby - so a little late. Finished mine this morning. There's a picture on my blog:!.html

Stina said...

So many wonderful versions of Cindy Lou Who... just amazing!!!
LOve the new one for November...picnic.. love baskets!!! How can you pick them out ...they are all so good???

an encourager said...

I can see your beautiful November Schnibbles, so I know it has to be possible to make. But how? With the greatest of care I have cut out those time-consuming 2" squares, then the 3.5" one, and slowly tried my hand at that scant 1/4" seam. And still, my points refuse to match and not be cut off, and all three of my completed squares are a mess. For me, Picnic is no picnic! There must be tricks to this trade that no one told me, because this is pure frustration. Third time was not a charm! I'm gonna have to skip this month in order to keep my sanity and not feel like a quilting imposter! Rats!!!!

Allyson said...

I finished my November Schnibbles. Picnic. Here's the link:

Ready for next month!

Heather said...

I wanted to tell you I finished my Picnic quilt for November. Well, I got the top done anyway! Here is my photo on my blog: It was a fun one :)

Cindy said...

My November Schnibbles is posted. What a fun pattern!!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

They're all just so pretty. I love your Picnic quilt made with Panache Sinta (great fabric choice for this pattern). I finished both my Cindy Lou Who and Picnic this month:

Thank you again for hosting this fun group - it's so much fun!

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