Friday, November 13, 2009

A Mulitble Choice Day

I had joined in the Snowball Challenge with Allyson of Fat Cat Quilts and
I am not sure if it was: A: a moment of weakness, B: because I love a challenge or C: I am a glutton for punishment... or their could be a choice D: All of the above.
It's a beautiful scrappy quilt... and did I mention that there are 480 half square triangles.
This is where you pick C, right?
The fun thing is that Allyson has organized us into groups
and we are doing a swap of light fabrics!

So, since today is the deadline to mail out our fabrics... here they are all washed, pressed, bagged up and ready to go into ready for mailing envelopes. Now all I have to do is find some red fabrics and some other whites to add to the bunch!

Fortunately today is Friday the 13th. Unless you are superstitious... then you are busy trying not to walk on cracks in the sidewalk; not walking under a ladder; watching out for black cats and staying away from mirrors... but while you are busy with that I am arriving at the LQS where it's "Fat Quarter Friday"! Which means you buy fat quarters in increments of 13 and they are $1.xx each. Yep, it only happens on Friday the 13th!
Not only that but I ran into the nicest people while I was there, lucky me! These girls are adorable and they have a new friend with them (the one in black). They are showing her the ropes, so to speak!

Here are a few more girls... I asked them to wave, but their arms were full!LOL
I was able to muscle my way in and find some red & white fat quarters...
and a few Diawabos as well.

I have made some progress here on my quilt by Abbey Road.
Here is what 1 lunch hour, 327 safety pins & a Red Bull

can do for you!

Now, all I have to do is quilt & bind it! It will be a shop sample. I do have a deadline to meet.

I just need it done by... Monday? What was I thinking? Please go back to top of post and read choices A through D.

Yeah, I would have to pick that one too!

Have a great weekend!



I do believe you read my "list" of choices in life too---but I am not worried about you--you will come through with "flying" colors!!!!
Just take time to "breathe" every now and then and you will be ok????
Hugs, Di

Simone de Klerk said...

I love the Snowball Challenge quilt! And the Abbey Road quilt must be a real challenge too ... 327 safety pins. It is lovely!!! I guess the ABCD choices count there too (O:
Have a lovely weekend.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful red and white quilt! Sounds like you have lots on your plate for right now.

call me crazy said...

Oh how fun! I love the snowball quilt! Busy is fun! :-) Happy quilting!

Sherri said...

Oh I love both quilts...that Abbey Road quilt especially! I think I have a multiple choice life! This was such a fun post...have a great weekend!

Allyson said...

Oh man, that FQ sale sounds like so much fun. I love how the LQS becomes the social hangout for quilters. We just gather in ours and chat and eat snacks and spend the day sharing ideas and fighting over the last bolt of really pretty batiks.

Put a chick flick on, kick off your shoes and do the HST's in shifts. Really, they aren't so bad. (It's the trimming them all down to size that was bad!) I was planning on doing all mine in about a week and had broken it down into days. But once I got going, they just came together quicker than I thought. You can do it. Grab a six pack of Diet Pepsi and go to town on those puppies!

fiberdoodles said...

The snowball quilt is beautiful! And really who can go wrong with Abbey Road! What a great job and real eye candy no matter how many times you thought ou were crazy (ha). Thank you for sharing!!

PunkiePie said...

Good luck with the snowball challenge! And the Abbey Road quilt is darling.

You have a LOT to do!

an encourager said...

That red and tan quilt is fabulous!!! I might have to attempt a small one someday!