Friday, January 22, 2010

Intermission, Then Part II of Road to CA.

While we were down at Road to California we stopped by my moms for a quick visit before Day II of the show. She was showing my friends some of the quilts I had made and these had escaped my hands ( years ago) before I could take any photos of them.

My mom loves Hawaii and her garden is all tropical flowers, so I usually make her quilts on that theme. So, Beyond the Reef is a great place to shop at Road to California.

Here is a photo of our class with Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup at the far left. My friend who went with me, patty, is front & 2nd from the right.

Did I show you this picture of when I was doing my homework?
Funny story... but you can kind of understand why I need a class!

I sewed right through my finger! Crimmini! Someone handed my a band aid right away and disinfectant. Women are so prepared... do you think they have done this before?

So on with the show...

Who doesn't love to color on the sidewalks with chalk?

It brings back memories... and so does this quilt:

Do you suppose that the quilter had scary dreams while she was making this?

These are so fun... they take a picture tear it a part and give each of the women in the group one section to make... and whala!

A New York Beuaty. I have this on my list of

"I'm going to make one of those someday":

There were so many wonderful quilts there.

But I will wait to show you a few more pictures of them next time.

I have been so busy catching up this week... the price I pay for the get-away!

So, I hope I get to lock myself up in my sewing room and be creative... I need to at least work on my Schnibble! How about you?


Carol said...

Nice quilts. Too funny about you sewing your finger. I have my January Schnibbles all cut out just need to get it sewn up this weekend.

Cindy said...

I REALLY liked the row of houses - too cool.

They're just all eye-catchers.

So, did you pull the thread through or cut it? OUCH

Needled Mom said...

Ouch!!!!! That did not look like fun!

Thanks for posting pictures of the quilts. They were really impressive this year. I love the group picture project.

I have my Schnibbles all pinned and just need to get the quilting done on it.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Amazing quilts. Yes I am still Schnibbling :-)

Béa said...

Wonderful quilts, thanks for sharing. I sew my january schnibbles this week end.

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing the quilt is fantastic...WOW! And I hope your finger is better...ouchy! Hope you are in your sewing room today!

Denise :) said...

Beautiful pics -- thanks for sharing! Oh, and your funny 'stitching your finger' your blog name a whole new meaning! LOL!! :)

Jean said...

I'm assuming that the one you mentioned about someone haveing a scary dream... is from the Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"... it's not so scary now... but it sure was when I was a kid!
The quilts are great! The ones you made for your mom are wonderfully colorful! Bet she loves them!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

If I would have been there, you'dve had to put something under my chin to keep my mouth shut. I am AMAZED - jaw dropping amazed - over these quilts. Can that chalk on the sidewalk be any cuter? And those San Francisco homes?!!!!! Such talent out there. It really lights a fire under me bummmmm..

Your quilts that you made for your mother are exquisite. You have so much talent....I know first off, too! I LOVE my quilt that you gave me. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!



Julie said...

All I can say is Wow they are all so beautiful! Sorry about your poor finger!

bingo~bonnie said...

TY, TY, Thank You for sharing photos from the show!!! ;) For people like me that is the only time I get to see what is at those shows..

I especially loved that one of the little girl drawing with chalk! ;)

oh and I'd rather sew thru my finger like you did 1000 times over... by hand sewing verses sewing thru a finger at the sewing machine!!! like I did a few years ago. aak! LOL

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Gran said...

Groan on the finger sewing... Yes, I have done that and it is painful! Thank you for the trip journal. Love it!

J.Rae said...

Wow those are amazing...How come I never get invited to these fun events?