Monday, February 1, 2010

I Love A Parade... a Schnibbles Parade

It's February! A month devoted to LOVE!
I have been looking forward to our A Year of Schnibbles parade! You are going to love these Madeline quiltlets!
But before the parade begins, I want to be able to show you what the
Schnibbles pattern will be for February.... so I will give you a hint...

What was yesterday?



Now, I had a great day yesterday... but if I said it was more than better it would be...


RIGHT- it would be! ....
so, the name of our new Schnibbles project is...

Sunday's Best!

If you thought Madeline was fun, and fast... I can tell you that

Sunday' Best
will be just as fast and just as fun to make!

Now, my confession is that this is Carrie's picture of her quilt. Clever title for a Bow Tie block isn't it?
Mine is done and picture ready. My problem is that my camera cord

got left behind. Not a good problem to have for Parade day!
But if you can wait I should have it in my hot little hand later this morning.
I will sneak my edit right back here:)

okay I'm back with my Sunday's Best done in Aster Manor by 3 Sisters.

After I made this quilt I regretted not making it bigger... I think it would have been even better! Instructions are in the pattern for the larger version! Well, there is always next time right?

Here is what you will need (besides the pattern)

Fabric requirements:64 charm squares
3/4 yard background & inner border
1/2 yard binding
1 1/4 yards backing

So, now for the presentation of Ms. Madeline!

I hope you like the show! and remember, to see the other half of the parade,
go over to Sherri's blog!

EDIT: I have two quilts here that got missed and need to get into the parade:

Here is Megan's Schnibble from Crooked Seams! It's so gorgeous! (above)

and here is Marianne's from D is for Dovey! Beautiful in the light springy colors!

Here is Astor Manor version of Madeline by Karen K in Michigan! I love the Astor Manor group!

Gloria from Hooked on Quilting made this Madeline red & pink quiltlette... with the white inner border... and the great backing fabric... and then there is...

another pink and red and a brown inner border...

I hope you can see this one by Carol at Brown Quilts blog. You can take another look on her blog... it just came out a little small here.

Here is Madeline done by Judi R, aka Smokey in the Netherlands blog!
She has more photos on her blog of Madeline.

Kelly at Charming Chatter did her Madeline out of Wiscasset line by Minnick & Simpson and I just love it. I haven't gotten to play with those fabrics yet but they look great!

So cute! Here is one by Edith of Red Door Quilting.

Here is one by Andee (Angela) from Modern Diary blog, she made her Madeline, in pink and reds, I think this is going to be a good month for Pink.

Here is Jo's Madeline from Jo's Country Junction in the French General group.

Jewel of Jewels Arm Candy made her Madeline quilt top in a great colorway, so Springy!

This is from Heather at Quilt or Stitch... Madeline looks so comfy cozy in these fabrics!

The quilt by Carol L. at Carols Craft Creations is Valentine sweet but her little guy is stealing the show here! What a cutie face!

Here is Ariane's Schnibble for January from Ariane's Craft blog ! Great colors for this one too!

This Madeline by An Encourager and the one below look so sweet in this color scheme.

Karen aka Messy Karen... makes me want to have a picnic and some warm weather to go with it!

Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure is new to our group but is quickly making the Schnibbles we have done up until now!

Cynthia at Hyacinth Quilt Designs made a beautiful blue & brown version of Madeline.

New to our group is Dianne B Suburban Stitcher with her first Schnibbles project!

Here is one from Di at Quilting is Blissful! Ready for Valentine's Day!

Cindy, Sew Cindy not only has her Madeline done, it's quilted and hung prominently! I love the rich look it has!

Bea from France made up her Madeline with sweet, soft colors! And she has a pillow to go with it!

Angela aka Andee in AZ made up her Madeline in happy February colors here. It really changes the quilt when you control the corner fabrics instead of mixing them up.

This Schnibble is by Cara of Cara Quilts blog. The center star is a nice twist and the dark inner border accents also!

Allyson at Fat Cat Quilts managed a vacation and doing her Schnibbles for January... it's a fun and quick project and really worth doing twice because all of the fabric groups show off so nicely with these stars!

It's a good thing that the winners will be picked randomly... because it would be just to hard to hand pick the prizes for these quilts!

So, be sure to check out who the winners are tomorrow and see if your name is in the list!

Our wonderful prizes will be donated by Fat Quarter Shop, Cottage Quilts, Quilt Taffy, Quilter's Paradise, Carrie our cherished Schnibble designer and Missouri Star Quilt Co.


Darlene said...

Wonderful Schnibble parade - you forgot ME! :-(

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I was left out too :-(

Quilt or Dye said...

Didn't get mine finished for January! I am making a few more squares to make it bigger and plan to finish it and donate it to Project Linus for Haiti. Here is a link to some information about the need for 10,000 blankets/quilts/afghans by March 1.

Simone de Klerk said...

So many wonderful Madeline Schnibbles!
and a fun one for this month!

PunkiePie said...

Love the parade. I think my favorite is the one made out of the Darla fabrics. Red, pink and green. LOVE IT!

Stina said...

Ohhh.. I love them all... :o)
And I just love your version for Februarys Schnibble!!!!

Kim D. said...

It's so fun to see all the colorways on parade.

Heather said...

They all look really great! I love yours with the Astor Manor, yummy.

Cindy said...

What a bright, beautiful parade. It's like being a little kid giggling at all the big balloons, only we're BIG kids enjoying the beauty.

I'm so happy to be able to do Sunday Best for February. I already have that pattern and now will start going through my stash to see what I have. Thank you, Sinta, for all that you do for us. I truly appreciate the time and effort you and Sherri put into "A Year of Schnibbles".

Sewing hugs and blessings,

call me crazy said...

I just loved both parades this time! Thank you for all the work you put into this post! It's fantastic! :-)

Dandelion Quilts said...

I love seeing all of the ladies amaze me. :)

Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful parade! Love Sunday's Best!

Rae Ann said...

I LOVED the Schnibbles parade! They are all so beautiful and I can would be very hard to pick a favorite.

fiberdoodles said...

Oh the quilts are just wonderful! Mine is not quit finished but hopefully next month I will be caught up - so please don't give up on me this has been a lot of fun!! And February's is just adorable!!

Béa said...

It would be very hard to pick a favorite,they all look really great!
I love yours with the Aster Manor fabrics, charming.

Julie said...

Thank you for the parade I so enjoyed looking at all the different fabric's that was used. Its so fun to see how different the same quilt can look in a different fabric!

Sherri said...

I love your Sunday Best in Aster Manor!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Thanks for the awesome parade, Sinta. It really is such fun to see all of the different versions. I love your Sunday Best in Aster Manor -- great fabric choice!

ohiostar5 said...

How do I get involved in "A Year of Schnibbles"? Is sign up too late, can I buy patterns and just tag along? BettyLou

jaybird said...

they all look great!! hopefully i'll get my madeline done eventually!

Cindy said...

My Feb. Schnibbles - Sunday Best is done and posted on my blog!

bridget.evers said...

Hi, just found out about schnibbles. Would love to join. Is it too late? How can I find out which patterns were for the previous months. I don't have a blog. My email is


Heather said...

Hey! I finished the quilt top for Sunday Best :) Here is the link. I liked making it!

Marianne said...

Hi Sinta! My Sunday Best is done and can be seen at

Béa said...

Sorry to be late, no internet connection this week end, my Sunday's Best is now posted on my blog !