Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Progress & A Little Digressing

Remember when purchased this?

I was wondering what I was going to do with this wonderful little bundle.

But then I ran across this... and...

Okay, I might be the last to know about this but on March 1,
Moose On The Porch Quilts is hosting a Jelly Roll sampler.

It sounds like a lotta' fun.

The plan is that there will be a new block every two weeks... the blocks will be designed by 12 different, extremely talented designers.

But before I could really commit to doing that... well, I did sign up right away... but then I thought, I had better get my Red & White Snowball quilt, aka "Leftovers"finished and checked off the list! So I did. Unfortunately, in my haste and not until I went to take this photo did I realise that this puppy had wavy borders! Yikes! What the heck happened to my measuring & cutting rules? Obviously they went out the window! Every bit of this quilt was so precise... I "assumed" that it was perfect. And you know how that goes!

So, since the sampler doesn't start until next Monday I have time to do some reverse stitching and try putting on those borders again. Correctly.

Here is the photo... and I tried to crop off the borders... you can still see a bit up at the top of the picture... but please, don't look!

Here is my other p-r-o-j-e-c-t. Talk about a love/hate relationship!

Holy cow!

When did I start this? A year ago last September or October. I started collecting the fabrics then and then started cutting the 1 3/4" strips. I cut and cut and cut some more. Sewed strips... and more strips. Not enough. Cut & sewed some more.

Then my darn fire detector's battery died, which means it was beeping and very annoying. So I proceeded to replace the battery. (warning: this is where I digress a bit)

I pulled my sewing chair over to the spot so I could stand on it & reach the detector... but I felt a slight tug and as I looked back I saw my foot petal cord wrapped around the leg of the chair...

and without a blink of an eye the sewing machine flew off the table and splattered into several (seemed like hundreds) pieces. Well, I was so mad at myself that I just picked up the machine, turned off the lights, walked past my husband and went to bed. I think it was about 7 o'clock.

The machine was taken to the Sewing Hospital. It was a mess, inside. But, the "doctor" decided we could try some super glue on it's cracked parts to see how they would hold. And then, if that didn't work, we could start ordering replacement parts.

This is when I became disenchanted with this quilt. Points. Bias edges. It was getting the best of me. The honeymoon was over with this guy!

Then we moved into our new house... so everything got packed up, relocated and some things just got "put away". The problem was that it was suppose to be a gift for my oldest son. Christmas past that year.. I took it our and worked on it a few months ago in hopes of getting it done by last Christmas. Nope! He had gotten a king size bed and needed it bigger!

*!#@*!@, ya know what I mean?

Back to cutting & sewing strips.

Saturday: Finished, I won and now I can send that guy packing! (i.e. the quilt)

It goes off to a wonderful son who will appreciate it and who will not care that the points aren't ALL matching.

Did the pattern really say for a beginner??? Seriously!

Now, another weekend finish... a quilt that provided therapy for me unlike the last one that made me need therapy! An Acorn Quilt Co. pattern.

Well, really the quilt was finished, it just needed the backing.
Easy peasy!

Lastly, I finished my Schnibbles for next month.

Just kidding... this is not a Schnibbles! You didn't really think I would show you- did you?

This is another one of "those". There are suppose to be 3 more just like it to make one quilt about 70" square. I'm thinking I will stop right here.

Oh, back to the machine: The super glue is still holding poor "Betty" together!

The quilt: I should have the binding on it by his birthday... one month away, exactly.

A name for it? I'm thinking: Make mine a double! No,, just kidding, I'm not sure.

Any suggestions?

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Jeannette said...

I like the name " make mine a double". I am not sure I am meant to be smiling after this posting, but I am and I do love the quilts you showed. I have quite a few quilts with similar stories attached to them


Love it--your post today!!! Helps one to remember that others have not so "hot" days--like mine wasn't so hot today!!!
but really--all those quilt tops are just lovely--works looks good to me--way to go!!!
Hugs, Di

Annette said...

I love the snowball quilt but I love even more the quilt for your son...because it literally contains your heart and soul and tons of perseverance and determination. I hope your son treasures the story that goes along with the quilt. Oh, and I think your points look super!

Crafty Mama said...

I love all the quilts, wavy borders and all! And I agree, I like the name "make mine a double" ☺

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow, you've had quite an experience. Your quilt is lovely. I think it looks like lattice work. So how about Ivory Lattice?

Rita E said...

Your bouillabaise quilt is lovely! I can't believe it gave you so much trouble. I made one a couple years ago for my SIL and now have another one in progress. But I have run into one of those quilts that become a problem-child and you can't wait to get rid of it ... oops, I mean finish it!

Simone de Klerk said...

Oh dear, the quilt with a history. It is very pretty, but for beginners??? I secretly had to smile, when I read your story, imagining the whole scene.
The other quilts all look wonderful too!
I joined the same challenge. I have many jelly rolls here, love looking at them but think it is about time to to something with them!

Gran said...

There is nothing funny about your almost breaking your neck instead of your sewing machine - yet, the way that you tell it, right down to lights out, is funny to me. (Sorry ;o) Your work is beautiful, made with blood, sweat and tears.


Quilts and Cats said...

What an unbelievable story! I'm glad you didn't break your neck when trying to change that battery. Both quilts are SOOO proud of the great work you've accomplished. Lynne

ohiostar5 said...

Love the Red and White snowball----maybe no borders are needed. Perfect the way it is. I am ready to put the binding on my first Schnibbles "Sunday Best. BettyLou

Julie said...

I wish I would have know about the jelly blocks. I have just purchased all the fabric to use my jelly roll that I had won!

Sounds like a hard quilt not one for a beginner! But I do like the name!

Nicole said...

What a quilt show! Your Red and White Snowball quilt turned out so unique with the lighter palette that you chose. I absolutely love it.
The quilt you made for your son is incredible. If I were you, I would be happy to say bye bye to it as well! I think Make Mine A Double is just the perfect name!

call me crazy said...

Just add 'Latte' on the end and no one will know what you really named it. ;-) You have really been busy!~ Congrat's on all your finishes!~ and I was hoping for a Schnibble peek. ;-)

Sherri said...

Can't wait to see what you make with the Oz...are we always buying the same fabrics...I think it's so fun!

Stina said...

Oh Sinta... what a story.. and your poor Betty..still hanging in there .. shes a keeper..:o)
Lovely lovely finishes as always.. love your quilts.. and you nearly tricked me with th Schnibble finish... almost coughed out my tea..;o)

Nancy Anne said...

I don't know - I think Make Mine a Double has a real ring to it - and it seems appropriate! Congrats on getting it done!!

Regena@QuiltnQuiltthings said...

I wanted to let you know I posted my Schnibb's #6 Sunday's Best.

J.Rae said...

You are so funny Sinta! I didn't realize that that is the quilt that you broke your machine working on.You are so productive with your quilting. I have only made three purses recently. I think I need to stay home on the weekends more and then perhaps I would get more done, but then I would get to hang out with my super cool MILTB =)

Marianne said...

I love your red and white snowball. I am embarrassed to say I joined that and never got around to it. Yours looks great!

Vivian said...

Your machine story dropped my jaw -- definitely a 'DOH! moment. Thank god for the "machine doctors"!

And I know that last block - that's the "Quilted Lace" pattern from Fig Tree Quilts. I don't plan to make all four either - I bought the pattern with the plan to make pillowshams out of two blocks to go with their "Jelly Stars" quilt. It's on the PIGS list....

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

I love your snowball quilt in the pinks. Fantastic job!