Friday, August 6, 2010

A Finish & Some Winners!

A little something to show!

I got my yummy Fig Tree Club quilt  finished (Summer Criss-Cross Throw)
last night... just in time for the class this Saturday-- Not a moment to soon!

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the Joy Luck parade of Schnibbles!
I am so glad that I didn't get that one quilted yet... because after seeing
some of the other one's I decided that I want to make mine a bit larger and add a border to it.
I know, no originality... but thanks for the ideas!

We have the winners names picked, starting with the people Carrie
randomly drew:

Carrie is giving a yummy Fandango layer cake to a winner that she has chosen
from Sherri's blog... 
and she has another Fandango layer cake she is giving to a participant chosen from my blog's parade...
and those winners are:

From Sherri's parade ~ Andee of Modern Diary

                                                From Sinta's parade ~ Mary of Quilt Hollow

Carol from Cottage Quilts is giving one lucky person a $25 gift certificate.
And the winner is: Denise!

The Fat Quarter Shop is giving a $50 mini shopping spree to one of our A Year of Schnibbles winners...
and the winner is: Heather!

Bear Paw Quilts and More is offering a charm pack of Half Moon to one of our parade participants...
and the winner is: Karen K.

Kim at Lake Havasu Quilts is offering a $25, one size fits all, gift certificate
and the winner is: Polly

Quilt Taffy is offering a $10 gift certificate to use in their store...
and the winner is: Marianne!

The wonderful women from Quilters' Paradise are giving a lucky winner
a $25 gift certificate... and the winner is: Simone!

Congratulations blogettes to another great Schnibbles parade! Your quilts are wonderful!We have one more to go... and then a special parade for those participants who have completed all 12 Year of Schnibbles projects! and... in case you are wondering...
Sherri & I have new plans for new quilting fun...for another year... but with a little twist!
Stay tuned for more information!
on another note...
I am getting really close to my 200th post!
I need to start thinking of somthing special,
somthing like a giveaway...
maybe even two.
Can you tell me of any giveaways that you have enjoyed? Or of any giveaways that had you do something fun... like tell a joke. Or have you had a giveaway on your blog where you did something clever?
I entered one once when I had to make up a song using the word Moda.


Sherri said...

Love your criss cross throw...did you do the quilting? It's gorgeous! I actually like giveaways where you have to do something write a poem or something...or at least answer a question...I really enjoyed reading the comments from my last giveaway...lots of terrific ideas!

CaraQuilts said...

I'm going to be changing mine after seeing some other ideas!
I love the Cris Cross it's beautiful!

Andee said...

Congratulations fellow is my birthday so I feel extra special to get an extra present! Criss cross throw looks great too. I once had to make up a limrick related to quilting that was kind of fun!

ytsmom said...

Glad to hear your are cooking up something for another year! Hopefully I can participate this time. It seems like everyone has had a really great time!

Betty said...

What isn't fun about a giveaway!! But I like the ones where you don't have to stand on your head, do a thousand tricks etc. Just a simple question or comment suits me just fine. Very pretty quilt on your blog today. Betty

Quilt Hollow said...

Thank you to Carrie for pulling my name! Fandango is a line I've had my eye on too!
As for clever giveaways....because I like to surprise blog friends now and then I requested them to leave birthdates with their entry. Then without telling my son it was birthdates I was after (cause we all know they pick their own!) I asked for a number between 1-12 and then 1-31. I bet you will come up with something clever.

Carol said...

Your summer crisscross quilt is so nice. Fig tree fabrics make such pretty quilts. Congrats to the winners, I'm happy as can be about a 2nd Year of Schnibbles.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Love your Summer Criss-Cross Throw. The qulting is really pretty. Congratulations to all the parade winners. I can't wait to see what you and Sherri are doing next.

Cyndi said...

Your Summer Criss-Cross throw came out beautifully, Sinta! And congratulations to all the winners...looks like you all have lots of fun!

Looking forward to seeing more parades from all you talented and creative ladies!



PunkiePie said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you for the win!
And I look forward to what you and Sherri are planning for the next 12 month! Can't believe this Schnibbles Parade is almost over!

Sandy said...

Hi Sinta, I have finished my August Schnibbles, the best one yet!