Friday, October 8, 2010

The Color of the Season

It's time to get ready for the season...
and dress things up a bit.

I am never ready to make a fall quilt until it IS fall.

Consequently, this pattern never gets made...
but at least this year I got it cut! You can probably tell by the fabrics,
how long this project has been waiting to get done.

I got Spooky's Pumpkin Seeds done... well, at least done enough to put in a frame.
After I hung it I noticed that I forgot to add the ric rac that I was going to put on his hat!
It's a Late Bloomer pattern and on Elizabeth's blog, the Late Bloomer, right now she has an adorable
Halloween dishtowel idea!

Now I just need to find my Autumn quilts and hang them around inside.
That should add a little warmth.
These have a nice little pumpkin spice smell.
But maybe I should make some pumpkin bread over
the weekend. And make one of those dishtowels too. Doesn't that sound good?
By the way, I am LOVING all the true confessions on my Fall into Fall giveaway post!
I will be reading that over and over for it's entertainment value!
Oh, and it's not to late for you to enter... the winner will be picked next Friday.

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Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

It definitely looks like fall at your house. So glad it's here!

aplainpath said...

Very festive and inviting!

Kim said...

I have both those first two quilt patterns and haven't made either one of them yet, so you're WAAAAY ahead of me! LOL!


I also have my "spooky" wall hanging done--we area twins--I also have a package of the little tiny pumpkins!!!---How cool is that????
Love your posts--
Hugs, Di

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely autumn around your house! Love the spooky's quilt!

Nicole said...

Your house looks ready for a party! Just say when---lol
Love that crow dishtowel from Late Bloomer.

Cindy said...

Sounds GOOD and sounds DELICIOUS !!

Just let me know when it's done, I'll bring the Starbucks. LOL

Sinta, love your decorations.

Happy Fall dear freind.

umbrellalady said...

You have inspired me to hang all my decorations up. Your place looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love the fall decoration in your house

an encourager said...

Don't you love those little babyette pumpkins?! I just discovered them last fall.

PunkiePie said...

You're getting there! I don't have any fall quilts nor do I do any fall/halloween/thanksgiving decorating!

Ginger Patches said...

Great decorating photos--thanks for sharing them, I love seeing what everyone does during the holidays! I want to make that Spooky wall hanging! Almost bought it last year, I need to hone my applique skill first lol!

Vesuviusmama said...

I love your decorations! I am so lame when it comes to decorating - if I didn't have kids pestering, I mean reminding, me, I probably would not even get around to putting up a tree. I really WANT to do better, I just always get distracted by other things.

Shakerwood said...

Hey, at least you got it cut out. That's a start!!

The house looks great. I like that little pumpkin doll in the first picture.