Wednesday, June 8, 2011

See What I'm Staring At...

This week is getting away from me! But, no, I'm not on vacation...
I tried to take pictures of my
project I had been working on from the weekend but
my camera seems to need some battery charging!
So instead and while the batteries are charging, I will show you the photo that is my screen saver
on my computer at work.

I love this photo. I could daydream here all day.
The farthest island in the background is actually Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California.
You might be familiar with that or at least have heard an old song about it.

These are actually taken from an iphone and were sent to me by my coworker.
I work for environmental consultants and some
 of our people had a special mission to do.

Their job was to remove all of the ice plant from the Anacapa Islands
because it was not indigenous to the area.
It's a ruff life.

This is Nathan... he just had removed some fishing line that was tangled up around this seagull.
Then the bird bit his finger!
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Quilt Hollow said...

Thanks for my giggle! The first thing I thought of was perhaps the seagull smelled lunch sticks perhaps? Hee! Beautiful photos

Monica said...

As close as his face is to the seagull's, he's lucky it didn't bite his nose...hahahha.

karenfae said...

beautiful photos - love the bird.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures!

Michele said...

Lovely pictures! I just saw a documentary about Hawaii and they were removing a plant that was preventing birds from getting off the ground there. It was not native to the area. I guess it's the same sort of thing. What a wonderful place to work :-)

Linda said...

Love the gorgeous photos! The seagull is hilarious!! Seriously...too funny! Lol!


Hi Sinta--just dropping by to say 'Hi"--and I agree--it could of biten his nose!!!
Love the pictures and read on down to catch up some--pretty quilts and I love you show and tell for the group and the funny ending!!
Hugs, Di and her kitty

Sonia said...

Hi Sinta!

Beautiful pics.

I'm glad the seagull is okay and am proud of Nate for taking care of him/her. Maybe the bite was really a thank you peck. lol :)

Stampmouse said...

what a fun job. catalina island brings back lots of memories. its been 22 years since i was there for a day visit.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

And how do you get any work done? The pictures are beautiful -- maybe I should use them on my own screensaver. :-)

Cyndi said...

Hey Sinta! Wow, that is such a gorgeous place...I'd never get any work done looking at those photos...would just daydream about being out there! Nathan's a cutie, and his little birdie friend is, too, although he (the bird) is not very appreciative. It's a good thing he didn't peck Nathan in the eye, though!



Mamen said...

It is a great luck to work in a place so beautiful, so close to nature.
the pictures are great I really like,
Thanks for sharing with everyone.
From Spain, Mamen