Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Happened to Monday?

Oh gosh, I am so sorry to have gotten lost over the holiday weekend.

 I not only didn't post about BOM Rehab... but I never found
 my way into my
sewing room either!
It's almost a crime!

So, let's pick a prize for this month's
 REHAB member!
I have been wanting to get my hands on this book by none other
 than the group at Fat Quarterly!
It has a dozen of wonderful projects and a bunch of blocks to make too. 
Lots of fun ideas!!!
Included in the group for the drawing was the only couple 
people that managed to be
BOM Rehab-ers!

 This one is a block from Helen at Endlessly Diverted!
She shared her block and showed another block she worked
on for Farmer's Wife... and it 
was virtually the same block!

Kim was also holding down the fort in the Rehab and got her final
block made for the FQS 
Designer Mystery Block BOM.
Yeah!!! You girls rock!
 I had put into the Starbucks cup all the names of the people
 who were in the Rehab in May. 
 Then I turned it over and picked a slip of paper...
and it looks like Satu is our winner!
Congratulations Satu!

I will be playing catch up this week...
and I also have a little "Schnibble" project
 that needs attention too.
After all, Friday will be the Parade of Schnibbles! 


Messy Karen said...

well done to those that got to sew this weekend. i went to my sister's house on Saturday. and well just never came home. the AC is blasting now. and i am trying to get back to it.

Darlene said...

I managed to sew all day Sunday and that was it. ugh! No time in REHAB for me either.

Congrats to Satu. woohoo!!!!

Ramona said...

I sewed too and actually finished a ufo top and got 1/2 way through a Schnibble. Then they wanted me to show back up at work on Tuesday - can you believe that?

Nicole said...

No rehab for me this past week! Grandpa came home and we have been up to our eyeballs trying to get him settled in. Hoping to get back to work on my sewing projects today.
How funny, my secret word to retype below is "arg." How appropriate!

Sherry said...

I did almost complete a block for rehab but I am really happy that I almost completed the 3 bridesmaid dresses I am working on. I will ge back to rehab soon. Congratulations to Satu!

notes of sincerity said...

Hi. :0)
Just dropping by to tell you about my giveaway.
There is still one day left to enter. :0)

Helen said...

Funny that both Kim and I worked on the same BOM, but I finished the first one and she finished the last block.

Congrats to Satu!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Schnibbles parade.

Satu said...

Did I saw right? Am I the winner of May Rehab? Thank you for all the congratulations! I'm looking forward the AYOS parade, Sinta ;o) (Unfortunately my Doc is still unfinished...)