Monday, July 2, 2012

Rehab Results and Some Ooh's and Awe's!

Well, before we get to the BOM Rehab... how about if we pick the
Another Year of Schnibbles Leap Day parade winners.
Wow, that was a mouthful!
First of all, I have to mention that the amount of Schnibbles Leap Year quilts that came 
in for the parade was amazing.
I think when Sherri and I start splitting up the alphabet...
we start off with about 10  each.
Then we get just that much closer to the parade day and WHAM...
the inbox starts filling up and we start scrambling! 
It doesn't take me too long before I start getting confused..
and all in all, I am amazed that I don't miss more
than I do!
But when it is all said and done... and before the prizes are given away, 
all parade quilts are in and accounted for.
This is when we exhale!
Now we just need to pick a few winners!
Here come's the Ooh's...

 First of all we have a
 Tradewinds by Lily Ashbury Layer Cake &
 a box of Wonder Clip from Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co..
(I love these little clips)
The winner from my parade of Leap Year is: Lesley aka Cuddle Quilter
The winner from Sherri's parade is: Cheryl at Polka Dots and Ric Rack

The winner of the Quilter's Parade gift certificate is: Jill

The winner of the Quilt Taffy $15 gift certificate is: Meredith

The winner from Bear Paw Quilts and More will get a  patriotic backgrounds fat quarter bundle.
And the winner is: 
Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch!

Thimble Blossoms Booth at Quilt Market 2012

Also, Sherri is giving away 2 charm packs of Vintage Modern...
and the winner of the charm packs is:
Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventures!

Thank you all for sharing your Leap Year Schnibbles quilts with us!
I hope you join in and play in the next parade!!!

There was a whole lot going on over the weekend...
next is the Rehab Results show!
I have my #11 block finished now so just one more to go before I start the 
new Designer Mystery BOM!

Here come the awe's...

There were a few other people in the rehab with me...

Here is an embroidery block from Celine!

Darlene got some wonderful work done on her  DM 2010 Block of the Month!

Next is Fiona's Bunny Hill BOM ! Another darling snowman!

And Kim made her 2012 DM BOM block by Bunny Hill!!!

Yesterday we had a great day at Bass Lake.
Here come the ooh's and awe's....

This is my son and my grand baby Evie.
She's 3 months old now!


Dianne Mitzel said...

ooooh, what a precious baby!! I love 3 mos. the cooing and personality really start to happen...

Lesley said...

Your little grand babiy s adorable! And a huge thank you to you, Sherri, and the wonderful sponsors! I am elated to hear that I am a winner of the layer cake and clips! They will be very useful in my sewing corner. Loved seeing all these wonderful blocks...looks like rehab really works! Thanks again!

Anita said...

Too funny, as soon as I saw the baby the "awww" just came out :)

Carol said...

What a cute little basket block. Evie is so adorable. Congrats to the winners.

Cheryl said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, what a cute baby!!! And yipppee I won, I am so excited, but sad to say I didn't get any BOM's done this week....just too much going on.

Sherry said...

I love your basket block. It was great to see what others have accomplished. I did do a post about the blocks I completed this week but was busy taking care of my hubby so I didn't get it posted this morning. Your grandbaby is adorable!

Shannon said...

Congrats to the winners. Your granddaughter is so cute!!

Kris said... lake!!! Darling baby too!!!
XO Kris

Kim said...

Ohhhhhhh! I LOVE Vintage Modern! How exciting! And you know what else I love? Your basket block! That turned out great! Who designed that block? It's really a fun one, isn't it?

Polly said...

OH, my! I never win anything so thanks so much!! Woo hoo! But the best thing you shared was that adorable baby!! I am soooo hoping for some grandbabies someday!! With two sons, I am wishing for some granddaughters to sew with!!

Mary said...

Very handsome son and a beautiful Evie!

The Rehab parade is always just as much fun as the Schnibbles parade. Congratulations to all the prize winners!

Sherri said...

Evie is just a doll! How sweet!

I might have to join in on your Rehab soon...I've been cleaning and found a few projects I'd forgotten!