Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday: It's Granny Day

I made a couple of  granny squares for the
I didn't get them added to the Flikr group for a couple of reasons.
#1. because I can't remember how to get into Flikr
#2 I wasn't sure if I was "allowed" because even though I used
Lori/Bee In My Bonnet method.... these hereare smaller blocks. I omitted the
extra "great grandma" row.

I just wanted to see how they looked. 
This block comes out to  8 1/2".
It seems that I like all of the different sizes, so for the next blocks I will
go ahead and make them into the 12 1/2" block size.
But I am getting pretty addicted and just might have to 
make some smaller using Trish's tutorial at Notes of Sincerity.

I made one more Swoon block too.
Yeah! 5 done... 4 to go!
I'm instructing a little class tonight at my LQS. 
I'm looking forward to it. 
It is for the Schnibbles pattern DOC. 
It should be a fun evening... it makes me want to make Doc again!


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Love all your blocks!

Darlene said...

Looking good! What are you using to make your Swoon blocks? Just curious - I can't seem to settle on fabric. ack!!!

Fiona said...

Hope the class went well. I have been looking at these Granny blocks also and know I have a ton of fabric that can be used for it, but am reluctant to start another. So I will live through yours....

Thelma said...

LOL, I tried to create a Spools Flickr group last night but couldn't remember any of my flickr passwords or login ids so I went with Pinterest instead!

Sinta, you get more done in the one early morning sewing hour than I get done all day!

Love it all! So far I've been able to resist that Go Granny Go Along,but it's getting harder every time I see some blocks!

Denise in PA said...

Good going on your Schnibbles! i have one more block to make - YAY! I had a ball making my Doc and want to make a bigger one someday!

Wendy P said...

Hey Sinta!
I joined the group on Flickr and I can't figure out why I can't add my photo. I keep getting a message that it is either already in the group or doesn't fit the rules. ???

Help! If you can...

John'aLee said...

Love, love that fabric Sinta. And the blocks are so cute!

Ramona said...

Adorable. I am choosing fabrics for Swoon right now. I can relate to Darlene but the blocks I have seen posted seem to look great in every fabric!