Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Round Robin and a Trip to Yoyoville

I have a sewing circle that I belong to that meets once a month.

We decided to do a Round Robin this past year.
It entailed each person providing a center block and maybe some
fabric and any special instructions. Then each person in the group 
took turns adding a border around the block.
It is kind of a fun thing to do... but as with most year long projects...
well, you know! They were just suppose to end up being table toppers...
but I do have plans to make mine larger and continue with another border of
more Dresden's (halves) and then see  where to go from there.

Mine got dropped off at the local quilt shop and since I was there 
last night teaching a class... I picked it up and took a peek.

I did have a good evening last night... the class was making Boardwalk
by Fig Tree & Co. It is such a fun whimsical quilt. I had one person making 
it out of 30's fabrics, and someone made their's out of a more contemporary print and
then there was the one like the pattern made out of California Girl by Fig Tree.

Don't you love the sawtooth border?
I can't wait to get mine quilted! But for now it remains a shop sample.

Here is a photo that I borrowed from Joanna's blog... I think Sherri actually did the piecing of this quilt.
Isn't the quilting on it fabulous?

Oh, and guess what?
Did I tell you that I found my Yoyoville (Bunny Hill) 
houses? Isn't that exciting?
They had been missing for like a year
I found them while searching for something else... they were
inside a small project bag mixed in with a little Christmas fabric...
that still needs to get done!
But I'm so glad I found them.
I thought for sure I had tossed them out by accident.
It was a possibility.


SoozeM said...

I love Boardwalk, I am halfway through mine, I am using California Girl like the pattern too, just love it!! So glad you found your houses, they are gorgeous!!

Kris said...

Oh wow, I love the quilt your group made!!!! The colors are so soothing! Love it!!! I miss being a part of a quilting group!!
XO Kris

Sandy said...

Today was your lucky day, finding your blocks! Go buy a lotto ticket!

Carrie P. said...

round robins are fun. I have done two.
how exciting that you found your houses. Now you can work on them. They are cute.

Quilt Hollow said...

I sure like that Boardwalk quilt! I've never participated in a round robin. I imagine challenging. Yours Is sweet with that Dresden!

Sherri said...

Hi Sinta! No, I didn't piece that it, though! And your yoyoville houses are so adorable...I have to make that quilt one day too!

Carol said...

It's wonderful to find something like your cute houses. The round robin quilt is awesome. I'm glad to see an up close picture of the Fig Tree Boardwalk pattern. I love how that simple block looks curved. Looks good in your 30's fabrics.

Linda said...

What a fun group project! It turned out so pretty!
I'm loving your Boardwalk quilt, too!
And the houses look like so much fun!!!

Darlene said...

Your round robin quilt is beautiful, Sinta. I used to participate in x-stitch round robins back in the day but I've never participated in a quilting round robin. That would definitely be so much fun.

I'll bet the Boardwalk quilts, in class, were beautiful. I sure love mine - it needs to be quilted, too. LOL

I've always to make Yo-Yoville - looks like a fun project. I'm so glad you found yours.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Glad you found your houses. The round robin quilt is very pretty.

Brandie said...

That is a lovely round robin! In fact, the whole post was just lovely!
So glad you found your long lost project.

Diana Schmitz / Quiltecke said...

So much nice houses, I like the fabrics you choose for it..
Have a nice day

Cyn ;-) said...

Happy day that you found your little houses. They are so cute - too cute to lose!
Your RR quilt is gorgeous. What a stunner.

Kim said...

Oh yes thank goodness you found your yo yo ville must have hours and hours of work in them. I have this pattern too and hope I get to make it someday. I think Anne does the most adorable patterns.

Happy Sewing,

Corrie said...

So glad you found your houses! They are darling. Love the whimsy fabric.