Monday, August 27, 2012

BOM Rehab: Dog Days of Summer

A small hum of sewing machines was all you could hear in the Rehab this week!
Only a few of you dedicated ones were there... while some were off on vacation
and then there was me... I got nothing done!

Here is a beautiful block made by Jill at
This is really a fun block... do you see the patterns?

Next we have Sandras General wives block to add to her others!
This is block #11~
This is coming along so nicely! I love star blocks!

I couldn't get this sweet block to rotate...
I guess you are just going to have to turn your head for a minute, sorry.
This was made by Susan as her BOM project...
did you know that she is making these in triplicate?
Not only for herself, but for her mom and MIL too!
How nice is that?!

I have to admit that I was not in the rehab this week.
I was detoured over the weekend (my normal sewing time)
to "assist" while my son and his wife were getting moved in to there
home. Which meant that I got to have the baby most of the time!!!
I will just have to make up time in BOM Rehab this week!
If you have a block of the month project that you would like to add...
I have (fingers crossed) the link thing set up below!


Anonymous said...

Ok - I tried your LINKY tool and I didn't realize it would publish right NOW.. :) Also, I couldn't get it to crop to fit my wide angle shot - so I'll know better next time! Thanks for the continued inspiration to keep working on these projects!

Sherry said...

I did not have a block to add to rehab this week but it is great to see that there are some who have kept at it. I intend to get back to my blocks soon.

Kris said...

Pretty, pretty! Stay out of Yosemite!!! Scary!!
XO Kris

Nanette Merrill said...

Well they are all lovely, as per usual.

Messy Karen said...

i have a good reason for not being in Rehab lately. so glad that many of you are participating. well done.

Messy Karen said...
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