Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Schnibbles Olympics- Free Style Event

Well, I feel like I just ran a marathon trying to put this post together!
We have lots of quilts to show this month for our Free Choice
Another Year of Schnibbles participants!

But first let me show you,,,
Do you remember these stores?

 What I remember most is the soda fountain...
Here is what the menu looked like at Woolworth's.

So what does that have to do with Schnibbles?

Our next project is Dimestore!
Just two charm packs will get you started!

Here is a photo of mine...

And here to start off our parade is a beautiful 
quilt from the book Schnibbles X's Two
that Carrie published recently.

The name of the quilt is Imagine, made by Julie K.
Wonderful colors!

Like a lot of us, Jan was inspired by Thelma's T quilt... so
 here is a T/Bibelot quilt made by Jan in Wyoming.
She made her version out of Hello Luscious! Just so sweet!

Here is a fun quilt made by Sue. Sorry that the photo is blurry...
But I am sure you can still see how cute her quilt is!

 Here is Spot made by Paulette...
I love the colors and the way the pattern shows up here!

I just had to show a close up of it too!!!

Here is Four Corners made by Edith at Back Door Quilting blog!
This was a popular choice and one that I am just gong to have to
put on my list!

This is Nash, made by Karen at Quilting Losing and Tea blog, in bright fun colors. I love the 
little touches of black and white.

Here is a patriotic quilt made with American Primer fabric group by Carol (no blog)...
I love these fabrics and the pattern is Rooibos.

This is a sweet little table runner from Dorothy at Paws 
for Stitching blog, done just in the neck of time!  

Here is Decoy made by Izzy at Dizzy Quilts blog.
Made with Vintage modern... I love how the stars just pop!

This is a gorgeous quilt made by Jayne at Jayne's Quilting Room!
It is made with Park Avenue by 3 Sisters and the pattern
is Plan C. Go to her blog to see more!

made this one just for me.... 
I wish! What a sweet runner!
 Bea  from France made this beautiful red white and blue
Schnibbles. The pattern is beautiful!

 Brenda made this beautiful Schnibbles quilt... she has a cute
helper at the photo shoot! She made Betsy in honor of her sons two friends who
are both Marines... it seemed like the perfect project for July, she said!

 Carmen at Downstairs Quilting made Betsy also... it is a great pattern...
I think one that might get over looked but it is 
really great made up! She used Friendship fabric from Moda.

 Carol at the Polka Dot Chicken made this fun version of Four Corners
from a Kate Spain fabric group.

Well, Hello Luscious!
 Darlene at Quilting Daze was very ambitious and made Bounce.
It's one of Carrie's full size patterns... and it's just gorgeous!
Hmmm, I might have to make this one next month myself!

After sorting it out and narrowing down the possible contenders for her Free Choice
 Denise in PA aka My Life in Quilts blog,  made her sweet Bennington
Schnibbles pattern out of Pure! It turned out perfectly sweet!

 Diana at Quiltecke made this very fun and colorful version of Decoy!
The pattern is from Carrie's book Another Bite of Schnibbles.

 Gerri has been waiting to use her summer fabrics and this one came together just in time!
Beautiful blues and yellows!

 Hildy made this beautiful version of Lincoln for her
dad! It's made with Lucy's Crab Shack. It's a perfect gift for her dad...
who, at 78 still rides his bike... 10 miles a day!!!

 JoAnne the Patriotic Quilter... is giving her Spot an Island Flair!
JoAnne has been in the moving process from Hawaii to the mainland...
but found a project that needed to be finished... and Spot was it!
 Kay made her Roadshow quilt out of the Farmer's market
fabric group... look at that... all quilted and bound! It
looks perfect on her table!
 Carol at Carol's Crafty Creations blog managed to whip up a Schnibbles
despite all of her Christmas projects she has been making!
She made a beautiful version of Spot with bright happy fabrics...
a break from holiday red and green!
Gretchen at Stella Bella blog made her Four Corners
pattern out of a Kate Spain group... very summery!
This pattern really shows off a fabric group nicely.

Here is Lincoln in red white and blue, the kit was purchased a couple years ago
and it looks like having a free choice month was the perfect opportunity
to make it up. It was made by Andee
from the Modern Diary blog. This is the first quilt that
Andee got to make on her new featherweight!

Janine from the Sweetest Dreams blog made a
beautiful Full House quilt using a
Holly Taylor line of fabric. It is just perfect...
Wouldn't it be fun to do a set of houses for each season???

Well, I hope you had fun here at our own version of Olympic Sewing!
Please head over to Sherri's A Quilting Life blog to see more!
A special thank you to Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. for keeping us in stitches!

Disclaimer: I am sorry if I missed your photo... I have been having a terrible time with Picassa...
please just let me know if I lost your name and I will add you in!

Well of course... there had to be someone lost and forgotten and the funny thing is
that Polly had hers done in record time! Now that she is retired, and life is good...
she is on top of it! Unlike me:( Sorry Polly)
We could say that we saved the best for last though!
Here is McGuffy! Please go see her other
pictures at Aunt Polly's Porch!
I have to show you her little helper too...


Deborah said...

Oh, how I remember the Dime Store on our main street!
Thanks for bringing the memories back. So many inspiring Schnibbles quilts..........

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, 5 and 10 and Woolworth, what great stores! Just a wonderful parade of Schnibbles this month - wow!

JoAnne said...

The parade is just awesome as ever!! Thanks, Sinta for hosting. I'm already kicking around ideas for Dimestore!

Lesley said...

What a beautiful parade! Love the Woolworth's pics...and yes, I remember them! Dimestore looks like a great pattern! Thank you!

Darlene said...

When I lived in a very small town in South Texas we had Foster's Five & Dime. Then we moved to the big city and I fell in love with Woolworth's (I still miss WW)

Beautiful parade of 'free style' quilts. :-)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Great parade! We used to have a 'dime store'~ great memories! Thanks for all your work to make our parades so beautiful!

Julianne said...

Oh they are all just wonderful, everyone did such a great job and the colors are all great! Just make me want to make more and more Schnibbles!

Sheryl said...

Oh wow! these olympics are more my cup of tea than the sporting type...don't tell anyone
the fabrics the girls have used and the designs are just gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

Andee said...

YAY, I made the parade after all! Thanks! Love checking out everyone's freestyle!

Sherri said...

Such a fun parade...and I love how you always think of such a fun way to introduce the new pattern!

Izzy said...

Another lovely parade! Thank you so much Sinta and Sherri for putting this together every month! I look forward to getting started on Dimestore!

Cyndi said...

Oh my gosh...I sure miss the Dimestore. My sister and I used to go there to spend our allowance! And gee, I'd LOVE to still be able to get a Super Jumbo Banana Split for only $0.39!!!! Your Dimestore quilt is so sweet, and the parade of Schnibbles is awesome. There is so much talent represented here!

I'm looking forward to getting back to sewing once I have all of my painting done! :o\



Eileen said...

Great show this month. Sorry I wasn't able to make one but have Dimestore ready to put the parts together so will be ready for this month. Needed something other than making strings. Those blocks are all done and hope to get it sewn altogether this month.

Kris said...

That is a bunch of beautiful inspiration there!! I remember the five and dimes. I would go to Woolworths with my Mom and sit at the counter for a soda and grilled cheese.
; ) Kris

Roxanne said...

Oh I remember Woolworths and the Five-and-dime stores. Didn't realize how much I missed them. Had great fun shopping there when I was a kid. And great quilt show. Can't pick a favorite...they're all so wonderful!

trish said...

I loved eating at the counter on the stools that turned!! Hamburger fries and a shake! Aww...the good ol' days. :0) The parade is always something I look forward to. So many beautiful quilts.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great parade! Thanks for sharing!!

Polly said...

I just bought Carries PDF version of Dimestore... Can't wait to get started!!

Karen O said...

So many wonderful quilts. Best parade..but I think that every month!

Michele said...

So many spectacular Schnibbles as usual! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to you and Sherri for putting it all together! And thanks to Carrie for designing more amazing Schnibbles patterns :-) Woohoo!