Saturday, September 1, 2012

AYOS Parade, Small Fry and Super Sized

Aren't these little things adorable?


By now I'm sure you have heard about Carrie's newest
and cutest little patterns...


You can read all about Little Bites and see all of Carrie's new patterns over on 
her blog.
They use Moda "Candy" which is little packets of 2 1/2" squares. 
Just two packs and you are on your way!
And, you guessed it... Speck is the next little (small fry) project for AYOS!
And that's not all... but I will save the other news for the end of the parade!
Oh, but I can tell you that you can order the pattern right from Carrie and 
she is offering a discount... through Monday only!

For a 10% discount on Speck - and all Little Bites patterns:

PDF Little Bites - enter the code - PDF10

Paper Little Bites - enter the code - Paper10

 You are going to love these!
I can't wait to make the next one...
but let me show you MY Speck...

I have been saving these little bites of fabric forever... and finally had an opportunity to 
make them into a little something! I just love it. Now I don't feel so bad for hording these little scraps!

Oh, gosh... it's getting to be time for the Dimestore parade of Schnibbles!!!
Here it is:
We are starting off with 

A beautiful version from Marti!
I love the orange accents with the blue.

 Sandy F made a beautiful runner using a dark background
for hers... she is getting ready for Fall.

 Polly from Aunt Polly's Porch made this gorgeous
version of Dimestore... and even has a sweet little guy to hold
her show it to you!

 Paulette whipped up her
awesome Dimestore quilt in no time at all!
I love that fabric!
Thelma at Cupcake n Daisies decided to
make her Dimestore into a fall runner
that looks beautiful here in her kitchen!
Did you notice that she has flowers?
I wonder what the occasion is?

Next we have a beautiful floral version 
of Dimestore from Leah!

Pat entered her gorgeous tropical version of Dimestore
here! Pat is new to the AYOS group! I am so glad she joined in!

This beautiful quilted Dimestore was made by Patty from A Stitch in Time blog.
I think this fabric from Sweetwater (Sunkissed) is one of my all time favorites).

Here is Sue's version of Dimestore...
I love the holiday theme!

Here is another beautiful Dimestore...
this one was made by Meredith!
Fun fabric too.

Susan made this little grouping!
I (of course) love the background fabric...
it just looks so happy! 

This is such a beautiful little Dimestore! The colors are gorgeous and
the red accent border and binding just pop! This one was made by Wendy!

I love the setting that Hildy used here...
on her sweet little Dimestore quilt!
 It's another fun idea to do with the pattern.

Michele at Island Life Quilts made her Dimestore out of the new 
Sweetwater group of fabrics... Mama Said Sew. Really cute, isn't it?

And speaking of small fry's...
her is Sharon's adorable little Dimestore with an embellished center square!

 Diana from the blog Quiltecke made a mini version of Dimestore here.

Eileen from Red Door Quilting made a beautiful Dimestore quilt with 
scrappy backgrounds and gorgeous rich colors from her collection of Jo Morton fabrics!

And now we have from Cheryl aka Dots 2 You blog
a festive version of Dimestore using Monster Bash!

I really love Julie's Dimestore quilt here! Her cat Koi
is helping her too!

And the one we forgot... this is a wonderful little version
of Dimestore by Dorothy at Paws for Stitchin' blog!
Now, doesn't that make you want to make one again...
one for Christmas, one for Autumn, and Spring too?

But wait that's not all!

Were you wondering about the Super Sized???
Well, since we are going "Little Bites" for September...
we thought we would give you a heads up for October...
We wanted to give you a choice of Bounce or

Hubble to make for your October AYOS project.

They are big (regular size) quilts... opposed to Schnibble size...
but that means that you can finish a Little Bites in a little bit and start on 
one of these two fun patterns!
Does that sound like fun to you?
Thelma has made both patterns and she assures me that it only took her a weekend
to make Hubble!
Seriously? Hmmm, I will let you know how long it takes me.

Okay, I'm off to go see the rest of the parade at A Quilting Life...
will you join me?


Patty D from NC said...

Beautiful quilts for the parade. I like these two choices for Sept and Oct. I was tempted to buy a little bite when Carrie announced on her blog but I held off thinking maybe, just maybe, you'd pick one for us!! Great choices for Oct - got to decide on that one!

Wendy said...

Another great parade and I am so pleased to be in it. Thanks so much to you and Sherri for all the time you put into this. Looking forward to my first"small fry".

Polly said...

Woo hooo! So happy to be in your parade, Sinta! What pretty quilts! I am always amazed at how different each one becomes! And I love the new tiny choice for September and big choice for October! Yay! Gotta go figure out what fabric to use for each! Do you know where we can buy the Moda candy packs now?

Anita said...

Wow, everyone made such different versions with this pattern. It was really neat to see all the variations! Love the fabrics in your Speck, it came out beautiful! Oh, and I think Thelma may be part bionic woman :)

Hildy said...

Thanks Sinta! Beautiful quilts this minth and I'm looking forward to the next two parades!

JoAnne said...

Wow, I waited what felt like AALLL day for the parade and it was worth it! I love all of these and especially all the variety, as usual! Awesome job. And Mahala Nui Loa (Thank you VERY much) Sinta for putting on the parade. You ROCK!

Thelma said...

Another great parade! I'm so excited about Speck and the big quilt options for October! What a clever idea, to pair the two together! I may have to go with something that has a polka dot print for my Speck, I love your version, especially that border! I've been wanting to make another Bounce ever since I made the first one! I want to make it MY way. Carrie insisted I do it her way, for her pattern, designers, they can be so picky sometimes! Sounds like a perfect fall to me!

Thanks Sinta!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Lovely parade! I love all the different sizes and colors! I am so bummed I didn't get mine done this month.

Cheryl said...

Yes, beautiful quilts in the parade. I love Carrie's new little patterns and I am so excited to do Speck and really appreciate the heads up for October quilt. Thanks to you and Sherri for this fun group!!!

Darlene said...

Awesome parade of Dimestore Schnibbles quilts. So many beauties.

I love Carrie's new Little Bites - Speck is very sweet. And, I've already made Bounce so I'm in good shape. WooHoo!!!

Julianne said...

Yippee! I so look forward to the first of the month with the parade and the announcement of the next pattern...beautiful quilts ladies..all of them!

Anne Heidi said...

So many beautiful quilts! Now I am really inspired and heading off to my sewingroom!!!!

Mary said...

This was another great parade! I had family visiting most of the month and didn't get any sewing done at all. I definitely plan to do the project this month and love Bounce!

Simone de Klerk said...

Pretty pretty versions!

Michele said...

Great parade! I like the idea of doing a tiny quilt this month, and knowing the choices for the next quilt......a big one. Something a little different to keep us on our toes :-) I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!