Monday, November 12, 2012

BOM Rehab: Roll Call!

 Sometimes I just can't stay focused.I can get pretty scattered.
Some mornings I wake up and when I go into my sewing room, I don't feel like
working on what  "needs" to be worked on... and if I "feel" like starting something
new... I go ahead and start something new.
That's why I love Monday's and the BOM Rehab.
I know what I need to do and it's a step by step process.
I don't check-in with how I feel or what I need to do.
And by Sunday, I am really too tired to check-in with all of that anyway!

 Sometimes structure is a good thing.
I  continued working on my Mystery BOM from Quilt Soup.
I didn't quite get this small star finished but

I was able to make all six basket blocks and a large star.
The pieced blocks go together much faster than the applique blocks do.
Especially since I used rick rack for the basket handles... that made it
easie peasie!

A while back 
I found this Etsy Shop and blog with the sweetest little twill labels.
I thought I would share the link with you... just in case you might have 
a bit of handmade items that will be given as gifts during the holidays.

Because, it's getting to be that time again...
I think this is either Dasher, or maybe Prancer that passed
in front of my car yesterday as I was leaving my house.

So, how was your Rehab weekend?


Jill Montgomery said...

I have a focus problem sometimes, too. :) great job on your blocks!

Kris said...

Oh yes, I think I recognize him! Dasher it is!!!
Love the labels!!!
xo Kris

Anonymous said...

I didn't make it for Rehab this week :(... I did finish up my mother's birthday gift though - so I feel accomplished. I hope to be back in the swing for next week and maybe finish my Birdie Stitches blocks (I have 2 left to do).

Denise :) said...

Haha!! Definitely Dasher ... with a dashing rack like that, who else could it be?? Pretty blocks! :)

Q said...

I have had all the best intentions in the world for BOM rehab and hardly touched anything since you started it - so embarassing! This weekend I did do some work on a finish but havent blogged it and... halfway through my machine chucked a wobbly (Australian term I think) so Db is taking it to the shop to get serviced today - now I have to wait 2 weeks. I do have some stitcheries I can do though so not a good enough excuse. Pretty Blocks!

Needled Mom said...

My gosh...that is a big buck!!

Thanks for the link. I may need a few of those for my Christmas projects.

Michele said...

Your blocks are lovely! Thanks for sharing that link :-) What cute twill tapes!

marcella said...

Your blocks are adorable - love your rick rack handle idea. Thanks for keeping us motivated to keep working. I've been making good progress in the sewing part but not so much the posting part - that's ok, it's the quilting that important!