Monday, March 4, 2013

BOM Rehab & DST Giveaway #3

 I made my last block for my Quilt Soup Mystery BOM!

I am so excited to finally be at the point where I can put all 
the blocks together!
That will be my goal for this week.

I have been having a little destashing time going on 
in anticipation of daylight savings time.

Today I have this beautiful book by Denise Sheenan from
She creates gorgeous applique quilts... and I 
am a big "wannabe" appliquer. 
I have loved looking through this book but I am happy to 
pass it away to a good home along with a box of pins.
So leave me a comment if you are interested in it.
Please tell me any tips you found worked for you when you 
started appliqueing.
I will pick a winner on Wednesday.

My goals for the weekend were to put the binding on this little quilt.
 Which I was able to get done.
I also wanted to get the final borders on this quilt.
Now I can get this one quilted. I wanted to be able to enter it into 
my guild's quilt show in May. 
I am calling it Geese in the Stars.
I have this wonderful memory of walking to my car late one night, after work...
I live in a  wilderness area, so I am always on high alert as to what
could be out and about with me.
I heard an incredible sound that I couldn't place... until I realized that the noise was
coming from above me.
It was a flock of Canadian Geese flying in full moon light.
It was such a clear night with the stars bright and a ring that sometimes forms
around the moon too.
I had no idea that geese flew at night like that! 
 I watched, head tilted back.
It was amazing to hear them calling out to each other.

I need to pick a winner for Saturday's giveaway!

I had my BFF on the phone with me to assist in picking a winner...
and she picked:
Four Dogs and 1 Quilter!
She said:
Love your Dresden flowers. Thanks for the chance to win that lovely jelly roll.

I will have a new winner for Sunday's giveaway tomorrow!

But most importantly...

were you in BOM Rehab with me this week?

17 friends stopped by to chat:

Paula said...

I am also a wanna be appliquer. Is that a word? I did try the freezer paper method and I had mixed feelings about it. I tried using the fusible method and although it was easy it did not leave me feeling satisfied. I do love the needle turn. I just need a lot more practice!
The book looks interesting. Would love to win it. Thanks for the giveaway.

Cardygirl said...

Love the Dresden corners on the little quilt....what a great idea! The story of the Canada geese was really lovely, a very special experience. Don't add me in for the giveaway...the book looks fabulous but I have enough to do!

Cheryl said...

Wow you were busy!!!!! Your quilts are beautiful and a BOM ready to be put together. YIPEEEE! I love using Roxanne's Glue Baste-it!! Holds the pieces down with no pins. Thanks for another week of BOM rehab.

Sherry said...

I am a beginner at applique. I have enjoyed what I have done so far and learned a lot from the tutorial on the Shabby Fabric website.

Michele said...

Wow! You got lots of lovely projects completed :-) Congrats! No need to put my name in the giveaway. I love Applique but it seems that I love looking at Applique done by others and I never seem to manage to get any done myself! Why does Applique get autocorrected to uppercase??

Laurel said...

I was a wannabe appliquer until I met Jena Kimball and learned her back basting method. So great! Now I applique all the time.

gailss said...

I love appilque quilts and started sewing that best tip is to start with a quilt that has large pieces to applique and work down as you make more. I needle turn and swear by the hera tool that helps to mark sewing lines.

Rosa said...

I also "wanna be appliquer".I learn a lot from tutorials and I love needle turn.

Kathy H said...

I am a beginner in appliqué. Using the right tools and threads have been very helpful. There are so many ways to appliqué and I take parts of many techniques to use.

Debbie said...

I do a lot of applique and have done various methods. Best hint I can give is to use silk thread and I love John James Golden Glide applique needles.

Linda said...

Your quits sure are pretty...I love the corners on the little dresden quilt...adorable! Have a great evening!

Jackie said...

I am a beginner so therefore have not yet attempted applique! So must I say I am a wannabe also?? I
Think your dresden corners on your quilt is extravagent!!
Thanks forvthe chance to win!

Ramona said...

I do the freezer paper/liquid starch applique method. It takes awhile to make your pieces but then you glue baste them down and they are ready to pick up and sew when you want. You must do a post about the dresden corners. Does the regular binding go under those dresden points or just end at them?

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love your quilts! The Dresden corners are so cute. :-) I'll have to let you know about applique~ I'm a wannabe, but am just starting a project. Hope it is successful. LOL Have a great evening!

Debbie said...

Would love to see a post on those corners, too!

hueisei said...

Love the book. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win :D

Sarah said...

I love the Geese in the Stars Quilt. It's very pretty. Just my colours! Is it your own design? I also like the story about the Canadian Geese.