Monday, April 22, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Wow, it's been 6 days since I posted last! 
I didn't mean to be gone so long.
I was planning on posting over the 
for Scrap Basket Sunday.
But, there I was without my camera cord...
and who wants a post with no pictures?
But I have camera, cord and photos to share now!
My son took a little trip over to the coast and brought back
some salt water taffy for me! 
It made my chores so much better...
salt water taffy does taste good with sewing binding.
Every time I think I am caught up with bindings and sleeves...
a quilt comes back from the LAQ.
It makes for good busy work while watching TV in the evening with the hubby.
But my fingers are getting pretty sore now.

 My Scrap Basket Sunday results are here...
I couldn't resist the opportunity to dive into my scraps
and prepare for the "next" scrap project on
my list. I have always wanted to make this
quilt from Temecula Quilt Co.
 So, pulling out some stash fabrics and doing a little bit of 
cutting was nice to do. Now I have it ready to go.
When I am done with this one that is...
I am up to 42 blocks now. I skipped working on it
the week before, so this week I had to do double time
to catch up with my schedule.
I also have a little cheat sheet to use for cutting when you do it as
a weekly project... unfortunately I strayed from the plan...
and things just got confusing.
Note to self: do not, not use the cheat sheet.

I hope nobody remembers when I made a comment to not start a new project 
before starting a new one... 
because this week I seem to have started a couple new ones.
What was I thinking?
I should know myself better than that!

I needed a little bit of light sewing. Something that requires little thinking... 
something I can handle in the morning when I'm still 
not fully awake, but also light as in light when I am working with other
projects that are dark.

A friend of mine made this quilt as a shop sample and as much
as I liked it when I saw the pattern, and knew I liked the fabric...
it was even better to see it made up and in person.
But I think I am going to add a twist to it.
I made those tumbler/crumbler blocks out of 
Comma also... so I was thinking of a way to combine the two.

I was kind of thinking of an outside border of crumblers.

Any thoughts?

One place I haven't been is at BOM Rehab.
I have decided to end my Rehab Mondays.
There are so many other things going on and
it will just be simpler for me.
I want to thank you for playing along in the Rehab with me.
I will be contacting you all so that I can send a little something to
you in appreciation of you inspiring me to
 finish up my block of the month projects along with you!

13 friends stopped by to chat:

Izzy said...

Gosh you sound so incredibly busy. I cannot wait to see whre you end up going with your Comma fabric. And thank you for hosting the BOM Rehab. You certainly helped me to finish my 2010 BOM and stay on track for 2012.

gailss said...

I only wish I did as much this past weekend and looks like you have been very busy Sinta.....I always say not to start another project till caught up on some others but always see something I just have to do. You always have such fun quilt going.

Sherry said...

Thank you for the BOM rehab. I was able to get motivated and I intend to keep it up and finish some projects. I will continue to enjoy visiting your blog.

Kris said...

You amaze me!!
xo Kris

Helen said...

Thanks for hosting BOM Rehab.It helped keep me motivated to finish projects. And I did finish one quilt top. I kept meaning to get back to it...

Vivian said...

Sounds like your time away was not at all idle. Sorry to hear the BOM Rehab facility will be closing. You are a great host and I credit my participation in it for making my CW Chronicles BOM the flimsie it is today!

Also love to know what magazine or book is that Temecula quilt in? Looks like fun!

Cindy said...

It's just too hard NOT to start something else, isn't it? LOL
LITE. sewing is required once in awhile. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I did look forward to rehab, and I plan to continue the effort and inspiration that you started. Thanks for being a great hostess! I love that Temecula quilt and echo the question of which book/mag it came from. Looking forward to your Comma project and seeing what you do with those tumblers.

Messy Karen said...

thank you so much for the support we all truly need. this was a great experience. BOM Rehab was fun.

Satu said...

You've done a lot of beautiful things lately and been very busy!!! I also want to thank you for your inspiring BOM Rehab, although I haven't been there with you so many times... especially recently.

Cheryl said...

Oh gee, we are suppose to finish projects before we start another..hmmm :-)! Think I missed that memo. Such a pretty post, with so many wonderful projects. Thanks so much for hosting REHAB. You definitely helped me to get things done.

Lesley said...

You have some really great projects here! The quilt you're making from the Temecula Quilt Company is gorgeous...can't wait to see that one come together and I love what is on your design wall. A new project? All the better! Go girl!

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