Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vintage Schnibbles Parade Today!

It's Vintage Schnibbles Parade Day today!
Can you believe that it's June 1st already?

I love seeing all the quilts that came in for this parade...
but I am also excited to show you the next Vintage Schniblbes pattern!
I think it just screams SUMMER!
Before we start the parade...
Sherri and I want to let you know, in order to be more efficient
putting together our parades post, Sherri is keeping the names that start with A-L on
her parades and I will stay with K-Z for my parades. That way
you will know where to send your Schnibbles and we won't (hopefully) miss
people while we are sending emails back and forth to each other.
I hope that keeps it simpler for you too.
I also will be putting a photo along with the name of the
person when we have our winners post. I am hoping to make that less
confusing. And it will be nice to see the quilt again as well!

So, before you see the Gentle Art Parade...
here is your project for next month...

Carrie Miss Rosie's Quilt Company,
has made another wonderful pattern. I hope you enjoy it!
Click on the link above to see what fabrics you need to get started.

One more little announcement...
Mary from Quilt Hallow is wonderful on any given day...
but today she is more than wonderful.
She is offering a rare discount on her long arm service for Gentle Art!
Hop over to her blog and read more about it.

And now...presenting... Gentle Art...

This is a vintage Schnibbles for sure! 
I love the dreamy Bunny Hill fabrics that Sandy F used here.
(note to self: use more BH)

Sherri from Blessings from our Nest blog
made her Gentle Art out of these gorgeous 3 Sisters fabrics.
Beautiful colors!

Team work!

Wendy and Sue's Gentle Art post can be seen here. They make there
AYOS projects together and have created their own little mini group... now
adding a sister to the mix!

Tilda made this Gentle Art quilt here...this is such a beautiful photo!

May Kristin made a wonderfully sweet vintage Schnibbles here
well, that looks vintage-y sweet!

Linda at Katy Rose blog created this fun version of Gentle Art.
My favorite color combo. I love the polka dots and chevron pattern too!

Mary C in Michigan (no blog) used California Girl to create a
beautiful little Schnibbles here. Her Gentle Art is going to be
so cute in her sewing room.

Mary at Quilt Hallow made a beautiful Gentle Art in her version.
Please go over to her blog and
see the wonderful quilting she did on her quilt up close!
Remember she is having a special on her LAQ for
our AYOS group!

Sandra R (no blog) has made a gorgeous Gentle Art here.
I love the way the background fabrics give the quilt an extra
punch of movement.

Polly from Aunt Polly's Porch, is the queen of fun! Her
Gentle Art quilt is so bright and happy... and, Fun with a capitol F.

Sandy at Crazy Bout Quilts blog got extra creative
 and made herself a Gentle Art sewing machine cover.
With a little bit of re-sizing and using another pattern for the
cover part... a little tweaking here and there... and she had it!
Love the red spools!

Michelle at Island Life Quilts  used a variety of fabric groups from Bonnie and Camille
to make her cute little spool quilt here, including Happy Go Lucky...
and the quilt does look happy doesn't it?

 I have two quilts to show you here.

Paulette's Schnibbles quilt got  missed from the last parade, so I thought it
only fair to give it a spotlight this month.
Paulette is using her scraps for Vintage Schnibbles... last month and
still from the same scrap bag this month! They coordinate so well...
I think it would be a good start to a wall of Schnibbles!

Satu from Quilt Tales blog is nearly done with her Gentle Art.
She decided that it MUST have crochet borders... so she
is working on that while the temperatures are rising high!
I can't wait to see this sweet quilt with the addition of lace!

Karen at Moose Bay Muses made her quilt using Bees Knees fabric
scraps from another project...

I just had to borrow this photo from her blog to show you close up.
Cute, cute, cute.

Nicole at Sister's Choice blog is so smart to take an opportunity to
make a two colored quilt! I love the red and white spools.

Patti Quilting is my Passion also used a two colored background on
her beautiful quilt. I love the way it looks vintage-y romantic.

Karen at Seems to an End used a beautiful color scheme here for
her Gentle Art quilt. Love it.

Sue B Jersey Scrapper, used the  Mama Said Sew fabric
group for her quilt... beautiful!

Sue at Cozy Little Quilts made a two color quilt here too!
Looks like Nicole is in good company with the idea of two and three color quilts
choices. I love the graphic look of this... and it's so elegant too.

Marti used the Ladies Stitch Club fabric for her Gentle Art Schnibbles.
It's as cute as can be!

Patty at A Stitch in Time used Honey Honey for her little spool quilt.
It is just adorable, isn't it? Love the way it's quilted too.

Ramona at Westchester Belle blog. used really fun summery fabrics
for her Gentle Art quilt. Yummy!!!

Nancy A. used her left over Thimble Blossoms
fabrics from her large Spool quilt.How cute is that?

Shannon from Nunsworld blog made a super sweet Gentle Art quilt here.
I love her choice of fabrics here too.

Here is Chocolate Covered Cherries by Susan
Sorry the photo is dark... must be dark chocolate..
I'm sure you can still see how cute it is!.

I hope you enjoyed the parade this month!
Have you been over to A Quilting Life yet for
the other half of the parade?

Tomorrow I will post randomly picked winners!

But that's not all!
It will be my 600th post...
so I thought I would have a little celebration!
Come back to enter my giveaway!

29 friends stopped by to chat:

JoAnne said...

They are all so wonderful! I can't wait to start the next project. Thanks Sinta!

Sue said...

So fun to see all the quilts in different fabrics Love them all !

Nicole said...

What a lot of participants this month! And what gorgeous quilts!

Patti said...

Whoopie! That's a pattern I bought a while back, and bought fabric too, and never made it. Obviously, its time has come.

Judy said...

What a wonderful parade! They all are so beautiful! Looking forward to next months.

Messy Karen said...

all of them are wonderful. i'm almost finished with mine. the rising temperature is just brutal for sewing. even with the AC on. great job everyone getting theirs done.

Donna said...

What a lovely parade! Thanks to you and Sherri for organizing this for us.

Carol said...

How cleaver using a label panel for your border. Yipee for a pinwheel pattern for June. I ❤pinwheels.

Shannon said...

They are all so pretty!! I will make sure that I send my pictures to you next time. And thank you for adding it.

Kim said...

Such pretty quilts. I love your border on the Ducinea quilt. So pretty.

Linda said...

They are all so wonderful!

Just Sew Sue said...

Thank you for organising AYOS, there are so many lovely quilts and beautiful fabrics on show.

June's pattern now purchased and ready to go.

Nancy E said...

It is fun to what fabrics everyone used and how some changed the pattern! Already thinking what fabric to use in the next one!

Hildy said...

Thanks for this parade, I love every one of the quilts!

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoyed the parade. It's fun to see so many participate too! You girls do lots of work to keep this thing going and we in Blogland appreciate the motivation.

Thelma said...

Another great parade, thanks so much for organizing this sew along, it's my favorite! I'll be in next parade for sure.

Ramona said...

Thanks for the info on which blog to send the photos to. I thought you had the first half of the alphabet - oops! All the Gentle Arts turned out gorgeous!

Kris said...

Hello friend. I love those spools! The post with the canoe and flag was stellar. And the one before that, the swoonblock..oh my....I must get back to my machine!!!
I am up in Big Bear and it reminds me so much of that other lake I love so much!! You know the one!!! Thankfully, we only have one hour of travel to get here, and the beauty that surrounds us is surreal!!!
Have a lovely day Sinta!!!
xo Kris

Satu said...

A breathtaking spectacular parade! And I adore your Dulcinea!

Lesley said...

Fantastic show with such beautiful versions of the pattern. Thanks for the parade!

Michele said...

Wonderful parade as always :-) Thanks so much for putting it all together! Your next post will be 600???? How exciting :-) WooHoo!

May Kristin said...

Lots of beautiful quilts! Love the parade!

Connie said...

Beautiful quilts and thanks for the great parade!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful parade, and I don't even have to leave my computer, LOL.
How nice of Mary to offer a quilting special.

600??? Wow, girl - you're amazing!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

They're all so cute--makes me want to make another one in a new colorway!

Jeanna said...

Some pretty fun and fabulous quilts! Wish I had 'joined the parade' but I am sooo behind. However, I enjoy looking at everyone else's.

Lesley said...

This is such a wonderful parade of quilts! Congrats to everyone for the fabulous finishes!

Mary Caldwell said...

Thanks to Sinta and Sherri for the parade. We appreciate all your hard work to put this together~!It's so much fun to look at everyone's quilts.

Chris said...

Sinta, I have not participated in the other Schnibbles but I do have this pattern and would love to join in this month...can I? I LOVED the Gentle Art you all did last month, I think it has inspired me to do it this summer!! :)