Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Inspiration

And here I thought I didn't have much to talk about...

Earlier this week I taught a class at my LQS.
It was on Milky Way by Fig Tree and Co.
It's no secret that I am a Joanna fan!
I had made this quilt earlier in the year and used my
"Bloggers Choice" bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.
I'm a big fan of theirs also.
(bundle is no longer available)

Everyone was so fun in the class and did so well on their blocks!
Even though the stars look a little bit on the advanced side...
They are really doable and actually fun to make.
Here is some of the stars in progress...
Made in Avalon fabric group from FT&Co.

Made in Shabby Chic.

 Made using Kaffe fabrics

And this one using batik's and a navy background!
It was a fun evening... I think we all had fun!

Here is a group of the newest Fig Tree and Co. patterns just
waiting to be made. I keep seeing that Cherry Pi quilt popping up
on Pinterest. It is really really sweet.
I have no idea which one will come first...
but I am inspired by the stars this week and those basket blocks 
are using the same method as in the Milky Way quilt.
It might be just the one... I will have to see what fabrics
I have in my arsenal that just might work for it!

Thank you for supporting my DIL and voting for her 
designs over at Connecting Threads
You can read about Jillian's entries on the last post if you haven't already
seen it!

Oh, and one more bit of news...
for the last few months
there has been this cat showing up 
around our home. I couldn't decide if she was actually a feral cat
or some type of bobcat.
I have a couple of pictures I took of her 

she is digging at something here... and here
 I turned around and saw her watching us

when I was outside with Evie last weekend.
Kind of creepie!
But now, we have discovered that she has babies...
in our boat!
Now I don't think she is creepie... just a mom
trying to keep her kittens in a safe place.

I set out food for her last night.
Have a good weekend!

12 friends stopped by to chat:

Anonymous said...

Love the blocks...and now she won't be leaving!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a wonderful quilt and yest the star block does look hard.

Your Momma not so creepie cat is

Darlene said...

Beautiful blocks!

Sweet momma cat will probably become a permanent resident. :-)

Kim said...

Beautiful blocks. That cat and her babies aren't going to leave. I did the same thing. I saw a cat looking for food from our compost pile but since DH just turned the pile, there's no food. I felt bad and fed her, well she kept coming back then a few weeks into it, her babies came to eat so now we feed them all :-)

loulee said...

Those stars look lovely. I may have to give that one a try. In Figgy fabrics of course. I'm a Joanna fan too.
What a pretty kitty.

Hildy said...

Perhaps you can find a good place for this beautiful cat and her kitties? Quilters are known to be good cat parents;-)
I love the fabric you used as 'background' for the FigTree patterns (btw I have them all, too) ... can you tell me what it is?
And your MilkyWay is gorgous, this is also on my list.
Have a wonderful weekend, Hildy

Sherry said...

The star blocks are great. It is fun to see how the different fabrics work in a design. We started feeding two long haired gray cats who were starving about 12 years ago. We still have Lily and Leo was with us for 10 years.

I am Just One Mom said...

I, too, love Fig Tree Quilts by Joanna Figuero. Perhaps we need to start a Fig Tree of the month group?

Jeanna said...

We enjoy some of the same favorites! Your Milky Way blocks do look intimidating but I trust you when you say they are doable.

Sweet mama'll have lots of them around soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sinta! Sweet Caroline was next on my list for Fig Tree. In fact, I had to skip this month's AYOS because of my other projects to finish this month - but thought I had enough baskets going on with the FQ Designer Mystery BOM happening now and my plans for Sweet Caroline. We brought our feral mommy cat into the house to be with the kittens so they could get socialized. She has slowly gotten use to us, but doesn't let us get too close. Mostly stays in one room, behind a piece of furniture. Our kittens are adorable. Plan to spay her and return her outside soon. Good luck!

Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE those stars! I have a quilt pinned that has similar stars and I really want to make it. How sweet of you to feed the cat. Will you be able to get close to the kitties?

Sarah said...

I love Joanna's latest pattern releases too. The Clover Jam is my favourite. I have a real dislike of feral cats. They give me the creeps. We have a couple that hang around our house and it gives me a fright when I go out and see them staring at me. So your photo of the cat looking directly at the camera is a little freaky! Don't encourage her to stay with too much food! She'll just use you, haha.