Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye July... Hello Parade!

 I love starting each month off with a parade! It sets a positive mood for the month...
even if we are suffering from extreme heat!

One of my favorite quilt blocks is baskets...
and that is just what I have to share with you!
Carrie has created a few new patterns that are starting to roll off the
This month we are taking one of those patterns
as our new "vintage" Schnibbles projects!

Would you like a peak?

Image of Canasta PDF ~ No. 472

It's Canasta!
I love this little basket!
And I am ashamed to say (sort of) that I didn't get mine finished.
I am so in love with these little blocks that I just want to keep making more!
You are going to need 25 matching 5" squares plus a  few more for the border,
1 yd for setting triangles
          more details are on Carrie's web store page here.

Okay, it's time to grab the popcorn because the show is about to start!

Dim the lights!

EDITED 8/8: 

Paulette's (no blog) Lincoln Schnibbles didn't make it into the parade
due to unforeseen circumstances... so I thought I
would  add it now and maybe even get a second look at it in the next parade.
It's just to sweet to have it viewed! 

First up is Polly!

Here is a beautiful Lincoln made by Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch.
I love her colors and the binding color is even better against the
blue backing.

Here is Nancy's Lincoln...

isn't she a beauty? Gorgeous rich and very striking!
Love it!

And will you look at this one! Yum! I love what Vicki at A Creative Notion blog
has created
here with the colors and placement. It's gorgeous.

Here is another beautiful Lincoln created by Sherry
at Blessings From Our Nest. I think this one has a lovely
summer day feel to it!

 This Lincoln was made by Aunt Marti.
I love her placement and the shades of color she used
in hers with a little bit of black in the mix!

This sweet quilt was made by Nancy using her 
Avalon fabrics she won in a previous

I love Patty's porch here and her little Lincoln 
quilt... it just looks so cozy and sweet!

This Lincoln was made by Sally! Cute little
bowl of fruit and it goes perfectly with her
Bake Sale fabrics!

Sandie at Crazy bout Quilts made a
spectacular red white and blue version!

Please go see this quilt over at Sue's blog! It is so cute, like
saltwater taffy! My picture doesn't do it justice at all!
Don't you love that chevron fabric in there too?

I love Mary's version here... (Mary C in Michigan)!
The yellow just looks so fun and plays nice with the other colors!

Susan (sorry, no blog) made a sweet Lincoln table runner... great idea!!!
It would be perfect all summer!

This gorgeous Lincoln was made by Tilda
This one has a beautiful warm and traditional look to it!

Michele at Island Life blog made this oh so pretty
version of Lincoln that's photographed in an oh so pretty setting!

Here is a beautiful Lincoln quilt made by Sandy F.
The little inner border makes it pop!

This is a gorgeous version of Lincoln created by Wendy.
She used Avalon by Fig Tree for hers.
And next...

is Sue's sweet Schnibbles! She 
made hers into a baby quilt size.
Wendy and Sue, if you remember from last year, make their
Schnibbles projects together...and this year Barb has joined them!
You can see them all here at Wendy's blog!
So fun! You will have to see Barb's version over at

Thank you for visiting the parade and for leaving a comment!
Sherri will be posting the parade prizes tomorrow!

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Tilda H said...

Gorgeous job everyone!! So nice to see all the different versions!! Love the colors....I did notice that My Avon store is listed to my link when you click on my here is my blog link.

Sherri said...

Love them all!

Hildy said...

I think the parade is getting better each month so many beautiful quilts again. Thanks Sinta for hosting it, Hildy

Mary Caldwell said...

Thank you Sinta and Sherri for hosting the parade.

It's wonderful to see all the colorful versions. Looking forward to Canasta - in all these years I have never made a basket block.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for co-hosting! Lots of great eye candy today and so glad the anticipation is over - Canasta! I will have to join in this month for sure.

Sherry said...

This is my favorite Schnibble so far. I just ordered the new pattern and I am looking forward to starting it. I goofed again, I should have sent you a picture of my Lincoln. It was fun and to do and fun to see all of the others.

Nancy E said...

Looks like my Lincoln quilt got missed so I am sending it again and hopefully it can be added to the parade.

Love seeing all wonderful Lincoln quilts and seeing what fabric everyone used!

Connie said...

Beautiful parade of quilts, this was a great pattern to make!

Kris said...

They are all wonderful!!!
XO Kris

Patty D from NC said...

Great parade! I always enjoy how we all take the same pattern, add our own fav fabric and turn it into something gorgeous!

Cindy said...

It's been so long since I"ve gone to a parade. Thank you for sharing these "lovelies" with us all. Now i'll take off my clown suit since the parade is over. lOL

Judy said...

Awesome parade! They all are wonderful!!

Lesley said...

Such beautiful Lincolns! Each one is exquisite...thanks for hosting another wonderful parade!

Corrie said...

Those are all great! Love the new basket pattern.

Rosa said...

Fabulous.Love them all!

Debra said...

They are all wonderful, but I think my favorite is on Patty's porch. Love the smaller version and the colors. Thanks for sharing!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a beautiful parade! Thank you!

Satu said...

Lovely versions of Lincoln! Sadly my L. is still in stage, but I'm very sure that I'll have it on my Christmas table;o) I'm also very excited about to start 'Canasta'!!!

Michele said...

Thanks Sinta! All lovely :-) Every one!!!

JoAnne said...

This parade was spectacular! I knew I loved Lincoln for a reason. I can't wait to play with the next one. Thanks Sinta and Sherri for hosting!