Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Many Moods of October

I think October is the best month for cloud watching.

And I confess... in October I start slipping in a little bit 
of Christmas music here and there on my iPod.
Especially as the weather gets colder 
and the leaves start falling from the trees.

I had September as my month for the Bees Knees Sewing Bee.
So, I started thinking about Christmas even earlier this year.

I picked Countdown til Christmas for my blocks.

My blocks are slowly arriving... and it's so exciting!

I sent out fabrics from the Aneela Hoey, Cherry Christmas group.
The block shown above was made by Nedra

This line of fabric was adorable!

The original pattern was from Moda Bake Shop and made with 
Countdown til Christmas by Sweetwater... it was a 
great, wonderful, fantastic Christmas line (which they should reprint)
because I never got my hands on enough of it.

My group is making the star blocks and I am making all of the 
alternate blocks! It's like Christmas every time I receive a finished
block in the mail! 
I am loving it!!!

So, I'm wondering...
What is your favorite Christmas fabric group this year?
And what Christmas music is going on your iPod this year?

12 friends stopped by to chat:

marcella said...

I have pulled that same pattern to make a quilt with a very old Christmas fat quarter stack I've had sitting forever just waiting for the right fabric. How fun to see you making the same thing!

I confess that I don't believe in anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving - every holiday needs to shine :-) One of my favorite songs is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PMRQm7rjn4

Pam P said...

I'm really loving Midwinter Reds! But if you decide to start a petition to have Countdown to Christmas reprinted, please let me know - I would be "all over that". I have just enough to make that MBS quilt.
It's a little too early for me for Christmas music - I don't want to jinx our weather and have snow on Halloween - Lol!

SewCalGal said...



Nicole said...

I so agree with you. Why didn't I buy more of Countdown to Christmas when I had the chance?

piecrust said...

My favorite Christmas fabric is anything by Nancy Halvorsen. Her stuff is always fun. My favorite Christmas must would be Mannheim Steamroller. I listen to them all year round.

Jeanna said...

As you know...I just finished the FQS Deck-Ade the Halls using Aspen Frost. Since I already have so much of it left over...that's my favorite line this year ;)

I'm sorry Friend, I don't start playing Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving...and then it is 24/7! Haven't made a new choice for 2013 but I love all the classics.

Lynn McIndoe said...

This would be my favourite Moda Bake Shop recipe. I made it in a French General line- Paniers de Fleurs - and I love it.

Carol said...

That is such a fun quilt...still one of my favorites...I did it out of Countdown to Christmas just like the pattern and I just love it...I love the group of Aneela Hoey fabric that you're using...I have a layer cake of that hoarded away...LOL!

Cheryl said...

Your photography is just beautiful, you captured fall so well!

Sherry said...

I would love to try that pattern sometime. I love the Winter's Lane fabric I have but would love to have some A Merry Little Christmas Time, Riley Blake fabric. I have not started listening to Christmas music, I usually start the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Thimbleanna said...

How fun to have your Bee do a Christmas quilt! It will be fun to see it come together. I haven't really allowed myself to look at Christmas lines this year because I have an overflowing Christmas stash!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Nooooo Christmas music! Too soon! Too soon! I play Christmas music for like 1 day and then I'm done for another 364 days. :)

Your block is VERY pretty and that quilt has been on my "to do" list for a long time. I think I need to step it up and get working on it. No favorite Christmas fabric line this year. Nothing is coming to mind.