Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Look Back At AYOS

Happy New Year Bloggette's!

I thought I would go back and share some of our wonderful 
AYOS Vintage Schnibbles projects before announcing the 
next Schnibbles project!
I will share one or two of each month's Schnibble's projects
and the name of the person who made it.

Canasta by Tanya

and here is Morning Jo by Polly...

It must have looked great with her other holiday decor!

Here is Clover made by Michele!

Mercerie by Denise T!

Nancy made her Canasta using Halloween fabrics!

And here is another Canasta by Sandie!

Here is Lincoln made by Patty D.!

Dulcinea made by Marti!

And another Dulcinea made by Thelma!

This is Gentle Art made by Ramona!

This is Hat Trick by Mary!

Hat Trick was our first AYOS project of the year.

Do you want to know what's next?


This is Jersey Girl
(photo borrowed from La Vie En Rosie blog)

Carrie's version is made out of Midwinter Reds.
It seems to be a favorite of mine lately!
And of course, it is mid winter... so why not!
That is what I am going to use. 
I can't wait to see what you will select for your fabrics on this one!

Now for the winner of my little pattern giveaway....
randomly chosen was...



This was fun... thanks for playing along.
I think I will find a couple more things to randomly pick a winner
again this week!

Hope today is the start of a wonderful year for you all!

23 friends stopped by to chat:

Patty D from NC said...

Sinta, Happy New Year! Great choice - I've some charms in my stash that I'll be using. (By the way, the LIncoln on the rocking chair is mine - not Sally's.)

Michele said...

What a fun recap of 2013! I can't wait to get started on Jersey Girl :-)

Michele said...
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Michele said...

Oops! I'm my excitement I must have hit publish too many times LOL so I deleted the last one. So sorry!

Anne Heidi said...

So many lovely quilts! Happy new Year!

Auntie Pami said...

I'm ready. I think.

Dee said...

Yeah! I've really been wanting to make this quilt since she came out with the pattern, and this is just the push I need to do it. I love it in Mid-Winter Reds so I'll probably do it in the same as well. I wonder how many of those versions there will be.

Carol said...

Lovely parade of Schnibbles. I love Jersey Girl.

Sinta Renee said...
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gailss said...

Very nice parade and love the quilts in so many colors....I am really excited for the Jersey Girl pattern and have been watching it on Miss Rosie's site and thinking I would buy this one even if not picked....Yea, and will have to get going now!

JoAnne said...

I KNEW it was going to be Jersey Girl! I just had a feeling. Goodie! I can't wait to start.

Kim said...

Nice choice for our first project of the year. I'm looking forward to getting started!

Hildy said...

So many beautiful quilts! And now one of my favorite new Schnibbles, yeah!
But I think there is a little mistake in the pattern under 12. Sashing Strips: From the 1 1/2" x 21" cut 6 strips - 10"x10". Doesn't make any senth to me nperhaps you can help me? Please:-)

Kim said...

I already have this pattern. Now I've got to go find it. Can't wait to play along :-)

Tilda H said...

Lovely parade! Love love love jersey Girl! Can't wait to dig in! Thanks Sinta.

Satu said...

Happy New Year, Sinta! Jersey Girl is a perfect start for a new year! I also purchased Midwinter charms for it... but I posted to my quilty friend blue fabrics and a pattern for Christmas gift. And I already saw very beautiful blue JG blocks here:

Sherry said...

It was fun to see the great Schnibbles quilts. I missed a few this year but hope to get back at it. Happy New Year!

Darlene said...

Loved the review, Sinta.

I think it's time for me to get back in the Schnibbles groove.

Liz said...

I love the mid winter reds in this schnibbles pattern.....blues / creams would be lovely too:)

Polly said...

Thanks so much, Sinta, for including my Morning Joe!! It is fast becoming a family favorite this season!! I love the new Scnibble and will be starting in on it soon! Happy New Year, dear friend!

Cheryl said...

Thinkin' I need to get back to Schnibbles. Such beautiful projects pictured.

Nancy said...

I love the midwinter line. What a perfect line for Jersey Girl. Happy new year

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I have been "hoarding" the Midwinter Red line and may just have to part with some of it for this project. Beautiful!!