Monday, February 3, 2014

AYOS Parade of Jersey Girl

I am so happy that it's parade day today!
I have been missing my Schnibbles and
the AYOS group!

It seems like it's been so long!
we're never doing that again! 
ha ha... okay, maybe we will... but I did miss you!
I'm sure Sherri feels the same!

Here is what we will be making for the March 1st AYOS parade...

well, unless you want to make this...


or maybe this...

That's right... you get a choice! You can pick one of these new patterns from
Miss Rosie's Schnibble collection OR 
you can go find a vintage Schnibbles that you have always wanted to do...
maybe already have purchased but never made yet...
so you decide!
It's as simple as that! I can't wait to see what ones will appear in the next parade!

And speaking of parades...
let's get this one started!
I will start by showing you my Jersey Girl, via the South of France.

 Next is one from Peggy...

This is her first time in the AYOS parade!
Her blog is: Stitchin With Peg.

 Michele at Island Life Quilts
made a very fun version of JG here in one of my favorite 
Sweetwater fabric groups!!!

I love this version of Jersey Girl that was 
created by Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch.
This photo is great.. love the green wall!

Here is a beautiful Jersey Girl that was 
created by Leslie . It makes a gorgeous two colored quilt.

Here is another pretty two colored quilt made by Satu's friend in Finland!
You can find Tunatei's blog here.
I am so glad she joined in this month!

Here is one dreamy 4  block version made by Linda!
I love this photo... it's postcard worthy!

Here is Satu's delightful Jersey Girl...
I love her color placement for her blocks!

Sue made her Jersey Girl all in pink! I love that!
A few extra blocks and wha-la! A sweet baby quilt!

Here is Susan's picture perfect Schnibble! 
I like her border fabric choice and of course, the Midwinter Reds!

Here is a sunny and bright version of Thelma's Jersey Girl!
But in this case it's called California Girl!
Too cute!

Here is another fun and colorful version of Jersey Girl
that was created by Nicole at Sister's Choice blog.

Isn't this one gorgeous? 
This definitely has a winter feel to it.
It was made by Patty D. 

Here is a beautiful JG quilt created by Paulette
(no blog). I love the uniformity in her color placement.
And I like the colors too!

Mary in Michigan made a beautiful version of
her Jersey Girl... minus the "center stones". 
(as her husband suggested)! he he.

Nancy E. made this very sweet Jersey Girl--
Kansas Troubles style... warm and cozy! 

Wendy at It Is What It Is blog made this
lovely little JG that you see here in
this cute photo.

And here is a cotton candy cute version of JG, in my
favorite color, pink! It was made by Vivian!

One more to add to the parade...
 Here is a fun super sized version of JG made by
Susan at Sew Quilt Me blog.

I hope you enjoyed the parade! Did you know that this pattern was named after Carrie's
mother? Such a sweet thing... I now her mom appreciates it. If Carrie had been an author, she 
would have dedicated a book to her... but being an extremely talented
designer... of course it would be a pattern that is in dedication!

Have you seen the other half of the parade yet?
If not, go over to A Quilting Life... that's where I'm going now! 

26 friends stopped by to chat:

JoAnne said...

Oh Wow! I'm always amazed with all the variety of Schnibbles that we get to see each month. These are gorgeous! Did you know that Vivian is my husban's aunt?! I was so excited to learn that she was joining in. Next up, (after visiting Sherri's blog) is to try to decide which one to make next time! Too many choices, but I think I can manage. Thanks so much for the parade. I love it so much!

Carol said...

All beautiful! Too many choices for next (this) month - I can't decide.

Mad about Craft said...

So many lovely quilts!

I would love to join in for March, I want to make a vintage one out one of Carrie's books.

Dorothy said...


So excited about the challenge for the month, I have plenty of Scnibbles patterns -- can't wait to pick one out!
Dorothy in IL

Dee said...

There are some very talented photographers as well as quilters in the parade this month. It was such a fun pattern to make. How exciting that we get to pick our own for February! I have so many projects to work on this month, I was going to watch from the sidelines, but I already know which one I'd like to make.

Lesley said...

Fabulous parade of quilts!

John'aLee said...

Ooh La La.....loving those quilts!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Bungalow!!! On my list to make and I have the pattern already. Maybe I will join the fun this month!

Mary Caldwell said...

Another awesome parade! I love seeing all the different versions and pretty fabrics. Good job everyone. Love that we can do a vintage pattern for next month, oh so many choices...
Thanks again for hosting, Sinta!!!

Jeanna said...

This is a very lovely parade of Schibbles Sinta. I don't think I could choose a favorite. I love the way that everyone's fabric choices make the pattern look totally different.

Sherri said...

They are all so beautiful!!!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Congratulations Ladies these quilts are just beautiful. Each and every one with such perfect color choices - love love loves, Thanks for the parade Sinta!

Messy Karen said...

the quilts are beautiful.

Wendy said...

Bravo ladies! Another great parade! Thanks again Sinta for all your time preparing things.

Kim said...

I love how different these quilts are from one another! Everyone did such a wonderful job--especially YOU Sinta! Thanks for all the work you and Sherri do.

Hildy said...

Love them all! Thanks for hosting another great parade:-)

Satu said...

Wov!!! It's so funny, although I'm always prepared to see amazing variations of the same quilts... I'm always as astonished how the same pattern can look so different! I think it's a sign that every one really enjoy to sew them!! I'm thrilled with the own choice for 1st of March parade... You know, Sinta I have few unfinished Schnibbles in my closet (ups, it should have been a secret;o) By the way, I think that my friend's (Tiinatei's) JG is a wrong one... it should be look something like this:

Sherry said...

So many wonderful Schnibbles. I will have to make Jersey Girl some time. Thanks for sharing the parade.

Tiinatei said...

So many lovely quilts! Satu is right, that is not my JG: I hope you find the right photo and also right owner to that beautiful quilt. Thank you for organize this parade! This is my first and so fun!

Tiinatei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy said...

Wow!! What an awesome parade! Love seeing all the different versions of Jersey Girl.

Sinta Renee said...

Thanks! I got that one quilt titled with the right person, (it was Leslie) and updated my post for Tinatei this morning!
It is so fun to look at all of the parade quilts together! You all did an amazing job on making them uniquely your own. I love this pattern!

Michele said...

Wonderful as always! Thanks so much Sherri, Sinta, and Carrie too :-)

Linda said...

I love every single version!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful quilts, I do believe I have the Jersey Girl pattern so I could create one too, love the first one and the one with all the blues. Thanks also for the links to some lovely blogs.

Kris said...

Such beautiful inspiration!!!!
xo Kris