Friday, January 31, 2014

Eye Candy for the Weekend

I thought I would follow up with a littlebit of eye
candy from the Road to California Show.

A fountain of fabric!


There was a fascinating exhibit of

 signature quilts at the show also.

 I love this one.

 This is a sweet store that we made a
pit stop at

on our way to the quilt show.

 This store is Strawberry Patches in Bakersfield CA.
It's 3 hours away from home for me... but I think it
would definitely be worth a little road trip to...
just to go there alone!

Last night I was talking with the hubs about blogs when a contestant on 
Wheel of Fortune said she had a blog... and it had xxx amount of views.

So that prompted me to look at my "stats".
I have an amazing (at least I think so) 719, 640
page views.
I have over 900 sweet followers. And
I noticed that I am just a few posts away from a whopping 700!
Now, that is a fun one... so I am going to have to celebrate!
I will be thinking of an idea and I will let you know when
it's my blogiversary so you can celebrate with me!
It won't be long!!!

16 friends stopped by to chat:

Kris said...

I have heard that Strawberry Patches is awesome. I better find it next time I go through town on my way to Bass Lake!
xo Kris

Jeanna said...

Oh I'll take a fountain of fabric over a chocolate fountain any day! So many pretty quilts...yep, that should just about get me through the weekend!

Congratulations on your amazing blog stats... I'm in there somewhere, contributing to the numbers :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Auntie Pami said...

Wowsa! I miss going to quilt shows. AQS is next weeks so I'm really excited. Wet to rusty barn today and met some new friends.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Congrats on your stats, that is certainly a huge number. The eye candy was totally delicious too.

Lesley said...

Thanks for the wonderful quilt show! And congrats on such great stats!

Margaret said...

Thanks for the great photos. There is so much joy and inspiration from looking at quilt photos!

JoAnne said...

I loved the eye candy! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the stats, too!

Barb Gibney said...

Congrats on your stats...well done. Enjoying the quilts, thanks for sharing. Really excited now and counting the days for my sister and I to attend the AQS.......

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing all of these pictures from the show ! What fun ! Congrats on your STATS !!!!!!!!!!!

gailss said...

Wow...900 posts...that does call for a big congrats and celebration! Looks like you had a really fun time on your trip and love the pics of the quilts. Thanks

Anonymous said...

While visiting Strawberry Patches, I hope you took a minute to visit Sweet Surrender,located about 25 feet away. Great cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods freshly made daily.
Another local quilt store is Bolts to Binding and it is located very close to the freeway. Their offerings are quite different but still worth a visit if you would like to stretch your legs or use a clean restroom.

Cheryl said...

What beautiful eye candy, thank you sharing to those of us that could not attend the show.

French 75 said...

I agree. Strawberry Patches in Bakersfield is definitely a great pit stop. I am always inspired by their samples and fabric and always stop when heading down Hwy 99 from Fresno.
Congrats on your stats.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you got to go to Strawberry Patches -- how exciting. I follow her blog and I love it. Thanks for showing the photos of the signature quilts -- I love signature quilts -- would have loved to see that in person!

Anonymous said...

Very jealous of your quilty time! If you don't know it, Strawberry Patches has a blog and it is very cute.
I have been reading it for awhile now. You guys are so lucky to be close to so many local quilt shops!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

thanks for sharing all the eye candy! Almost 700 posts. Awesome!! I'm not too far behind you. You are rockin' the bloggin'!