Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Midweek Random Review

I wanted to do a collage this week of the different quilts that I have made as samples
I had been feeling very unproductive lately...
I lost a little steam.
So looking back... this made me feel a little bit better.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to make this into a collage for some 
reason... so it will just be a photo tour instead!

These are all kits that are still available... however there are
a couple that have just one or two kits left.

I know this is not as good as being at Market and seeing what is 
hot off the press but maybe it will pacify us until we start seeing
what is going on at Market!

This is the same quilt that is the Peach Blossom kit above.
Made with Sherri's pattern Shine. 
I had taught a class and Cathy got hers finished and now quilted...
so I had to share it with you! (thanks Cathy)
Here is another quilt...

from a class I taught. Dianne made this and shared it 
yesterday! I love this Churn Dash.
It had been a project from Missouri Star Quilt Co. video on You Tube.
Dianne used a bunch of her older Fig Tree fabrics... I just love it!
I know I have a bunch of FT fabrics in my stash I could use to make one of my own!

Let's see... oh yeah, last week I was in a car accident (without injury)
and it has left me pretty shook up. Over the weekend I wouldn't even
answer the phone. I picked up the phone once but I just didn't say 
anything... and then finally I hung up. 
Thankfully it was Mother's Day on Sunday and I
had a little family & friend time... 
which always helps me feel 

Here is a little something I started.
This morning.
Maybe starting a little easy project will help me get back into a "groove".
I also have to admit that I am really upset with myself for not being good at answering
comments. I read them (usually always while I am at work) and I enjoy connecting
with you but I am just darn bad at writing back because I try to do that later.
Do you ever feel like that?


Jeanna said...

Hi Sinta. Love all of the samples you made for the Fat Quarter Shop (which happens to be my FAVORITE online shop).

We have had some life challenges and work overload lately so I have fallen behind on posting as well as reading blogs. I feel aweful but it just can't be helped. I noticed I am losing followers too. Hoping that things settle down real soon and I can get back into the groove.

Gosh, I hope you are feeling better after the accident.

Patty D from NC said...

I'm sorry to hear you were in a car accident. Glad y won't hurt.

I didn't know you did the samples for fqs. That sounds like a fun thing to do.

Lisa D. said...

Those are some beautiful samples. You should feel accomplished, that is a lot of quilts! And you've inspired others to take a class and finish a quilt, that must feel really good too. Sorry about your accident, I hope you are feeling better. We all deserve to unplug and rewind, don't feel bad about it. Nor about getting to comments and emails. I think everybody understands that sometimes it's just too much.

Just Sew Sue said...

Go easy on your self, you're still in shock and you've been busy getting samples ready for market. Hugs.

Susan Smith said...

So glad you weren't hurt! It always takes time to bounce back from a car accident. Give yourself grace to recover!
The quilts are beautiful! I'm a sucker for churn dashes so my favorites are the Butter Mints quilt and the one made using the Miss Star tutorial. Of course, I also love that Splash quilt!

Anne said...

You are speaking my language. I don't respond to emails etc because I glance at them between work or other activities. It never means I don't care. I think we should all give each other a break in that area! You are a powerhouse in getting quilting fit In between working and other family duties. I am glad you are taking time to just recover from the shock of a car accident. I have admired the Strawberry quilt for a whole. Very sweet. Happy Mothers Month!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Sometimes it's just nice to read the nice comments and let them sink into the brain. If you reply to every comment, I think you loose the warm fuzzy feeling. lol

Enjoy than you are read and appreciated here. You'll comment when you feel motivated, and we'll continue to read your blog.

Glad you are ok from the accident.

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Hi Sinta... Your sample quilts are just beautiful... Where did you loose your groove? I think sometimes spring and summer temps change our minds and bodies and a slow down is natural - anyhow it doesn't look at all like you've slowed down. ;)

I'm lovin the flower power you're working on - can't wait to see it.

I can sure relate to the comment response. I've had so many giveaways lately that there was no way to keep up. Now that things are getting back to normal I will try to keep up. I hope everyone understands... We all seem to have the same challenges.

Take care now... Hugs,


Good morning--
Frankly I have never understood why we comment to comments!!!
and I have been doing posts for a couple years now--
you will get your steam back--you are just too good of a quilter for it not to come back--
smile--hugs, di and miss gracie

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Hi Sinta~ I am sorry to read abt your accident too. It does shake you up emotionally, so take the time you need to find your balance again. Love all the sewing you did for the FQS!! That strawberry quilt just gets me every time I see one. My DGD is strawberry blond. ;-) Hope you have a happy day!

gailss said...

Sorry to hear about your mishap and hope you are doing better. Keep sewing little projects and hope it all the quilts and that puts a smile on my face....nice job!

Elizabeth said...

I love the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Their tutorials are so easy to follow and so inspirational for another quilt to stitch. The churn dash block is a must for my next project.

Elizabeth said...

I love the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Their tutorials are so easy to follow and so inspirational for another quilt to stitch. The churn dash block is a must for my next project.

Dee said...

A car accident is a scary thing. After my last one, I found I was much more hesitant on the road for a while. I'm glad you came out of it uninjured. Beautiful samples! It must be a lot of fun to make them and then see them online. FQS takes such great pictures of their products.

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