Friday, May 2, 2014

Saffron Safari

She is finished! 

Star Blossoms by Thimble Blossoms has the outside border on now!
I am pretty happy about this quilt!

I am actually calling it the Saffron Safari.

My son's in-laws went on a very magical trip to India this year and
that was the name of their group. It was no ordinary tour I assure
you... so the amazing stories they had shared 
of the trip kept running through my head as I 
worked on this quilt.

Similarly it has been a fun journey in itself 
working on this quilt
with Thelma at Cupcake n Daisies.
It started out with a barter... which led to a project...
and even though we say we worked on this "together", 
it has been more or less a game of tag.

She went out of town... I started prepping and cutting my 
fabrics... then I went out of town... and she was back in her sewing room...
I had a setback... 
 this went on and on like that and
amazingly, we are able to share our finished quilts with you at
the same time! Thelma is posting about her sweet Star Blossoms
quilt today too! 

I was inspired by the elephants that I heard about
 and that is how I decided to turn my 
"mistake" (reversed geese) into the border to
 represent the decorated elephants... 
marching around the quilt.
I found this photo just now that resembles the picture I had in my head.


Andee said...

It is a beautiful quilt!!

Robin said...

Lovely quilt. It just makes me smile as I enjoy the colors.

sunny said...

Pretty colors, and I love the border fabric.

carol fun said...

This is so pretty! I love your version. Need to get a copy of this pattern and add it to my every growing list of quilts I want to make. Have a great weekend!

Susan P said...

Very pretty, the border really brings it all together. Love it.

gailss said...

Your borders are great and really make a nice finish for your quilt. Love your color choices and a beauty!

George Williams said...

I really love this quilt! But I went to Thimble Blossoms site to purchase it and it is not there?
Did you use a different name?

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

it is beautiful! Great finish.

Thimbleanna said...

Way to make lemonade out of lemons! Your quilt looks great -- I love the colors!!!

Dee said...

What a great story to go along with this quilt. I love the border fabric you chose and in fact the whole quilt!