Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pst... (quiet) It's Time for the X Rated Parade

Good morning!
I love it when we have these parades on the weekend! 
I am a little bit sad that we are taking a break for the summer
but if you happen to have seen any photos of Carrie's booth from Market
showing 31 new quilt designs... I know we have a lot to look forward too!
Not to mention all the other small quilts that are 
popping up... like from Fig Tree and Jaybird too! 
Of course Sherri has her Thimble Blossoms mini parades... 
those are all super cute!

Anyway, go grab a cup of tea or coffee and 
enjoy the AYOS parade: X Rated edition!

Here is my X Rated Schnibbles made from Honeysweet! 
I had that fabric reserved for a little pillow but I swiped it 
to go X Rated with it! Carrie's version was made out of 
American Jane fabric... and although I was tempted to do the 
same... Sandy Klop (American Jane) is coming to my 
guild to do a workshop
next Friday... and I will be taking a class from her, so 
I thought I would hold off on using my AJ stash!

Here is a gorgeous X Rated made by Michele at Island Life Quilts!
I love the large version of this quilt! 
Wonderful photo too!

Lynn used a layer cake to make her X Rated and used Honeysweet!
This one measures 65" square. What a great picnic sized quilt!

Michelle (I always finish
 saying Michelle in my head  followed with... Air Force Wife)
I love the two-color version with the variations in the browns. 
Isn't her X Rated beautiful?

Patty is driving me crazy with the quilting she is quilting on 
her Schnibbles quilts! She made X Rated a little bit smaller...
and did her magic with circle quilting! I love how it starts off center!

Here is another beautiful version of X Rated made my Paulette!
Fig Tree seemed to be the perfect go-to choice for this quilt!

Polly made a gorgeous X Rated... using the large version of the 
pattern and used Thimble Blossom fabrics for a super yummy quilt!

How sweet is this one? Sally's X Rated Schnibble is 
This was made out of Star Spangled! Perfect for the 
holiday's coming up!

Stitchin' With Peg made a beautiful large version of 
X Rated! I love the bright citrus colors! After the photo 
shoot it's ready to be a gift! Great idea!

Just Sew Sue made a super cute X Rated out of Fig Tree
fabrics... my all time favorite group... California Girl.
Love it!

Susan S. made this adorable vintage looking X rated...
I love how the X's line up like a tic tac toe board in rows!
Of course no O's allowed!

Here is a sweet little mini X Rated made by Mary C.
It fits perfectly on her cabinet top and the fabrics go with another 
Schnibbles that she has in that room too!

Here is a special 30's version of X Rated created by Nancy!
It's so cute!

Sue made her little X Rated as a baby quilt... and she has it competed and ready
to send! I really like the white binding on it.

Here is one more super cute 
X Rated for our parade... this one is was made by
Wendy! I really like the inner border on hers... it really pops!

Nicole at Sister's Choice isn't in our parade this month...
but I wanted to show you what she made with
one of Carrie's new Little Bites patterns...
click here to see! It's adorable!

I hope you enjoyed the parade!
Sherri will be posting winners tomorrow and
oh, one more thing...
 Tilda is having a summer mini sew along too!


Mary Caldwell said...

Beautiful parade!! Have a great summer, ladies. I think I may actually look forward to fall this year. Thanks for hosting Sinta and Sherri!

Karen said...

I love the parade of quilts. This is an awesome pattern.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful parade again this month!!! I just love seeing all the different variations. Can't wait to start back up again after the summer. Thanks for the generous gift of your time hosting :)

Béa said...
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Sherri said...

Wonderful parade...just got mine posted!

Lesley said...

Fabulous quilts! Loved seeing everyone's version. Nicely done, Sinta, to get them all posted. Will go visit Sherri's parade now!

Hildy said...

Love them all they're so beautiful! Thanks for hosting this great parade:-)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Great parade! Now I'm sorry I didn't get one done! May was just too 'crazy'!! ;-)

Izzy said...

Amazing parade! So much inspiration in just one post. Great job Schnibblers! :-)

Michelle said...

wow...I really love all the variations. I definitely want to do this quilt again, but in the larger size! Thanks for a fun parade!!

Nancy E said...

Nice parade with some great quilts!

Judy said...

Awesome parade! Great job everyone!

Jeanna said...

All very lovely quilts! I can't choose a favorite.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great parade! I flaked out on my X Rated. I started and I have 4 more rows to piece and I hung it up to finish later. x Rated and chicken feed are on my list to finish over the summer.

jasmine nile said...

thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Lynn McIndoe said...

I love seeing how the same pattern in different fabric can look so different. I love them all. As Carrie said, this one was fast and easy to put together. A great help to get it made and quilted in time for the parade. Have a great summer, Sinta and Sherri.

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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