Friday, January 23, 2015


I am excited that the weekend is upon us! 
I am especially glad that we will be having gorgeous weather here.
(although I know we need the rain... but that can come during the week
when I am working right)?

 I might even wash my car.
More importantly,
I have a some sewing I am planning to do.
But it's a secret project... my lips are sealed and the door to 
my sewing room is closed, drapes are drawn... just in case you are
thinking about coming by to peek! ha

I have been trying to weed out my pattern stash and narrow down
the number from gazillion to a comfortable 100 or so.
The problem with that is... I see old patterns and I still want to make them.
Make them now!
Then there is the stack that are for someday...
when I get more skilled at quilting... 
like a pineapple quilt.
Do you have one of those "ultimate quilts" on your list?

(still working on this same pattern)

As I peruse through my assortment I find myself singing (in my head) 
the song from Frozen...
Let it go... let it go!

I do feel good about releasing and up-cycling the patterns.
I have even been able to let go of  some of my Fig Tree & Co. 
patterns... and I have (had) nearly all of them.

(still top on my keep list, pattern by A Vintage Spool)

Right now... I have
 (using Thelma's binder method of organization)
5 binders of projects. 1 for applique, 1 for embroidery, 1 for purses and
pincushions or other "makery" kind of things...
and 2 for patterns. 
Those are pretty easy to divide into sections since I have probably
about 4 main designers that seem to keep me busy and another couple
that I am quite fond of. 

When I am done with all that 
(something I can do while watching evening TV)
I will move on to sorting and folding fabric.
I discovered that I have a nice collection of vintage suitcases and
train cases... they will be perfect for holding the stash 'o fabrics!

Remember when you would practically sit on a suitcase to get it closed?

In the meantime... I am talking myself into an up-coming quilt along...
and then talking myself out of it.

What are your thoughts?


Sherri said...

join in on the quilt along!!!

JoAnne said...

I love your case collection! I feel the same way about books and patterns. So many quilts, so little time.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I say go for it!! You accomplish more than anyone I know.

LOVE your stack of suitcases. Great storage options for sure.

Ok...stinker...I will have to use stealth mode to find out what you are up to. Ignore any rustling of bushes outside your window. Don't call 911...I am harmless AND a good secret keeper, too.


Helen L said...

LOve your stack of suitcases: such lovely pastels! And join along: I'm going to, even though I shouldn't!! :-P Hugs, H in HEaldsburg

Hildy said...

Join in! And if you discover you can't manage the whole quilt just make a mini or a pillow.

Susan Smith said...

I'm the same many quilts, so little time! Are you talking about the upcoming APQS qal? I'm in the same boat! I have so many projects in the works, I can't justify starting another! But I sure do want to! My favorite version is Edyta's.

gailss said...

Just did the same thing...thought of joining the sew-along and then thought.."what the heck am I doing" . Do what makes you happy.
Oh, am going back and joining the sew-along as they are stars and love them all.

Needled Mom said...

I vote to join the QAL. They're always fun. Love those suitcases.

Sherry said...

I'd join in if you decide to do a QAL. I too have been weeding through my ton of patterns. So many quilts I want to make, so many projects in the works, so many quilt tops to be quilted - what's one more QAL? LOL

Sue said...

Yes you should join the quilt along or you might regret it later. You will have it done in no time ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- that last comment made me laugh -- to join or not to join, that is the question!

Love those old suitcases! Do you find some that smell musty and icky inside? Have any tips for getting rid of that smell? My little train case smells awful and I've tried lots of things and nothing seems to work!

Jeanna said...

I weeded out and tamed my stash of patterns and fabrics when Sherri hosted her organizing series last year. I switched to the binder method for holding my patterns as well. I love it!

Talk yourself back into the quilt know you want to do it :)