Friday, February 6, 2015

Where Did the Week Go?

Last week ended with a bang for me.
Make that a bang and a crash.

Unbelievably, I was involved in (another) accident!
This time I was stopped at a signal... the driver of the other car evidently
had passed out and hit my SUV from behind. 
Everyone seemingly was fine.
Car damage... yes, but I could still drive.
Unfortunately, after taking it in for repairs... 
the damage was deemed extensive 
and my car pronounced D.O.A. (dead on arrival).

That makes two cars totaled in 7 months. 
So lucky to have not been hurt... but
my guardian angels are working overtime! 

Remind me to tell you about a little sequel to the first car's story.

that was the crash part...
the bang was...

going away to the beach for the weekend!
This was a photo of the view from my room!

We stayed near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Do you see all the people on the beach?
That was February 1st and it's "no-sleeves" weather!

My favorite thing is listening to the sea lions while they are
sun bathing under the peer on the pilings.
But the thrill was being right next to a pelican!
He kept nearby me... 
maybe because I kept talking to him and
saying "hello there handsome'!

Another favorite is clam chowder!!!
 I nearly ordered a second bowl "to-go"!

Fast forward to today:

I was overjoyed to see that my LQS got a shipment of 
Pam Kitty Garden fabrics.
They are so SO CuTe! 
I have just a little sampling here... and I know I will be going back for more.
I need to start working on my Jumping Jack mini...
have you started yours yet?
I think I will be making two of them. 
My oldest son wants one but made into a pillow for his sofa.
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(photo from Fig Tree & Co via Pinterest)

I just need one... period.

But I also wanted to do a little catching up...

Who Wants to Make a Cake for Quilty Fun's 1st Birthday? - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber
(FQS photo)

back in October Lori Holt had a birthday bash and
had an adorable pattern available in 
honor of the 1 year birthday of her Quilty Fun book.
October was not a good time for me. 

Bee In My Bonnet: More Quilty Fun...can't wait for this book!  Go visit this post if you love bright colors, quilts and cuteness!!

Who Wants to Make a Cake for Quilty Fun's 1st Birthday?
(photos from the fabulous Fat Quarter Shop)

But I thought NOW might be a great time
to catch up on that project.
(photo is borrowed from my idol Greg Jones)
You seriously need to go see the whole quilt... it's super cute.

We have 6 birthdays in mid-March 
and a new grand baby coming the end of February...
and another grand baby arriving the first of April!
So... Pam Kitty Garden fabric... birthday cake pattern...
it's the perfect fit! 

But why the timing is even more perfect...
we are just on the heels of Lori's new book being published!
Fortunately for me... Lori has allowed me to purchase her book.

I confess that I "trimmed" the cover of the Quilty Fun book... 

 of making it more
user friendly for me...
it broke her heart. 
(she said)

Insert picture of a dog slinking away with tail between her legs...
yeah, that's me. 

I pinky swear that I will take good care of the new FGV book!

 I can see that you agree... 
I will have to be going back for more fabric right?


Polly said...

So sad about the car but so GLAD you were not hurt, Sinta!!

Lesley said...

Thank goodness you weren't hurt, and thank goodness for guardian angels! Glad you got away to such a special place. Love those fabrics!

Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad that you are okay! Cars can be replaced - not you!

The beach looks heavenly as do the fabrics. I always love Lori's patterns. They are so much fun.

It looks like you are in for some fun sewing.

Hildy said...

You have a really amazing and overworking guardian angel ... perhaps you should make a quilt for her?
I've already started with the cutting for my Schnibbles (and yes, there'll be some PMK fabrics in there, too, inspiration is the bag I made myself last weekend).
Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Hildy

Sue said...

Another car accident WOW ! SO glad to hear that you are ok :-D
We love the beach and go to Capitola every year. So beautiful there.

Have fun sewing this weekend !

Dee said...

I agree the fabrics are too cute! I've been seeing pictures of the photo shoot all over instagram so I'm sure the book must be fabulous. I'm glad you're OK after your accident. I hope the other driver is as well considering they passed out at the wheel. Yikes!

Thimbleanna said...

Yikes! So glad to hear you're ok -- a passed out driver is scarey! I love the PKM fabrics -- I had to buy some too. And I couldn't quite follow what happened with Lori's book, but it sounds like some fun sewing in your future!

Cheryl said...

I am so sorry to hear about your car, but glad you are alright, cars are always replaceable.

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

That sounds like the perfect beach getaway... all except for the car! Glad to hear that you are ok. And then I thought "wait, that cake looks familiar!" You're too kind, Sinta! I preordered Lori's new book, too!