Thursday, May 7, 2015

I've Got Crop Circles On My Mind

I am looking forward to my new project!
I wanted to make it since I saw a photo of it hanging in 
Carrie's booth at Market... was that last fall?
Thelma made the cover quilt for the pattern.
I even bought April Showers so I could copy her...
but somehow I never got around to making
Crop Circles.
I had been doing a little chatting with Nicole at
Sister's Choice blog and she also had been 
wanting to make Crop Circles.

She decided to use her sweet bundle of Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell.
I thought that group would be perfect for this quilt too!

However, I already had a designated project for Gardenvale.
I had pre-ordered a kit from Fat Quarter Shop...

In a moment of confusion  I had ordered a second kit.
Which I had been kicking myself for... but then thought that
I could use the Gardenvale fabric from the second kit for Crop Circles.
But... that wasn't working either because the kit keeps missing it's 
arrival date. 
As it stands not... the fabric is readily available but those
kits are not coming until sometime later this month.

Sooo... in order to get going on this project and start our little 
sew along... I had to make another fabric choice.
Oh, I bet you are thinking that I would just open up that April Showers
bundle and go back to my original plan... but that is not 
what I did.

I spyed a sweet little bundle in my stash that looked like spring
to me with a little bit of nostalgia to it.
Petal Pushers by Lauren and Jessi Jung.

So that's what I am planning.

Would you like to sew along with Nicole
and me?
We would love to have you play along.
Nothing formal... just friendly.
In fact... 
you could even pick another Jen Kingwell pattern.

If you want to go with one of her 
Gardenvale Stars Quilt PatternJen Kingwell Designs #JKD-5163

So, that's the idea for our sew along
... use Crop Circle pattern and Gardenvale fabric...
or your own choice of fabric..
(like me)


and Gardenvale fabric or fabric of your choice.

I can't wait to see who is going to join in our sew along... and see 
what fabric/pattern you choose!
Let us know if you plan on playing along!
I think it will be fun!


martha said...

I would love to play along. I have three different jen Kingwell patterns I would like to choose from. So count me in!

Thelma said...

I think Petal Pushers will make a beautiful Crop Circles! Great Choice! I loved making Crop Circles, I hope you have fun making yours.

Strlady said...

Love Pedal Pushers!!! That is going to look sooo great!!!

Darlene said...

I don't plan to sew along but I will be here to cheer you on. :-)

I'm planning a Jen Kingwell project in the very near future. Just waiting for some fabric to arrive. :-)

Love, love your choice of fabrics. Pedal Pushers is going to be fabulous.

Carol said...

Your quilt is going to be very cute with the Petal Pushers fabric. Have fun with it. No sew along for me, I'm still doing my own thing, but I'll be watching your progress.

Béa said...

I already have Green tea & sweet beans pattern, can I play with you please ?

Hildy said...

I started to work on my Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern when Nicole gave me the push with starting her Steam Punk quilt. So, I'm definitly playing along although mine is a long-time project:-)

Susan Smith said...

Love Pedal Pushers! That will be great for Crop Circles. Can't wait to see it come together.

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, sounds like such a fun sew-along -- Petal Pushers will be perfect. And, don't even get me started on Moda and how late those fat quarter packs are -- I've had pre-order cancellations because people are so antsy. It they're not going to be delivered until mid-late-May, we shouldn't be told late April!!!! Grrrrr!!!!! ;-D

Kristen King said...

Oh boy I'm pretty sure I have this pattern, I may just have to join in. :)

dutchcomfort said...
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