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Friday, June 12, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Friday!

Today is Farm Girl Friday!
 For the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along!

And today is my day to share my favorite block!

Because one is not enough...

I made another!

And another!

But that's not all!

Here is "all"!

Don't they look sweet together?

I was thinking that one would be for the sampler quilt.

The other two will be  pot holders.

I loved Lori's idea of making these 6" blocks into pot holders.

I use to play for hours on end... day after day, with a huge
stack of pot holders that my grand mother had.
Seriously, somewhere between 25 and 50!
There I would sit on the stairs of the
 Victorian house in the
Bay area.

To this day I think that is why I became a quilter.
I would arrange the pot holders square by square...
block by block... over and over again!
So now I think I will make a huge stack 
of pot holders for my grand daughters!

There is more to see...
Amy at Nana and Company is sharing her block today too!

Here is the link to the whole schedule!

11 friends stopped by to chat:

JoAnne said...

These are very sweet and I love the idea of the stack of potholders! I can just see you as a little girl playing with them.

Susan said...

Oh, I love your pot holder story!! Such a sweet memory.

Anonymous said...

So cute, all three blocks! Great idea for using them! I think I would like to do that too!!

Just Sew Sue said...

Very cute. 6" blocks I'm impressed. I went 12" for this one.

Needled Mom said...

Those are all so cute. A basket quilt with them would be so sweet too.

Hildy said...

Love your basket blocks! And pot holders will be adorable:-)

Jeanna said...

Cute baskets, Sinta. I hope to catch up with my FGF blocks now that my travel and deadline sewing is done. Can't wait to make the basket.

Since I am struggling with small blocks, I imagine my 6" FGF will ALL become potholders!

Kris said...

I love the baskets!! Neck, I love all of the FGV blocks! So fun, eh?!
XO Kris

Sherry said...

Your blocks are the cutest. What a fun idea making a stack of potholders. I did not join in with the Farm Girl stitch along but I love seeing what others are doing with these blocks.

Thimbleanna said...

What a cute block. And a perfect idea for potholders!

Lori Holt said...

Hi Sinta!
I just ADORE your versions of the Egg Basket block…YES!!!
They do look so cute together.
I love your memory of playing with the stacks of potholders.
Since I have made mine for the book, I have stacked and restacked them and I never get tired of it…
my granddaughter Sophie does the same thing!
I'm thinking I need to make two of each for a Farm Girl Memory Game:)
Thanks so much for taking a turn on the sew along…
your blocks are sweet and so are you!